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Secrets of the Super Affiliate Marketer

Super Affiliate Marketer.

Good Saturday afternoon to everyone reading this post. The information I’m going to share today will apply to the people that have budget to spend on advertising and tools. I will give you tips and tricks from the Super Affiliates that have been mentoring me.

NOTE: If you want free methods you can read this other post and advertise CPA offers by creating websites to promote them. You can also draw ideas to generate free traffic ( by working very hard on your part by the way ) using the ideas in this other post and this one. Either way read this post… this information will give you an overview of how marketers make millions and millions today by cloning marketing campaigns and running targeted paid advertising to the offers.

Who is a Super Affiliate?

First off, the question needs to be asked. What is a Super Affiliate? In this world of online sales, advertising companies and their partners rank their affiliates by the volume of PROFITABLE traffic they can drive to their offers. For the purpose of this post I will call a Super Affiliate anyone who can generate at least $10,000 per month in revenue for a company they became a partner with. Some Super Affiliates can generate 50… 100 thousand and even 1 million per month in profits (for their selves). Based on what I have seen so far, these people are able to generate upwards of 700,000 visitors per month to see their offers and they manage traffic to various campaigns at a time. Often times… it takes years of trial and failure to get to this point. Even if you use this information you could still find offers break even or are not profitable so you need to be able to improve the conversions to see real results.

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Now let’s tackle the question. How do they do it? There is a great saying by Pablo Picasso – “Good artists copy, great artists STEAL”. The people making the most profits these days in affiliate marketing are those who have invested thousands of dollars in Spying Tools which allow them to find profitable campaigns of other Super Affiliates.

Web Analytics

Super Affiliates Invest in Premium Spy Tools

Let’s suppose you want to make a niche website about health and fitness or any other business vertical. You could do a search for the keywords you plan to target and then use similarweb on the top websites found by google, in order to get even more similar websites. During this process you will very likely come across a niche website which contains many affiliate offers. If you are able to determine this website receives more than 100,000 visitors per month it is very likely the owner is running paid advertising to help promote the products in questions… so is not far fetched idea that they are making money with it if they pay for so many visitors to see it. What a sneaky super affiliate would do at this point is figure out where the affiliate offers are coming from and then try to join the programs or affiliate networks in question in order to have all of the same offers available to them. So that’s the KEY STEP NUMBER 1… you need to be approved to various affiliate networks so that you have access to the same (or similar offers) to that profitable website you have already found.

NOTE: I have joined and currently participate in various affiliate networks. Of all… the one so far which contains the most offers is MaxBounty. On this basis I would recommend you to join them because you will have access to some of the most profitable offers in the market RIGHT NOW. You should also look to participate in other programs as well. Another of the networks I recommend you to join is AffiliaXe which contains high quality offers which sometimes are unique to the network. ShareaSale and ComissionJunction are two other networks you can join to have access to various other programs and services. JvZoo also has a surplus of valuable products to promote. You can find more affiliate networks to join at OfferVault. If you are a merchant, otherwise known as a publisher and you want affiliates to promote your products then you can list your products on ShareaSale and received the benefit of having affiliates and Super Affiliates drive traffic to your offers. Here is a link you can use to apply. As an advertiser, you can also list your products with SFI TripleClicks e-commerce store and leverage the affiliates on the SFI network to advertise and sell products for you. In particular, I would recommend these other options if Amazon banned your seller account and won’t let you list YOUR products in THEIR marketplace anymore.

This last point about OfferVault, brings me to another sneaky trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… sometimes as you use SimilarWeb (or other spying tools) you will find a website or native ad which shows all evidence that the offer is profitable but you don’t know which affiliate network runs that particular offer. To find out… you can type the name of the product or program at OfferVault and in this way you will find out the affiliate network you can join in order to promote it. Often times, OfferVault will also tell you information about the network payout. You should pick the network that pays out the most. Another tool you can use to find network Payout is odigger.

NOTE: Before joining a network you should find out what people are saying about them. Four months back or so I “made” my first dollar (or so I thought) using ClickBank. I managed to sell a digital e-book called “The 2 Week Diet”. In total I got two sales. ClickBank cheated me of my sales by removing all data about the clicks I got and ultimately erasing all sales data and information. This is why I stopped promoting any products listed on ClickBank… I want to join a network I can trust. To find out if a network is worth joining in the first place, you should use oDigger (see the “Network Reviews” tab). If you want to find more websites like oDigger – you guessed it… you can use SimilarWeb. You should find affpaying which is another great place to find accurate and authentic network reviews.

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Super Affiliates Steal and Modify Winning Campaigns.

Up to this point… we have learned that Super Affiliates steal (and modify) the campaigns of other Super Affiliates in order to generate massive profits for themselves. We also now know that often times you will find a great website or native add (or promotion) for an offer you will want to promote but you won’t know which affiliate network has the offer… so you can use tools like OfferVault, oDigger and affpaying in order to track down the offer to the most profitable network to join. Most networks have a strict interview policy where managers talk to the affiliate applying to the network and interview them for marketing experience and the plan of action they will be putting in place to promote the offers. Prior to applying for a CPA network study all the marketing lingo and have a clear plan of action… otherwise they won’t approve you. Know what a landing page is, and the various verticals (niche categories) you plan to promote, and know what type of advertising you plan to do (email, native ads, search… etc)… This will boost your chances of being approved to the network. We have also covered that you should find reviews about the network in question because some of them could potentially cheat you out of your sales.

NOTE: Lets be real here. Everyone wants to make money. Everyone wants easy money. It happens all the time. Your assigned network manager finds out you are a great affiliate who is driving lots of conversions. Your affiliate links get tracked with tools that will report exactly where your traffic is coming from. Not all traffic sources are the same for many reasons. For example, traffic coming from wealthier countries like United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Ireland… United Kingdom… will generally convert better because there is more money to spend than if say your traffic source came from places like Zimbabwe, Somalia, North Korea or Cuba just to mention some Tier 3 countries that won’t convert. Now even traffic which is coming from the right traffic sources DO NOT CONVERT EQUALLY. If we take the United States as an example, traffic coming from Washington, California and Virginia will convert better because these are 3 of the richest states in the Nation. You can even go more in depth… and find out what the richest neighborhoods are. In short… when you find a high converting traffic source if you don’t keep it secret someone else will exploit it. This is why some Super Affiliates use various techniques such as URL cloaking in order to hide their referral sources.

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Super Affiliates Use URL Cloaking and Hire Teams of Developers to Dominate Competition.

Team of Developers in a Meeting.

Regarding the note on top. Cloaking is considered a black hat SEO technique by which an individual can trick a web spider (or indexer) like Googlebot into thinking the URL is leading to a piece of content but in reality any other user landing on such URL will be served different material. Cloakers are scripts which take into account IP addresses and this is how they do all redirection. So in other words, if the script detects the URL of GoogleBot it will send it to another website or landing page than it otherwise would if it detected a different IP address.

This brings me to two other sneaky tricks of the Super Affiliates. You see… when you become a Super Affiliate you are one of the most resourceful individuals. Through networks like MaxBounty, you will find that third party businesses and corporations have ways to redirect users to Google (or a valid affiliate offer if available)… depending on the country they are in. If you are buying paid traffic for an offer which is only available in the United States… but the supplier you use is bringing you traffic from other countries like Australia, and Canada… then every time a visitor from another county which is not United States lands on your offer you are wasting your money… especially if they are being redirected to Google. In cases like this one… a Super Affiliate will have an script in a programming language like PHP (or other)… which will look at the IP address and determine the country of origin for that visitor and then redirect them to an offer which is available for that specific location. If no offer is found… there are ways to “recycle” clicks… by redirecting the visitor to another traffic network that would buy it for a few cents on the dollar. Is better to get a few cents returned to you than to get NONE… and this is reinvested to fuel the machine and buy more paid advertising. Super Affiliates delegate this work to software developers (which they find in fiverr, or upwork) that build all of this functionality. I have done some programming myself… but I don’t know how some of these scripts work just yet – I haven’t had a chance to look into them. However… I’m sure you could find sample codes these days you could modify to get similar functionality if you don’t have money to pay a developer to do it for you. In my time away I will learn to implement these strategies.

NOTE: The reason I recommend you to join MaxBounty over some of the other CPA networks is because the network is solid with literarilly thousands of offers on different verticals you can pick to promote. They also have an strict NO COMPETITION POLICY with their affiliates. This means your manager won’t copy your campaigns and steal your traffic sources and use them for their own benefit. MaxBounty is among the most reputable CPA networks to join and the managers will do everything in their power to help you succeed. Remember that when you make money… they make money. You can also negotiate with your manager better pay rates… and cheaper advertising cost when you buy clicks from the network. Performance marketing is fueled by competition after all and they will match or improve the offers you currently get from other CPA networks or advertising companies.

Growth Managers can Steal Your Traffic Sources

Your Growth Manager Laughing As he Steals all Traffic!

Now… Let me tell you another trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… your manager stealing your campaign is not that big of a deal. In reality… you should be more worried about OTHER SUPER AFFILIATES which will steal your campaigns and traffic sources and run it as theirs… potentially saturating the market and taking a big chunk of the profits without doing much work. You see… something that commonly happens is a Super Affiliate will find what they call a “winning campaign” and “swipe” it. Swiping competitors refers to copying or cloning a landing page (or full blown website) and replacing all of the affiliate links to match with the new affiliate that will be running paid traffic.

HTTTRACK can Clone Landing Pages and Websites

Tools like HTTRACK allow you to clone a website with all of it’s features and then you can use any web browser like Chrome, or Firefox… in order to find the landing page you want to modify. Once you load… and find the landing page to modify you can right click the button that would take you to the affiliate offer and inspect it in order to find and copy the affiliate URL that takes you to the offer. Once you know the URL… or sets of URLs… which are used then you can simply (CTRL + F in windows) or (CMD + F in MAC) in order to modify the URLs in question with your own affiliate URLs by REPLACING THEM – pretty much using the same winning campaign with your links to be credited for all the sales. After finding the file that loads the landing page in the web browser and replacing affiliate links… they rename this very file to “index.html”. This makes it the default file that will be loaded and shown to any visitor landing on the page once the campaign is live and launched onto a new domain. You will need an FTP solution like FileZilla in order to transfer all the files to your new domain. I recommend you to join Yoonla as they have free training on how to do these last steps. Their videos are concise and clear… and you can access them for free when you use my link. Alternatively you can find video tutorials on YouTube as well. (I learned this myself from Yoonla…)

NOTE: Regarding market saturation… something that commonly happens is that a campaign which has been run for a long time starts becoming less profitable the more is shown to an audience. One of the biggest tricks of the Super Affiliate is they test and modify already successful campaigns (which they swipe/clone) in order to improve conversion rates. By tweaking it… and changing the angle of promotion or fortifying the sales copy, often times they are able to generate more profits from a campaign which they cloned from someone else. They pretty much STEAL and IMPROVE the marketing material and then run traffic to the offer and test it for conversions. When I say they change the angle what I mean is they could swipe a landing page and change the celebrity endorsing the product… or in the case of adult niches (like male enhancement) they could talk about the products being able to fix erectile dysfunction instead of giving more sexual stamina. These are some of the tricks the super affiliates use to drive conversions up.

Targeting the Right Traffic Source is Key

Web Traffic Analogy.

This brings me to another important trick. TRAFFIC SOURCES – like I said before not all traffic sources are equal. Lets suppose you are promoting an offer for the latest gaming console coming out to the market. Which traffic source do you think will perform better… the one coming from a review website about top 10 game consoles for 2018 or a website about Life Insurance and Investing… Clearly it will be the first website that does better in getting you the sales you need even thought visitors coming to the website about Investing likely have more money at hand to spend. This is why TARGETING THE RIGHT TRAFFIC SOURCE is so important.

What is the easiest way to find the right traffic source? One of the tools the Super Affiliates use is whatrunswhere to figure out exactly where traffic flow to a winning campaign is coming from. With this tool, you will be able to see which ad network is generating the most traffic and which “geos”… or geographic locations are the most targeted. Some of the spying tools… will also tell you exactly which websites are running the ads as well. So the sneaky Super Affiliate will go to those content networks and bid for traffic coming from the same countries and the same websites that are in the report after analyzing the URL of the winning offer they found earlier, cloned and then proceeded to replace all affiliate links and host online.

NOTE: This cloning is happening everyday. The law states people can receive inspiration and tweak and modify a landing page or website without suffering consequences with the law. But stealing the same campaigns and replacing the affiliate links could potentially put some of these Super Affiliates at risk for legal action. I avoid problems like this ones by joining CPA networks or other PERFORMANCE MARKETING businesses which provide me with a surplus of already winning campaigns. There is no shame in improving a campaign either as long as is different enough from the original one. That’s what I think anyway… I know some marketers will just copy and steal and try to profit by doing the bare minimum amount of work. Based on what I have researched… digital intelligence will start tracking down people who copy campaigns and try to pretty much take all their money. Work for the long run… and don’t risk it… the government wants the easy money too you know.

Super Affiliates Counter One Another With Spy Tools.

This brings me to yet another trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… the last thing you want is people stealing your campaigns. So these days what some Supper Affiliates do is use the same spying tools we have covered in order to find out the people who are swiping their campaigns. With these tools they then find out their IP address, and Internet Service Providers and by using various scripts (like cloakers)… they are able to recognize a competitor spy and redirect them to some crappy offer which is doing horribly. Legend has it that some of them even put out information about their best campaigns (near the end of the life cycle) when these are no longer profitable in order to trick competition into investing and lose money. You see… when a campaign which has ran for months (or years) reaches saturation point is easy to cut the traffic and redirect it to another offer which simply doesn’t work. As a result… the competitors swiping at the worse time are going to see HUGE LOSSES if they just run the same campaign without monitoring their numbers. This is why another trick of the experienced Super Affiliate is to spend $15 a day on a campaign for the first 3-5 days and see what kind of profits it generates. As we discussed earlier they also modify the campaigns and track to see if they can get better conversion rates. In this other post I talked about some of the best tracking tools you can use (to track conversions and such… not to spy on others).

NOTE: If you do decide to put some of this information to your benefit please do not get in bidding wars with other Super Affiliates. At the end of the day these people are in the business model of making money work for them… and some of them have banked millions and millions of dollars. Experienced super affiliates are able and willing to purposely lose money on advertising cost in order to prevent competitors from trying to profit by swiping their campaigns. Many of them have systems in place which even allows them to lose money on advertising on the “front end” as they call it, in order to make money on the back end using their favorite autoresponder to send new intricate deals and offers to the visitors they added to their mailing list. If you get in a bidding war for advertising clicks with a more experienced affiliate marketer your business will suffer. Don’t do it… is not worth it.

TIP: There are many networks you can go to to purchase adds. Often times, you can ask your affiliate manager to tell you what the best network is to run a particular add. Some CPA marketing networks also run polls in which people can talk about their experiences running adds from an specific traffic source (more commonly an advertising network). One of the tricks of the Super Affiliates is to purchase software which buys and monitors a number of clicks say (50-100) across many ad networks. Then the results are reviewed for performance and the best network(s) are picked for that specific offer to run the full campaign in which thousands of dollars are poured to advertising. The marketplace is always moving one way or another and a traffic source which used to work for an offer just a month back could become saturated. However, by doing these kind of tests you can find the right traffic source to promote your offer.

Marketing Sources Become Saturated. To Find Good Traffic Sources Which Work NOW Requires Capital

Problem is… it takes money to run these tests and find hard data on what is working right now. At a minimum… $2000 of advertising budget is recommended to spend on ads just to figure out what works… I have had talks with some managers in top affiliate networks and at a bare minimum they want a budget of at least $10,000 to run ads and figure out all the data required to run a profitable campaign. It is recommended to work with multiple networks and managers in order to find as much information as possible about what is working right now. Some of them will give you the information (about what is working best) while others won’t tell you much unless you show the potential to become a super affiliate. My advice here – have a great relationship with your affiliate manager and they will provide you with information and resources that are not available to everyone. Some of them could give you access to unique landing pages… and approve offers that most other users simply don’t get approved for.

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The Next Level is to Open a CPA Network.

So what’s the next level? Is there anything above a Super Affiliate? If you read the TIP above you see I talked about CPA networks. You see… CPA networks recruit affiliates and Super Affiliates to run profitable campaigns for the publisher, the network and the marketer. This is a triple win type deal they are going for… they call it PERFORMANCE MARKETING. You see… a few years back most publishers (think of a publisher as a big company or corporation who sells a product or service) would do fine with spending their marketing budget on google adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads… Media buys… and various other marketing outlets. As the cost of advertising and competition went up it became harder to stay profitable. Often times… they would run adds and have no returns on their investments. This is what gave rise to CPA networks and performance marketing – companies would rather pay you for selling a product or bringing a lead to their services than run their own advertising campaigns and lose out with paid advertising. Under this business model they delegate the advertising to marketing networks and experienced affiliates that can find ways to run profitable campaigns.

NOTE: So what is a CPA network? A CPA network is nothing more than the middlemen between an affiliate marketer and a publisher. CPA networks negotiate with publishers so that they provide the marketing material required to run a profitable campaign and… they also put in place experienced marketers (the growth managers) who mentor and guide affiliates and super affiliates about what is currently returning the best profits. When you apply through a CPA network, they keep a small percentage of every sale you get as an affiliate than what you would make if you worked directly with the publisher. So it is in their best interest for you to make money, because when you make money they make money… and when they make money the publisher also makes money and continues to bring more budget to the CPA network to pay the network and their affiliates.

These days… what super affiliates are now striving to do is to launch their very own PERFORMANCE MARKETING NETWORK and they negotiate directly with the publishers in order to list and market the offers for them. By doing this… they can leverage the work of experienced and new affiliates which allows them to keep some of the profits generated by them. In return… these super affiliates who launch their performance network will mentor and help the new affiliates make money by providing COMPREHENSIVE (and often times seemingly EXPENSIVE) marketing programs which are designed to get affiliates making money as fast as possible. Even with these programs it would still take a motivated person (like myself) months… before mastering the tools and concepts which are taught in these programs. It takes many months of failure and small wins here and there to attain all the required marketing/technical experience that will turn US to a super affiliate.

NOTE: In this post we have covered a lot of great information. You now should have an idea how to find the blueprint to a profitable campaign. We also have talked about the tools the sneaky affiliates use. Remember… I’m not a guru. I have been at this a little over 5 months and I’m still learning from all of my mentors, some of them who have made millions with CPA marketing and masterminds. If you want to learn even more check this program.

Mentorship is Great BUT You Must Execute to See Results.

So anyway… if you decide to check the same program I’m following I will tell you upfront it won’t be cheap to work one on one with a Super Affiliate. These successful entrepreneurs could charge thousands of dollars for one on one coaching. Expect to work very hard if you want to succeed. In this industry knowledge is very valuable but so is the ability to execute all that knowledge. You could have the best mentor in the world teaching you everything for free… however if you are too lazy to execute you will never see results. Build the habit to execute what you learn and test for results and you will eventually start to succeed. I hope this information is useful in helping you build a profitable online business. I will see you on the next one.

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