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In my last post here on medium I spoke about why you should invest in Bitcoin. When I wrote the second half of the post Bitcoin was a little over $6000 and as of this very moment it’s going for $8290 and it will likely continue to climb to $10,000 by the end of the year. Note due to black Friday it is expected Bitcoin prices to drop because people will sell some of their bitcoin to take advantage of the great deals going on. Anyway… the post I’m working on right now is to talk about some of the programs T. Harv Eker has to offer.

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Million Dollar Business Secrets (MDBS) is the most popular series in the T. Harv Eker family of products. In this one program he shares invaluable information that will help you become a successful business owner. You will learn how to start building wealth even if this very moment you are broke. During module one “Guerrilla Wealth Tactics” he will give you advice on how to handle your money so that you accumulate just enough to start investing. He will also give you tips on how to efficiently save your money by sharing strategies he has used over the years which helped him cut his expenses by over 50% or more.

Module two in the series “The Secret to Effective Negotiations” will show you powerful techniques to score better business deals. This is one of the most sought after skills any CEO, business owner or average employee could possess. Having the skills to negotiate deals could mean the difference between that highly sought after promotion you want or staying earning the same income and being passed over every promotion. If you use the advice T. Harv Eker has to offer you could very well start the new year with a 10%+ salary rise. Recall the end goal is to become your own boss! So re-invest that 10% into your business so you can become financially independent. This module is a must have for any business owner or CEO looking to invest in themselves. Part of the material will include specific strategies you can use right now to work less and earn more for your efforts and ways to scale your business by leveraging technology and systems.

Module three “Ultimate Marketing Strategies” will show you the same marketing strategies which made T. Harv the successful multimillionaire he is today. He has also used these strategies to help his clients grow their businesses. His clients pay thousands of dollars for one on one coaching. You could get all of this information for only $249 on this limited time offer.

The last module included in this offer “How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds” will show strategies you can use to recognize business opportunities that randomly pass you by in your everyday life. The last four days, I spent an average of 14 hours each, working towards obtaining life insurance license for the state of Florida. I remember one of the days as I walked by a random guy in the office stopped me “Let me see that belt BRO#!”, because I had a nice looking belt I bought 70% off from Vipon.com for 7$. He then revealed to me he had been selling the same belt for 35–45$ on a regular basis. He also talked about some Gucci belts he had in stock. T. Harv will help your brain tune up so you can recognize this kind of opportunities. In the case of the random guy he advertised his belts for me to purchase them. In my case I learned I could potentially find the wholesale distributor of the belt I wore… buy 100–300 of them and then resell them for a profit.

Furthermore T. Harv will show you techniques he has mastered over the years that he uses to monetize and grow a business out of thin ideas. I once read “Think and Grow Rich” and the secret to that book is you could become extremely wealthy if only you can think of that one million dollar idea. At some point in my life I spent months trying to think of original ideas that would help me become successful. I learned how to visualize amazing images in my brain as part of the exercise but I was never able to come up with any PURELY ORIGINAL idea I could apply to the real world to become successful. In other words when I thought of something I would google my idea and you bet someone else had already done it. So I stopped trying. T. Harv will share with you the strategies he has been using that help him find million dollar ideas.

Note: T. Harv Eker is a New York Times best seller author who wrote “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. I recommend this book to ABSOLUTELY everyone. You could get it free throught audible which is offering a month free for new customers and this is one of the books you can pick to start your free trial. T. Harv went from 0 to millionaire in just two and half years — after failing in 14 other businesses (14 years) he had started. What made him find success was researching and deciphering the mindset that rich people have in common. In his books and conferences throughout the United States he teaches what he learned to crowds of people that want to improve their lives. He has over 20 years of experience as speaker and motivator and has amassed a net worth of over 400 million dollars using his principles. You could learn more about him here:

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