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SEO writing jobs.

Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In the last post we talked about how to earn income blogging by working with Ad Networks and promoting useful products as an affiliate. If you don’t like writing check this other post instead where we talk about other affiliate marketing tricks to generate income. Today I want to bring to your attention a fairly untapped job market the successful bloggers exploit to generate substantial income from the comfort of their homes. Some of them have even developed businesses which generate six figures in a monthly basis from doing SEO writing Jobs.

Content Marketing and SEO are Very Important to Brands.

If you have been following this blog for sometime, then you probably know by now that content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two key components to making any brand or business stand out today. I was reading a report by brightedge and they have actually found that small businesses and big corporations alike are deeply focusing their marketing strategy by producing (and promoting) great content for their audiences. Specifically, these businesses are looking to exploit traffic coming from search engines like Google by targeting long tailed keywords which helps people browsing the web find them. These businesses are turning to various content writing services in hopes to find writers (with any level of experience) willing to create content about their products, services, and some specific set of keywords they would like to rank for. If you don’t like to write, then this is probably not the best opportunity for you but this is a great opportunity for anyone who can do some creative writing about the chosen topic. Many of these posts end up in blogs about travel and vacationing, finances, health and fitness and multiple other categories.

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Now… perhaps you want to give this opportunity a try but you think to yourself… “I’m horrible writer… I couldn’t produce good content”. YOU SHOULD THINK DIFFERENTLY and the reality is with a little effort on your part you can do this if you wish to. In the beginning it will take some getting used to but once you receive feedback from your clients or project managers you will quickly improve the quality of your work and it will become easier to bang out articles. The more efficient and knowledgeable you become about hot topics on demand the faster you can put together an article and send it off for review.

Some people actually keep a record of all the articles they write making it possible to use as a basis when they need to write another one for a similar topic. Recent studies have shown human attention span is worse than that of a goldfish. Studies have shown that we can concentrate on a task for about 6-8 seconds. I know I forget important information all the time… This has come about because we are being bombarded with thousands of ads on a daily basis. To make matters worse, people resort to multitasking in order to “do more”  because they are living very busy lives these days and this is one of the main reasons we see this big decline in our ability to concentrate.

NOTE: If you don’t like to read… studies have shown that reading helps improve memory and brain power. This is one of the reasons I try to read every day. As you read and decode this letters into images your brain is being exercised and becoming more efficient at storing and recalling information. Kudos to you!

So what does the fact many people have difficulty concentrating imply for you as a SEO content freelancer? It means that in order to keep your readers engaged (which is your main goal by the way)… you have to write in the simplest possible language you can find to make it very easy for them to understand exactly what you mean. This creates opportunity for everyone that wants to get started and since the demand is so high you can expect to earn $20+ per hour at the entry level and up to $100 per hour if you become an expert in demand who writes about very specific topics which require technical knowledge or deep understanding about a specific subject. In general, the more content you create the more you will be able to earn because you will become more efficient at researching the information to create the articles and also because you will know about more topics to share with your audiences and that of clients that hire you.

NOTE: I’m currently trying SEO writing jobs myself and I will provide my results at a later time. One of the companies I applied for is textbroker which pays up to 5 cents per word depending on the perceived quality of the work. At that rate writing 4,000 words per day would mean $200 days. That’s 8 articles of 500 words each. Another of the companies I applied for is articlebunny which recruits premium caliber freelancers. Only 2% of the writers that apply actually make the cut… so if you are interested in joining then you should apply for this one once you have acquired experience and you feel confident in your writing ability. With articlebunny you can expect to charge 10-30 cents per word and you could even land copyright jobs which pay much more. In a later posts I will probably talk more about copyrighting which is another great way to manifest piles of cash for those who become great at it. Read this post for a more extensive list of companies you can contact to get yourself started. Pick SEO writing jobs as those will be easier to complete and you will be earning more per hour you put in.

Anyone Could do This. Think you are Writing to Kids.

Now… here are some tips to help you improve the work you submit. First make a search on Google for grammarly and add the free writing assistant plug in to your browser. Grammarly will spot many grammatical mistakes that your word processor missed. The plug in will also suggest you ways in which you can better word a sentence. To find stock photos without license rights you can use Pexels which is a compilation of high quality pictures free for personal and commercial use without any attribution to the author being required. In this way you can add images to the post you will submit to your client. You can also use Pexels to find stunning pictures for your websites and other projects. You could even find yourself printing some of these images to T-shirts and selling them for a profit. Check this article about Merch by Amazon if you want to learn more about selling printed on demand T-Shirts on autopilot by leveraging Amazon. The designer earns a royalty from each sale and you don’t need to make any investment to get started.

Web Analytics

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Now… suppose you just finished your first 500 word article and you are ready to submit it. The biggest component in SEO writing is to put out content which is authentic/unique in nature. If you happen to turn in work which is very similar to another post online what will end up happening is that the clients you are working with will likely ask you to fix it or they will fix the problem for you and stop sending you new tasks to work on. There is a premium tool called copyscape which will check your post before being submitted for only 5 cents each. If you happen to have worded a sentence or paragraph very similar to something else online there are two main choices you can follow. You can either cite the source you found and give them credit for that piece of information or you can rewrite the sentences the tool reports have been plagiarized. Information which is common knowledge does not need to be cited or changed in any way.

Ensure Your Writing is Unique.

There are Billions of articles in the web… so sometimes even when you produce authentic content someone else already wrote very similar material. Small businesses and corporations alike always check the posts they receive to ensure it has not been plagiarized before publishing it on to their websites. Use copyscape to prevent any problems related to plagiarism.

NOTE: In a previous post I talked about Cliff High and the work he does. He focuses on extracting information from Billions of web pages at a time and then analyzes the bulk of information with automated systems to produce reports that can accurately predict events that are yet to happen. See some of his content. Perhaps you find it interesting.

Develop a Work Portfolio to Showcase Your Writing.

As you become more experienced at producing good quality SEO writing posts which make your clients happy focus on building a work portfolio. If possible try to get some positive feedback/reviews from the clients you worked for. The reason you want to do this is because if you want to earn more income then you will need to cut out the middle men (like textbroker) and find businesses you can work with directly. If you recall in the beginning of this article I said there are people who earn $100,000+ per month doing this. Well… what they do is find businesses that need content written for them and then they find other freelancers in upwork or fiverr to assign the work to.

You can Scale by Hiring Freelancers.

Since these people have plenty experience  they focus their energy on proofreading the work turned out by the freelancer and they make a few small edits to the content whenever necessary before submitting the last copy to the main client. In this way, they are able to maximize the amount of work they can submit and often times they pay about 50% of the profits to their freelancers. The good side of this strategy is that as you hire more freelancers you will know the areas of information they are most comfortable with making it possible to submit work about a topic you don’t know much about which happens to be a very good article. In those cases you don’t know much about the topic I would recommend you to spend a little extra time checking the facts provided by your freelancer.

NOTE: Today is very common to see people who make a living by being the middle men between a client and someone who freelances a specific skill. For example, some people do cold calls to businesses (using the yellow pages or Google) and they ask them if they need a logo for their website or they need SEO service… some of them propose to update the website to use SSL encryption which has become one of the factors that help rank a website on Google. Some services focus on building positive reviews about a business on Yelp by setting automated text messages to people who visited the business recently or purchased/received services from them. If you are willing to become the middle men… you will make so much money. Personally I think this is a deceptive or scammy way to make a living especially if you negotiate a logo for $500 from a client and then you pay $5 to someone on Fiverr to take care of the job. Some people see it differently. Their time is worth money and so is the skill to convince a client they need a service (like a nicer logo) and then find a great digital artist that can deliver the job.

Other SEO Tips to add Extra Value to Your Writing.

I hope you learned something useful in this post. The last information I want to point you to is some articles that can help you to write content which is optimized for SEO. This will keep your clients happy and returning to you to produce more posts for them.

1- 10 Tips for an Awesome and SEO-frieldy Blog Post

2- Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blogs that Rank on Page One

Right now I got to face my 2% chance to join articlebunny. I had their assignment on my mailbox for the last 30 minutes or so. I will let you know if I made the cut in my next post. Goodnight everybody. See you on the next one.

========== PART TWO ==========

Writing Jobs.

If you are still reading to this point then chances are either you are comfortable with the idea of writing for a living so I want to tell you more about ways you can generate income writing. As you probably know by now there are many ways to earn money with Amazon. A popular way is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)… which is a service in which Amazon does all the customer support and shipping for you as long as you keep your Amazon virtual store filled with merchandise to sell. Not everyone has money to invest in supplying the FBA business model so we also briefly touched on how you could earn royalties using Merch by Amazon (remember you can use Pexels in order to find cool design ideas that sell).

Kindle Publishing and Copywriting are the Best Sources of Income for Your Writing.

All of those are great ways to generate passive income and financial freedom. However, for the avid writer the two best methods I know of to make money are copyrighting and kindle e-book publishing. Copyrighting is for people with advanced skills in persuading a customer to buy a product through written text. Since this is an advanced skill top-notch copywriters are born through years of experimenting at their craft and this is why they get paid so good. Dan Lok author of F.U. Money (which you can get on the bonus section) first tasted victory when he begun earning $10,000 per copywriting job. He then replaced this method of earning money by running paid advertising to affiliate offers. Dan has lost all of his money more than once. However due to his skill as a copywriter and the knowledge he possesses about affiliate marketing he can quickly recuperate lost assets. You can learn more about the arts of written sales copy from these books.

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Kindle publishing in the other hand most anyone could do it. Most kindle books are around 180 pages in length (although many are 100 pages or less) with an average of 225-250 words per page. So with 45,000 words you could have your very own kindle book published on to the Kindle Unlimited Library. Depending on the price you set for your book you could earn 30% or 70% of the revenue every time a book sells. I know various bloggers whose main income source is this one. Stefan James in particular created and updated a course on kindle publishing that has resulted in many of his students being able to generate financial freedom from publishing kindle books. Many of them now make $2000+ per month from this one income stream. I plan to launch my own e-book soon but first I need to digest the contents in the course in order to avoid common pitfalls. I also need to produce more content.

Turn Your Old Content Into a Book.

A great strategy used by many bloggers is to reuse the topics and articles they have already written about on their websites in order to self publish kindle e-books. Some of them are able to publish an e-book within a month (or less) because they have already written substantial content. According to James, who makes $8500 (more likely close to $10,000 now) per month from kindle publishing the real power comes from launching many different books in various different categories. Some books will average $100 per months, while others do $500+ monthly… so by having multiple books the monthly income rises. While is true that people live very busy lives (especially in the United States), in many other countries is being recorded an increase in the consumption of written digital content. This has to do with advances in mobile technology and because Amazon kindle is a very popular brand among readers.

TIP: Paid Services like KBook Promotions, archangelink and Kindle Spy can help you plan and complete your e-book. Keep in mind there are Facebook groups where self publishing authors announce when their books are on promotional week for no cost and this is how they trade reviews about each other books. You can also find ideas in this article to get reviews for your e-book. Some twitter users like @kindlebooks and @4FreeKindleBook also re-tweet your post about your kindle book (for free) if you happen to tag them (to tag you just use the @ in front of the user name). There are also paid services which promote e-books.

If you want to monetize your kindle book even further reach out to a company like CreateSpace so you can create a paperback version. You could also rent a recording studio or work with ACX in order to record the book in audible format so those people that listen to audio books on their way to work become a pool of potential customers. All three formats sell and the hardest part is writing the book in the first place.

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Learn Kindle Publishing With This Course.

If you order the course James has put together about kindle publishing he will tell you more about hiring freelancers to write your books for you. He knows ways to find great writers willing to do the work for 3-$10 an hour depending on the country they reside. Many of these are creative people who love to write in the first place so you are buying amazing quality at bargain prices. Over the lifetime of the book you will make the money spent hundreds if not thousands of times over.

Use Your Book to Grow Other Digital Assets. Like Your List!

Better yet, as you probably know already the money is in the list. The crafty affiliate marketer who launches a book places links on it which direct readers to see their website and to join their list. By using your e-book (in text or audio format) you will leverage the power of Amazon as an advertising platform and it will bring you leads to join your email list some of which will likely buy your second book if they found the first one interesting. Every time someone joins your list this is an opportunity to create a relationship with the individual in question and as the connection develops these people will find you more trustworthy and buy the products you recommend. Make a habit of recommending amazing products and in due time you will do great in this business. Another common strategy employed by smart marketers is to give the book away for free on the Amazon platform for a full week and during this time they see a surplus in leads come into their businesses. By giving away the book for free they are able to collect positive customer reviews which helps them rank the book and create the required social proof to sell it for a higher price by using the best reviews collected and posting them on to their Amazon Central account. This is how some of the books reach best seller status… you must focus on the positive to drive more interest.

One other great way to leverage your kindle book is to sell it on your website (in PDF format) after 90 DAYS of the launch in Amazon have elapsed. You could use Clickfunnels, Shopify, SendOwl, e-junkie or Gumroad as payment gateways to sell your books. If you have a WordPress website already set up I recommend you to use Clickfunnels. There are plug ins available which would allow you to add all of the functionality of Clickfunnels to your WordPress website quite easily. If you don’t have a WordPress website set up but you would like to set up means to sell your own digital products and physical items like with the dropshipping business model then Shopify is probably your best bet. You could also use Clickfunnels as a standalone program to do any selling you would ever need. An advantage to listing your own products is you are not limited to selling it for a specific price and you earn most of the profits each sale. For example to earn 70% royalty using Amazon your kindle book has to cost more than $2.99. Any less and it would only qualify for 30% commission. Kindle books on Amazon rarely sell for any greater than $9.99 (I think this is the maximum listing price). If you list it on your website you can pick higher prices.

NOTE: You need to wait 90 days because this is part of the Amazon policy. Once the 90 days expires you can promote your book in pretty much any other platform you want to, including your website.

Flip Books For a Profit.

Last but not least since we are in the topic of books I want to encourage you to use Amazon trade-in program to sell your old physical books to Amazon. This is kind of crazy… but this is another way people are killing it online! Some people focus on flipping books for a profit by comparing listed BUY and SELL prices on platforms like bookscouter, half prices books, Powell’s Books and many others. If you need more ideas on where to find books to flip for a profit you can see this other article. If you use Amazon trade-in program they will pay you in Amazon gift cards which you can re-use to shop on Amazon or trade for cash. Some developers have even created software which allow you to put the name of a book into a program and it fetches information in real time about the prices of the books in various of these book trading platforms. In this way, people are flipping books and making tons of money.

NOTE: The Amazon trade-in program is an amazing opportunity because you can see ahead of time the price at which Amazon would buy a book from you. Once the price for a book is set you can ship it to Amazon for up to 30 days and expect to earn the money you first negotiated. In some instances Amazon will lower the price at which they would be willing to buy your book for. This is why, as a rule of thumb before purchasing the book (from Bookscouter) or elsewhere to then sell it to Amazon you should first check how much the trade-in program will pay you and LOCK THIS PRICE if you can profit. When you create a shipping label with the trade-in program you are allowed up to 30 days to ship the book and the money you earn remains locked. Given the case by the time you receive the books from your supplier if Amazon trade-in is now PAYING MORE then you can cancel your old request and submit a new one. This way you make more money… if it drops in price you are still protected by a full 30 day window so you can still make a profit. This works because Amazon makes 15-30% every time they sell a book (remember the middle man makes big money). With their trade-in program Amazon negotiates with other companies to find the required inventory of books for them. This could be schools, libraries, or other institutions. In short… it is to their benefit to have people flipping books the only problem is having to handle so many books and then trading the gift cards for cash could prove challenging. Textbooks is a $20 billion+ industry so there are tons of books we can flip to earn money. I know some people that milk thousands of dollars from a single Title they find which they can trade for a profit.

You Don’t Pay Taxes on Amazon Gift Cards. Trade Amazon Gift Cards for Money with PayPal.

TIP: Since you get paid in gift cards you don’t have to pay Taxes on what you earn. That’s the big advantage to getting paid this way. You can then use your gift cards to BUY PRODUCTS from Amazon and have your money REFUNDED via PayPal!

In the future, some of the money I earn from writing or affiliate sales I will reinvest into various software like the one that can compare prices for books within multiple platforms. If there is something I have learned, the people that make most money in this business often times invest in automation software which does everything for them (or they pay companies to set everything for them). They focus on expanding their businesses by scaling more automation and this is how they continue to earn more while doing less. I shared a few of the automation tools I see my friends and mentors using at the end of this post. Some of them would be considered black hat. So I don’t recommend you to use them on your website directly. However, what some of them do is to use nofollow links to prevent Google from penalizing them while still reaping the benefits of using bots that post comments, create backlinks and rank websites and videos to bring more traffic and more sales.

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Use White Hat Techniques. Think Long Term.

Is kind of sad to admit but I have learned that this is an industry where the people who look to outsmart search engines and who exploit flaws in social sharing networks which are the individuals that end up reaping the biggest benefits. There is a war between search engines and those people who push banned ways for ranking their content. Its only been very few instances when I have come across some people who only focused on white SEO techniques. It works… but it takes a year or more to see real benefits with that strategy. If you want to go purely white hat I recommend you to work on multiple websites and build them around different niches so you can have a bigger pool of traffic interested in different content and more offers to promote on these other websites. At the same time you maintain yourself occupied producing more income streams as all of your websites rank on Google.

Redirect Expired Affiliate Offers to New Ones.

The last tip I want to give you in this post is to use pretty links or clickmagick prior to sharing your affiliate links. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I have been promoting just a few affiliate offers as of recently from various CPA networks and something I have noticed is that some offers expire or the share code changes. There is also offers which are re-launched as in new landing pages and marketing material build and as a result the affiliate link changes and the OLD ONE becomes dead. If you use pretty link (which is free) or Clickmagick which is my paid hit tracker of choice… whenever this happens you can simply go back to the old URL you had been using and update it with the new affiliate code. After you take this step the URL which was leading your visitors to dead content now leads them to the updated offer. I have known of people who actually lost income streams of thousands of dollars monthly because they never took time to do this extra step. Don’t focus on spreading your links until you use URL redirection/cloaking software like Pretty Links.

Like always I hope you learned something useful in this post. Let me know if this information has been of any use to you. I already submitted my trial project to articlebunny so I’m waiting for a manager to give me a response whether I have been accepted or not. I had in mind taking another engineering job to speed up the process of making money to spend on testing, advertising and software I need to further grow in this business but I think doing SEO writing for articlebunny could be an smarter strategy. By focusing purely on writing I can learn about more topics and eventually continue to launch new websites about several other niches where I will have access to more useful products I can promote for those audiences. Some of the people making $10,000+ per month in this business run many websites across multiple categories so you should also think of building multiple websites to be able to generate the passive income you desire. This is just one strategy… as you know there are many but the benefit is that eventually you can walk away and still continue to earn pretty good income with little maintenance needed on your part. Hard work and sacrifice today pays for years to come.

Need more places to write for? Check this article:
-> $50 Per Article

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Once you publish a book you also earn some authority points! This brings you more business opportunity. Ultimately the biggest profits in this business come from becoming extremely successful entrepreneur and influencer who develops their own products and services. Teach people how to make money by using your exact formula step by step and you will likely have a pool of customers who will be interested in purchasing your courses (once you can show them you are the real deal). Over the last 5 months I have acquired so much experience in this business that I feel I’m one connection away from exponential growth. I will start applying growth hacks to scale at a much faster rate.

3/14/2018: Take PIPS 30-day training challenge and join OSP to start building the foundations of your online business! My experience is… the more your content ranks on Google the more sign ups you will get and the more money that stacks up with every passing month!

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