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As I write these lines of text I feel somewhat agitated because my internet speed as of lately has been the sluggiesh mothe%#&^ it has ever been. I guess after I’m done writing this I will call Comcast and ask one of the kind operators to reset my connectivity for best performance. Anyhow, today I want to talk about a sales strategy I learned from two great affiliate marketers in Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld who are able to exploit CPA offers to recuperate the money they spend on advertising.

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NOTE: CPA refers to Cost Per Action which is a model of compensation commonly used on affiliate marketing programs. An example of cost per action would be earning two dollars every time someone inputs their name and email on a form that has your affiliate link attached to it. The reward ratio purely depends on the complexity of the action and the data that needs to be submitted by the individual you are inviting. For example, some CPA programs out there will pay you 25 cents of a US dollar when someone downloads a simple game, or app. You can also expect to earn $20 or more given the case they have to fill a big questionnaire form (think data related to life insurance, real state or career programs linked to higher education or job opportunities). Many survey sites partner with Corporations and Businesses to bring them leads and then have you fill the forms and give you only a percentage of the reward. Some even charge you a membership fee to able to access the forms. It takes some research but you could find the forms and earn 100% of the rewards if you are interested in doing this.

You see new affiliate marketers (myself included) very rarely find ourselves in a position where we can launch or advertise our very own products. Launching new products involves costs that only established figures could afford. Even if we turned to places like Kickstarter and Angel List in look for funds to bring our project to life we still would have a credibility gap  to fill in the sense authority figures are born before a successful launch is feasible. Building an authority figure often times takes years of self growth, objective experimentation (tracking numbers), and many other lessons from the journey in becoming successful doing online sales.

As a result the smart way to launch an online business is to leverage the work of an authority figure, established brand or entity which already underwent and succeeded all the limitations we currently face. This means we would promote the product some third party organization made and earn a percentage of each sale. We can pick among many different product categories which are most commonly called “niches” including health and fitness, business education, hosting services, tools to automate online businesses (autobloggers, autoresponders, list builders, link trackers), cryptocurrency related (best for people outside of US and Canada due to government regulations), clothing and fashion among many other products and services.

NOTE: There are many affiliate networks and affiliate programs out there. A big chuck of your time should be spent joining these networks and looking for products you think will sell well. Then it comes down to experimenting as in promoting and advertising your links in social media or using paid advertising. Right now I’m still learning more about affiliate networks and product categories outside of the PIPS system. Offervault has been a great resource in discovering some of the best networks with great products. If you are not sure what products to promote you can’t go wrong using those that have already been reviewed in the Home Page. Stone Evans has been in this business for over 20 years and he has picked programs which are growing, generating profits and value to their members.

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Anyway, so we have established that we need to use the work of an authority figure or brand to get ourselves off the ground but we must be aware that our end goal is to become self reliable and depend on nobody (that or build partnerships with already established authorities). To get to this point there is two main strategies you need to start using today. The first one is you must grow your email list which means YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND TRAFFIC DIRECTLY TO THE OFFER. Instead you want to create a sales funnel or use Online Sales Pro to capture the client information prior to sending them to the offer. In this way, as you continue to learn more and become aware of more valuable products you can use your autoresponder software to let them know of this new useful product, service or business opportunity you found. Every individual that joins your list is a potential customer that can benefit from your products and services.  If you just send them directly to the third party offer they will be put in a list which is outside of your control and chances are this entity will continue to send them new offers of which you won’t receive any sales commission.

NOTE: As of recently Online Sales Pro app has been upgraded and functionality has been improved. I will add a comprehensive review at a later time highlighting the changes and my thoughts.

Did you catch that? Big brands are able to entice customers into buying by offering irresistible deals… sometimes they even ship products for the cost of freight. Then as time passes new irresistible deals are sent to the customers, and these products involve more value at bigger costs resulting in bigger profit margins. So what did Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld taught me? What if we put in practice a new sales system. We create a lead capture page (also known as squeeze page or landing page) and we promise the visitor the free gift a third party company is offering in exchange for their email address. Once the customer has opted into our list we send them to their free gift which is our CPA offer. Now we are able to send them new valuable and irresistible offers using our autorresponder and continue to generate income (at no extra cost to them) when they buy the new products we introduce to them which they want. The best aspect of this new model is that implemented correctly, you could run paid traffic to your landing page and recuperate your investment by exploiting the CPA deals. Bigger profit margins are made using the autoresponder to supply new valuable products.

NOTE: At this point I’m still learning more about CPA programs and CPA networks I can use to run this new business model. I know it sounds crazy that big companies are willing to pay you for giving out a free product but you have to understand that one of the biggest industries which generates the most profits these days is that of selling advertisements (600 BILLION industry). Look at Google and Facebook which generate BILLIONS in yearly revenue from selling advertising. Some big corporations and small businesses alike these days prefer to give away free items in exchange for potentially earning a new customer than to put the same resources into paid advertising. It helps build trust and a better relationship with the customer who often times continues to buy new products from them. In order to scale and reach a bigger pool of customers they allow affiliates to promote the free products and pay them for their time and efforts.

At the end of the day with this new way of generating sales more people are winning. Corporations such as Google and Facebook (and others) win because people like you and I are actually able to afford the higher costs of advertising if we are able to make it back using CPA offers. We win, because we are growing our list which is the lifeblood of independent affiliate marketers these days in being able to generate consistent residual income online. The third party company you affiliated with also wins because they are also earning a new customer to send new offers to and they are saving in advertising costs at the same time and in employee wages as they need less salespeople to bring in leads.

Using this business model is how Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld became successful in the world of online sales. In the case of  Manny Hernandez he has been able to launch his own company which currently sells clicks on demand. Darren Salkeld is currently working with Digital Altitudes and has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the top leaders in the company. His current formula is based on doing what we have spoken about and following up by means of calling the lead personally or having a personal/virtual assistant call in order to welcome the new lead, answer some questions and point them to a coach who can help them from that point on.

Right now among my main goals is to set up and test multiple systems using this new business model and tweak it around until I can recover any advertising expenses. I hope this information is helpful to you and I will have some new insights next time. Right now I’m off to running a couple miles and then I’m calling Comcast. If you want more information on CPA marketing check out this other guide. Later!

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