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Viral Content is the New Gold

After 34 hours of learning with little to no sleep at Mango Hacks my brain still feels taxed. I could probably sleep for a week now. If you have been involved with affiliate marketing and the world of doing online sales then I bet by now you have heard the phrase “Time is Money” – ehem! wrong “TRAFFIC is Money“. The reality is… the more users that engage with your websites and offers the more earning potential for your brand and your business. Neil Patel and other big bloggers and self made entrepreneurs lead with the ideology that CONTENT IS KING, meaning that if you produce high quality content be videos, blogs or pictures sooner or later search engines will catch on to this and send you lots of valuable traffic. This is how you get to create a six and 7-figure business – by making content which is likely to go viral and monetizing the surge in traffic. One of the best examples of blogs that exploit this model to the maximum is TMZ which generates over 20 million dollars a year covering just about any news that could go viral.

The reality is, in this day and age with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter or platforms like YouTube and Pinterest the task of going viral has become much easier, but competition has also increased… so you have to think of outstanding content to see biggest benefits. TMZ takes maximum advantage of social media outlets, the press and news blogs to benefit from the surge in traffic. Let me give you some of the tips you can use to improve your chances of success and kick-start your newly released online business into a virtual money-printing machine.

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The first and most important advise shared by authority bloggers in this space is you want to become an expert in a particular topic or niche. Once you are an expert you will find more reputable sources link back to your content and they will also want to interview you or have you as a guest on their podcast. This will generate traffic interested in the activities your are doing and the products you are promoting.

You also need to understand… that content these days is moving from text format (like regular blog posts) to picture rich infographics, videos and podcasts. Over 90% of all information has been published (and created) in the last 20 years (due to computer adoption and the Internet)… and this trend continues to grow exponentially due to increased accessibility and innovation (causing information overload). This is why marketers and businesses alike are adopting new strategies to share valuable content following the rule to minimize the amount of time visitors have to spend in order to consume the information. To make maters more complicated our world spins faster than ever before in the sense people live busier lives and and they don’t have time to engage reading or watching long videos. Most individuals these days resort to multi-tasking in order to find time. Reading books these days has become synonymous with listening to audio books while commuting to work and new information is learned from podcasts and videos which allow for multi-tasking.

NOTE: If your main goal for your business is to produce visual content to post on YouTube then you will want to produce longer videos because the most important metric right now has to do with the minutes your subscribers (and viewers) spend watching the videos you post. You should also adopt a regular publishing schedule so people know when to look at your channel and find freshly published content.

So that was the second tip. PRODUCE CONTENT which is SHORT and to the POINT and try to convey valuable information with every line you write and every video frame you share. Also you should summarize your content into inforgraphics to post on places like pinterest (linking back to your articles)… good info-graphics get shared all the time adding to the viral factor. You can also record the information you want to share in a short video and post it into places like Facebook and YouTube. A good example of a short video which was designed to go viral (and went viral) is The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds. Please note viral means to do 5+ million views 3-5 days after publishing the content.

Releasing podcasts is also a very good strategy because it adds to the multi-tasking factor (from the viewer perspective) and it becomes easier to create questions to interview your podcast guest than to actually write content or create videos. This is one way to leverage the knowledge and skill of other people (to interview them). Some of the greats (Gary Vaynerchuk comes to mind) resort to having a camera following them most of the day. Then the highlights of the long video are edited and published resulting in abundant fresh content to keep followers entertained. Gary will tell you to DOCUMENT (rather than create). Film what happens around you and you will have fresh content. Another fact is these days podcasts and interview shows are proliferating because the host can continue to produce great content as long as they can find new popular guests to talk on the shows.

This leads me to tip number two. LEVERAGE the work of other content creators. Now I don’t suggest you to create a channel and just re-post the videos other people spent their time, money and energy creating. I don’t encourage you to copy and paste a whole blog post someone made and submit it as yours into the Steemit platform. But you can definitely take some of the information and video clips created by other bloggers and enrich your content by re-sharing it. Something I normally do now is to link to articles created by other relevant online marketers so I can benefit my audience from their content and slowly start to build myself as an authority in this niche. You see – a way to build AUTHORITY is to share the content of AUTHORITY FIGURES. This practice turns you into a VALUABLE source of information. This is one of the key strategies to having big name blogs share a link to your content and helping you expose your brand and business further to the masses – building authority credentials. Google also likes it when you link to reputable sources resulting in good SEO practice which improve rankings.

Something you should realize is that starting out is very hard because you likely have no contacts, no money, no brand and no authority. When I think of people like Jeff Berwick for example, I understand that a big chunk of their continuous success is the fact they have become insiders who have contacts (many sources) that provide sensational information that can be used to put out viral content. You see… the way this works is the media and big news blogs compete to broadcast news about sensational content first (before all other outlets) to get their audiences engaged and receive credit for publishing the information first. Develop the skill to share content which makes it on the news and you will receive continuous stream of traffic you can monetize.

Ultimately the best strategy is to serve millions of people by providing valuable content which is humorous, entertains or educates. This brings me back to Traffic Exchanges, Safelists and Viral Mailers. The reason why you should use them is because on the niche of affiliate marketing and online sales all of these are optimal resources for cheap traffic and growing your list. At traffic exchanges you can find high converting offers you could promote for yourself and some of the best marketers will give you free e-books with high quality information. Often times they will try to sell you something (that’s the end goal)… but I always try to take whatever if free if I can benefit from the information in some way and then maybe I buy something from them later. Another great reason to use traffic exchanges is because the owners are seasoned marketers with technical experience in software engineering practices and advertising.

For example, I published this post Make Traffic Exchanges Great Again on various places but it ranked the most at my user blog in TEListbuilder. Many other blog posts I also published there which have not ranked anywhere else are also quickly starting to climb to the top of searches for their related keywords. What does this imply? It means the people behind TEListbuilder are very good at SEO practices and back linking and as a result they are perceived as a better source of information to Google. So if you are thinking of writing content I suggest you to start with the TEListbuilder program… and then as your own website starts to grow and rank well change your strategy to share a summary of your blog post everywhere else and the whole post only at your website. You want to do this because Google doesn’t like duplicate content so a short summary with a link will serve you better. That’s the strategy I currently use in the Steemit platform because ultimately I want active users in this website and not in a platform which is outside of my control.

An even bigger advantage to using traffic exchanges is the owners collaborate and form partnerships. Whenever I read newsletters from Robert Puddy or Tony Tezak they always share a promo code or a cross promotion I can use to score on some free advertising. The same happens with most other traffic exchange owners. Traffic coming from exchanges is not the best there is but using cross promotions you can target a wider pool of members and keep a fresh pool visitors who are being exposed to your content. Surveys have shown that on average you need to propose a plan of action 7 times in order to make a sale or gain a new follower or subscriber (unless a person knows you and finds you trustable). In short… if you are just starting out and you don’t have much money to spend on advertising you should take MAXIMUM advantage of traffic exchanges and cross promotions (read TE owners newsletters) because the more times your website is being exposed to other users the bigger the likelihood they will take action in joining your list or becoming interested in your products. I have scored over 18,000 page views (recorded in my google analytics) and all of it comes from traffic exchanges or viral mailers. Over 50% of all my traffic is in the form of new visitors.

NOTE: To be brutally honest with you people that surf traffic exchanges are not the best audience in terms of engagement. My click through rate averages to about 83% from this traffic source (which is not great) because it means 83 percent of people that land on this website look at only the page they landed on. They are in a rush to claim credits. However, this traffic source alone has generated over a thousand regular visitors in less than one month. I’m also bringing 7K-8000 fresh visitors per month. The funny thing in these statistics is that I have been dumb enough not to take advantage of cross promotions because I was too busy surfing instead of reading the newsletters of the traffic exchange owners. Now I will change my strategy to exploit cross promotions and in this way I will find myself investing less time surfing and generating lots more traffic for each second I spend surfing. Cross promotions usually result in free advertising like bonus banner adds, text credits and surf credits for surfing a certain amount of pages at two or more exchanges. Text credits are most valuable if you know how to write good text adds because only the users interested will click on them. Well designed banner adds can also convert in the 5-10% range when posted in busy traffic exchanges. One last thing I want to say is that even at 20 cents per click… all the page views I got so far would be worth close to $4,000. Supporting my statement that traffic exchanges are amazing value.

When it comes to safelists and viral mailers don’t look at this as a slaving machine where you need to click links to get credits. That’s not the right mindset. In the contrary, when I use viral mailers I read the emails to see what the users are promoting and how they promote it. I don’t recommend you to steal their adds but something you should do is pay attention to their headlines and how they promote their offers and you can use that as a starting point to create your own adds. If you get lots of clicks to an offer you are promoting this is an indicator that people are interested and perhaps you should experiment using other methods like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to see how this offer converts. Perhaps you are able to recover advertising cost! Which should be your main goal. Then from there have your autoresponder promote new offers.

NEW NOTE: My game-plan is to continue surfing and sending emails regularly until I have 100,000 regular visitors engaging with this website. Right now I have over 8,500 recurring visitors (according to Google analytics) and my click-through rate keeps improving as I add more content. It won’t be too long until Google starts sending me lots of organic traffic if they continue to see engagement with this website. Pinterest lately has also begun sending me traffic as my home business board has started ranking in the platform. Once I have 50,000+ organic visits per month it is very likely I won’t continue surfing as much and instead I will fully focus on creating content and learning more. What you should take from this if any. The strategies I’m sharing with you are a way to get things going right now without spending lots of money. As your presence online grows and you start generating more income then you have more room to try other methods which cost more but don’t require your energy, time and effort to sustain. So far I have invested a little over $350 in traffic exchanges/viral mailers and I have got in return thousands of dollars in value because I have been willing to surf the exchanges and look for promotional codes.

One particular way I use viral mailers is to score on tons of free advertising. You see… in order to stand out marketers are forced to give out amazing deals so often times I find free promo codes I can redeem for text adds, banner adds, credits or even cash in a few instances because a new Exchange Owner ran a promotion giving out cash to new members in order to grow the community.

Once you are able to efficiently generate traffic you put yourself in a position to create revenue by running CPM advertising which is a model in which you will be paid a pre-determined amount of money every time a third party add is shown exactly 1000 times. This is guaranteed way of making money online if you can generate lots of traffic. You can also run CPC (cost per click) adds which pay you when a visitor clicks on an add for a third party visitor and you can also run CPA which we already covered. Right now I don’t run CPM advertising but this is something I will consider in the future as this website matures and I find brands interested in running their adds on this website. Something else I also need to do sooner or later is to switch hosting to a premium hosting service in order to compete with the best blogs in this niche. Right now I don’t post many pictures because it slows my site to turtle speed. Same goes for video… and picture rich opt-in forms. A big ranking factor for Google is USER EXPERIENCE. Users have better experience when they are exposed to content rich in pictures and videos but it does no good if it takes a minute to load… by then they will be gone so investing in premium hosting is absolutely necessary if you want to compete with the big boys in your niche.

This post turned out longer than I expected I have been writing for a good 3 hours or so. As always I hope the information is useful to you and I will see you next time with more content to help you grow your business. I hope we all survive the crashing of the marketsmore on that later.

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