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The Power Of The Press Release

I give you a warm welcome to our home business blog. Today I should write a post which is both short and sweet. A few days back we discussed how to generate income from product launches. We have also talked about traffic exchanges, viral mailers and platforms like Pinterest which can help grow organic traffic. Today I want to talk about a heavily underused traffic source which could prove real useful in scaling your business especially if you have some budget to invest.

I’m talking about no other than the Press Release. A press release is a well formatted and informative document which is sent to journalists and news media outlets for possible coverage. Some press release services are free while others offer premium services which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you master the skills of writing useful press releases you will find your information being exposed in well established and high quality blogs and news channels which are looking for credible news to report on. You could make a Press Release when you open a new store, bring to the market a new product or release a new service.

NOTE: I haven’t tested this myself (yet)… but this is an idea I will be trying as a core component in my marketing strategy. You see, I’m an associate with multiple companies and often times there is a feed of new projects, products and services which are being introduced to the markets which get little to no media coverage. I will leverage press releases to promote those services I’m most heavily involved with.

Anyhow, if you recall in the post about product launches I talked about a platform known as muncheye which has a listing of fresh products currently being released. If you master the art of writing press releases I’m confident you could write about these product launches (and many others) and have mass media broadcast the news on your behalf. You could use URL shorteners like tinyurl, bitly, pretty links or google url shortener in order to turn your ugly affiliate link into a nicer looking link for people who become interested in the products to click on. If you can’t get the URL you want you can also try using clickmagick which you have more power to customize and is also a premium grade tracking tool that can provide professional reports on click activity. So far the research I have made on this topic shows me many Press Releases go unnoticed but remember… you have so many products and all you need is one to go viral once to get you making decent money which you can reinvest back into your business. A rule I see is at the start your should reinvest at least 60% of the profits back into your business if you want to scale fast.

Now, if you have never written a press release before (myself included) then we need to be smart about this and get some practical experience (training). The two free press release websites I can recommend you to try based on what I have learned so far are:
1- PRLog.org
2- PR.com

The reason to pick those over other ones is because there is a bigger pool of parties who search those databases and also SEO back linking is optimized. As far as I have learned up to this point some press release websites could hurt your SEO strategy if back links are not optimized with high quality blogs and authority websites.

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As you gain practical experience writing press releases and learning what works the next step would be to use a paid service that can broadcast your message to even more media outlets. The two paid services I can recommend right now purely based on the research I have made are:
1- PRWeb
2- PRNewswire

This is the tip I have for today. In another article I will probably talk more about this strategy and the results I get with it. Leave me some comments below if this strategy works well for you. Talk next time.

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Another strategy is to submit information about your business and services to helpareporter where professional journalist and bloggers are looking for legitimate stories to cover.

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2 Responses to The Power Of The Press Release

  1. Virginia Sanders February 10, 2018 at 9:56 pm #

    Enjoyed your article. I have a Press Release writer software program that I give away for free. I belong to IBO toolbox and they encourage their members to write PRs as a promotional tool. You can download the software

    • Reynaldo Rodriguez February 11, 2018 at 1:29 am #

      Great to know Virginia! I’m quick to learn (or at least try) every tool that can help me scale my business and see better results. Sometimes I’m learning so many tools at once and doing so many other things on top I actively have a list of tools I’m yet to try. Right now I’m learning to use the Yoast plugin (widely regarded as the best SEO plugin for WordPress) in to produce better SEO practices. Is there any specific link to download? I will try searching for IBO toolbox and looking for a Press Release tool. If there is something I have learned is that the more I know… the more I discover I know nothing. Thank you for sharing!

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