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Nowadays when new businesses launch on Amazon a big chunk of their success comes from getting positive reviews. In general, no shopper dares to buy anything unless there are reviews about such item. This has given rise to a set of communities sellers use in which they will offer their products at heavily discounted prices in hopes they can get some positive reviews that would result in more customers buying their products. Today I will tell you which communities are actually worth joining so you can score big savings when you shop online.

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Vipon has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop. I usually receive 50–70% discounts on almost every order. They sell many different categories of products including consumer electronics, clothing and home appliances. New products are introduced almost every day. I have bought roughly $1000 worth of clothing for under $300 using this platform. I’m talking about the kind of clothing people give you compliments for without you actually breaking your bank. Most packages I have ordered with them arrived after two days since Vipon ships with Amazon Prime service. I rarely have had two occasions in which my package took two weeks to arrive likely because the seller was doing backorders directly from China.

Check out the site by navigating to this link: https://www.vipon.com/

(Disclaimer) Vipon allows you to claim a maximum of 150 coupons per month. Since coupons are limited there are times none will be available for the item you want. They usually reset availability every 12 hours. If you can’t get your hands on a coupon save the name of the item you want and then search again the next day. In my experience there will be coupons available next time I try. Once you have claimed a coupon you can choose whether you want to actually buy the product or not. In general, I have found 98% of the coupons were valid but there has been a couple times where they did not work. The policy of Amazon is that you can leave sellers feedback if you choose to. I usually leave a review about my experience so other customers can make informed decisions before purchasing. At the same time I help the newly launched businesses grow their clientele whenever my experience is positive. As they grow they test new products for which I likely want offer codes. I’ts a win/win situation.

I recently logged on Vipon after about a month away and I was impressed to see the community has grown so fast! They are now adding a program which allows public figures that have amassed followers to partner with them in order to promote the platform. I have also noticed new categories have been added to the web site and timers which let the users know when more coupons will be available. Best of all, the discounted products for some categories like shoes has gone from less than 5 offers when I first used the website to hundreds!




Wish is an app that has the sole purpose of connecting consumers with sellers and manufacturers of a wide variety of products. Some of the items sold through this app are shipped directly from China. As a result, you could find jaw-dropping prices on many of the products being sold. It is common to see the items listed as free as long as you pay the cost of shipping. When buying through this app I highly recommend you see what other users are saying about the product that was shipped to them. By giving a quick reading to the reviews you will receive feedback and also see pictures of the item they got. When items come from China there is the risk it could be low quality in comparison to what you had expected.

On the good side of things, Wish has a strong policy that is up to the seller to cover every cost if the item doesn’t arrive in time. So if your item coming from China takes longer than the time anticipated, then you could ask customer support for a refund. Often times a week or two later the item will arrive at no cost to you. I have read of people that receive their items a month or two after their refund had been processed. Some manufacturers are starting to ship their products to the US (and other countries around the world) in bulk ahead of time in order to meet the shipping deadlines.

Wish has many ways you could get more discounts. One way is to buy your product with another user. This usually results in both of you saving 10–15% of what the product is worth. Another way to save on Wish is by taking advantage of offer codes. They usually promote codes for 10% discount or greater within the app. Last good way I know is to use the desktop version of wish (through your browser) and find the name of the product you are about to buy (manufacturer and model). If you search for this, chances are you will find a seller or wholesale distributor with cheaper prices. Wish also has giveaways occurring randomly from 9:00 pm to 9:15 pm. All items are usually claimed within just a few seconds of the giveaway starting. Some of the items could be worth hundreds of dollars. I’m sad to tell you that there are privileged individuals that live on the right time zone where they have a fair chance to claim these items. Every other time zone will see the giveaway has already expired even when it had just begun. Who knows? Perhaps you are one of the lucky few that can claim free stuff on Wish! I know I’m not.

The last thing I want to say about Wish is that there are lots of items of great quality for very cheap prices. Among the reasons this happens is because these are copies of some popular brands and the fact that often times you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer or wholesale distributor. Something I have learned is that is very common to see similar products be made with the same raw materials. This results in the copy having the same great quality and standards at a portion of the price. The way I see it every penny counts. I got to this realization when I tried running pay per click adds and noticed that even making a single penny can be real challenge. Take my advise and save your hard earned money as much as you can.

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Note: Outside of these pages you can also get discounts by downloading the Honey chrome extension. The extension automatically alerts you when you have found the best deal for specific items like in regular Amazon.com store and it will also try coupons at checkout to give you even better deals. I have been able to use it at Godaddy and in Amazon to save some money. They also will give you “Honey gold” whenever you use the application to find coupons. You can exchange Honey Gold for gift cards based on the amount collected. Here is a link you can use to join. Share your link to get a $5 referral bonus when your friend saves money using Honey Gold.
Link to join.




The elite deals club has considerably less offers in comparison to Vipon but the offers are solid. They will email you offers on a daily basis. One of the offers that caught my eye in this community was a brand new hoverboard for only $70. Often times they have products discounted 90% of their price. The downside to this community is that to join can be difficult or confusing. I have found their “Login with Facebook” feature doesn’t work and if you sign up with email often times it won’t detect that you confirmed your account. Just try a couple times (with different email accounts) and once it works you will be receiving great offers on a daily basis. Click here to access the website.




This website is not as good as Vipon but there are times when they have offers that are worth taking advantage of. I usually check it about once a month and I pick offers if any that interest me. Access the website here.




Similar to product elf this community is worth checking once a month. The product selection is limited but there are times you will be surprised to find good deals. Click here to check it out.


Uber Zon Club


This club has limited selection of products but the discounts are usually 80% or more. They will email you deals often times on a daily basis. Click here to join.




One last place I recommend you to look at to save tons of money is Groupon. Groupon promotes all sorts of local businesses near you so you can get discounts of up to 90% on auto services, dinning, booking hotels and air travel or buying premium suits to look professional, presentable and approachable. Groupon is one of those places I find many deals for myself so I would recommend you to check them out.

I have also tried 10+ other communities I would rather not share in this post because those will likely be a waste of your time. I hope you can greatly benefit using Vipon and Wish. Those are two of my favorite apps to shop on. If you want more places to get discounts amzfinder has more resources you can try. I hope this information can help you find the right places to shop so you can benefit from huge savings.

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