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Gain real followers with these tools.

Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. In the last post I talked about what it really takes to win as an affiliate marketer. Many people come into this space thinking they can write a few blog posts or launch a new website and then money pours from the sky. The reality is… you have to think of yourself as a company and learn about branding, marketing, automation tools, SEO… and many other concepts in order to stand a chance in this growing industry which happens to become more competitive with every passing day. The beginning is the hardest part… because once your brand (or content) starts picking up recognition then the snowball effect occurs and your business explodes from that point forward and then it becomes easy to generate revenue.

NOTE: Based on my own experience Facebook and other social networks hate spam. I would recommend you to promote your business a maximum of 10 times per day in each of the social media platforms to avoid your account being jailed, blocked, temporarily banned or completely deleted from the system. Remember… a business takes time to built and you can’t properly build a business by spamming people. The whole idea is to provide immense value. What I recommend you to do is to develop a daily schedule which allows you to promote your home business on the long term. Focus on building your email list and creating useful content.

In one of my most recent post I talked about premium tools you can be using to automate the process of gaining Twitter followers. If your focus is Twitter you can’t go wrong by automating your efforts with Socialquant >> Socialoohmp. However if you are on a budget there are more tools I could recommend you to use. Today I will give you some more tips to gain more twitter followers and autopost content on social media networks.

Perhaps you are just starting out in affiliate marketing or maybe you have been into this for a few months or a year or more. If you have been doing this for a long time you probably agree that is impossible to scale a business into six or seven figure income unless many of the processes are automated. Luckily, we live in the automation age and there is plenty of software both (free or paid) which can handle even the most monotonous tasks in your list which would allow you to grow your business. Right now I’m focusing on SEO and automation for myself so I want to bring you a few more tips and tricks to help you succeed.

The first big automation tool I am currently using is SNAP which I learned about from following the free 30-day training inside the PIPS dashboard. Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) is an SEO optimized (free website) very similar to this one that can be customized to your liking. I decided to start my Home Business by leveraging the PIPS system because I only had to provide a domain name to get my website built. If you decide to try this for yourself I recommend you to pick a cheap domain name and you should also get set up with the FREE autorresponder campaign. Aweber should be your autoresponder of choice as is affordable, reliable and there are some tricks it can do which other autorresponders can’t. That little trick (I linked to) has helped me earn more followers and successfully promote many free CPA offers my subscribers are interested in.

NOTE: All SNAP instructions can be found here. With the free plug in you will be able to set up over 15 different social media accounts. However, some of the supported platforms will require an especial API which is a premium feature. The upgrade is a one time fee of $49. If you want to learn more about this social media automation tool navigate to this page Social Networks Auto Poster.

I want to note that prior to using SNAP I was manually sharing all of my content. This would take a considerable amount of time on a weekly basis. Sometimes I would skip sharing my blog posts altogether because I just felt too tired to log into the various social media accounts and share the link to the various posts I have been writing. Now with SNAP as soon as I hit post from my wordpress dashboard the auto poster does the heavy lifting for me and takes care of sharing the content. This brings traffic to my website and also helps me rank better on Google because one of the main ranking signals has to do with articles, videos and domain URLs being shared on to Web 2.0 platforms and services which are supported by SNAP. Among the nice features included on SNAP is the ability to share the same post multiple times on different days. By posting multiple times I can re-purpose my content and ultimately reach a bigger audience because more people get to see the posts.

NOTE: There are tools out there you can use which tell you during which times of the day people are most active on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. You should use this information to your advantage and have SNAP post during the peak times. Some tools are also able to gather data specific to your social media account(s) and this allows you to target them during times of maximum activity. Think of your business and affiliate marketing as a work in progress. Optimize a social media platform at a time and you will have bigger success. Also, you should either master one traffic source… or master one offer… meaning you can try multiple offers on the same traffic source to see which offer is profitable… or you can optimize your offer instead and try it on the same (or various) traffic sources until it becomes profitable.

Another tool I’m currently using alongside SNAP is buffer. You can use Buffer for free on up to three different social media accounts. You can pick between LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Instagram. They also have Pinterest but in order to autopost to your Pinterest boards you need to use premium features. The beauty of Buffer is that you can find great content created by other users on the web and add them to Buffer. In this way you share valuable content with your audience on social media. When they take notice of this… they will visit your website (just make sure to leave a link to your website somewhere on your social media profile). Right now there is affiliate marketers taking a vacation and traveling the world because they use automation tools like SNAP and Buffer to keep promoting great content that creates engagement with their target audience. Many sources today suggest to share 3 pieces of content from other author for every single which is yours. Is also common to see thriving affiliate websites which purely focus on curating content.

NOTE: Think of affiliate marketing and your Home Business as a work in progress. You can’t possibly optimize all your social media accounts right away and develop an auto posting schedule which maximizes engagement. Improve your strategy as time allows it… that’s the best you can do. A tip I can give you is to use buzzumo in order to find some of the most shared videos and blogs. Please note the free version allows you to see a limited amount of search results per keyword used. The free version also has limitations when it comes to the amount of searches you can do every single day so do your searches carefully and target keywords for topics you want to share with your audience.

Another tool I’m starting to use right now is postcron which I want to try for Pinterest and Instagram autoposting. If you want a month free join using my link. When I first joined the tool I thought it could be used to automate the process of sharing various posts to Facebook groups. However, it doesn’t work this way. It allows you to post only on Facebook groups for which you happen to have admin status. Either way… I found another tool which can automate the process of posting to Facebook groups and it works pretty well. The best thing is you can use it for free.

NOTE: When it comes to posting on Facebook groups there are some guidelines you should follow. First you should post to a group every 5-10 minutes. According to various sources is recommended to wait at least 7 minute interval before posting again on another group using this tool. If you are posting to more than 5 groups you should use the schedule post function. You should also use the function which allows you to take breaks every so many posts. I don’t have time to write a complete guide right now but this one should get you on the right path to automating your Facebook posts. The free version allows up to 3 accounts and you can import up to 500 Facebook groups. You can use this document to find relevant Facebook groups. It is recommended to use a Facebook account which has been active for at least one month adding friends and sharing Facebook status and posts. New accounts have a bigger chance of being disabled due to suspicious spamming activity.

To conclude today I have shared with you some tools you can use to automate the process of sharing content on social media. Many of these tools can be used for Twitter, Facebook and various other platforms. Many of the tools can be used for free or have a free version which is useful. My priority right now is to continue learning more about SEO and automation. I will continue to share what I learn and the tools that I start to use. I hope this information is useful in helping you to create a profitable Online Business. I will see you on the next one.

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