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The Key to Building an Organization [Personal Branding]

Welcome back to your Home Business blog. A couple days back we talked about using the power of the Press Release in order to advertise viral launches. This strategy works best for individuals that learn how to write outstanding press releases which are well formatted and information rich and thus catch the attention of journalist and news media who are looking for fresh content to publish or report on. Today I want to talk about another strategy you should be using to grow your business which is that of personal branding.

Something you should understand is that people don’t join a logo, business or organization for the sake of joining. Most professional marketers that have build successful organizations throughout the centuries agreed that “People join People”. More specifically People join leaders who are honest, confident, committed to success and upbeat with positive attitude. Let’s suppose you already have all these traits and you are also a great communicator, who is also both intuitive and creative… you have all the traits you would need to build your own organization and reach your dream of financial freedom early on.

In my quest to find financial freedom I have attracted to my life many great leaders whom I have learned from. The most successful ones have dedicated a big chunk of their time to building a personal brand. A great example of a wonderful leader, who built their organization from the ground up and mastered personal branding to build a corporation is Dr. Zoe who is the CEO/chief in command and head coach at Katapult Enterprises. She has been a great resource towards my personal growth and development of leadership skills through her Life Coaching program.

Anyhow, building a personal brand is not only useful to grow your corporation. Well established corporations like Primerica that handle billions in assets are always on the lookout for premium caliber leaders who commit to learning about life insurance and investing so they can train new representatives and build their organizations. Becoming an skilled agent takes time and effort but for those who persevere and build their organization with fresh leads to train the sky is truly the limit because the end result is residual income on all the sales of those people you train. Imagine earning 10 to 15% of every single deal handled by a partner your took the time to train. How much could you earn if you trained say… 100 people?

You can also use personal branding to become the face of an entire organization. Pat Flynn for example has become the face of Bluehost and has generated over one million in commissions from selling their hosting services. Tai Lopez is known to join business ventures in which their partners put down the initial investment capital and take care of running the business. His role? Tai uses the massive following he has built through his personal brand in order to meet his part of the deal and advertise the products and services associated to the business venture. That’s the TRUE POWER of building a solid personal brand – once you reach celebrity status it becomes easy to promote just about any business in all sorts of niches because you already have many followers. If you ever reach celebrity status be ethical.

You don’t want to be careless about your reputation. John McAfee who had reached god-like authority in the cryptocurrency space seems not to care anymore about ethics. He will promote any shitcoin as long as he gets paid 25 Bitcoin upfront and 15% of the profits made from scamming his loyal followers. I used to follow him until I learned this is what he has been doing. When it comes to cryptocurrencies you need to be very careful especially if there is a referral program in place because it usually is those people who reach celebrity status and can bring in lots of leads that will make the money from commission bonuses and then when everything collapses it will be you who is left without anything.

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NOTE: According to Bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos about 99.9% of all ICO’s and crypto-related opportunities are scams designed to take advantage of the success of real cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is lots of great companies and technologies developing in this space but is like finding a needle in a haystack so educating yourself is very important. What I can tell you is the legitimate companies are working to solve complicated problems which will help all of humanity. Right now there is over 2 Billion people worldwide who don’t have access to banks or financial services who will benefit from cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. What if you wanted to send a relative of yours $50 every time it was their birthday automatically without even thinking about it? Blockchain technology which runs smart contracts can do this. What if you could rent some of your unused bandwidth or hard drive storage and only pay a rate which is proportional to the amount of bandwidth consumed in a month instead of a fixed rate? Some companies are using blockchain technology to solve these and many other problems and it will be these companies that go on to become the next Uber or Airbnb – companies which disrupt the marketplace as we know it. Jeff Berwick thinks we should be more careful because he believes the big banks actually want to use blockchain technology to release a universal currency which is able to tracks all transactions and thus tax every form of exchange. There is always this duality about technology… while some people use it for good others look to take advantage.

Going back to the topic of personal branding now I want to give you a few tips as to how you can boost your personal brand. Something I learned early on is that you can be frugal with just about everything but not with your business. You see, if you don’t present yourself correctly and invest into proper advertising then your brand will never grow to its real potential. Those who are broke and don’t have much money… a service I can recommend you is Fiverr. In Fiverr you can order all sorts of marketing material including company logos, a cartoon of yourself, professionally edited videos, professionally written blog posts, E-Boook covers, Facebook covers and wallpapers… and many other material you can use to brand yourself starting as low as $5 per job. Some people even use fiverr to order comments to their blog posts and Facebook likes to their Facebook business pages in hopes to make their brand appear much bigger than it actually is. I stay away from this practice because building a fake following won’t benefit me in the long run. However you should take advantage of the other strategies to build your brand. Katapult Enterprises is also another great source which offers premium grade branding services if you want to check them out.

Using these type of services you can give your brand the professional image it needs for constant growth. One of the biggest advantages to investing in personal branding is you will find more success in generating leads from places like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram and this will lead to more commission bonuses and faster growth to build your organizations and business ventures. This is one of those cases where your investment will multiply your results as more people will engage with your brand and join the organizations and services you promote. That’s what I have experienced for myself so far.

NOTE: Some of the best marketers I know tell me they focus on direct advertising via platforms like Facebook because it allows them to introduce themselves in a way which results in higher changes of success. If you are able to build a strong Facebook profile/brand in particular, which shows your values and commitment to helping others succeed then you will be automatically be perceived as more trustworthy when you post a links on Facebook groups or message potential leads and clients. You can expect to receive more positive responses than if you sent an email or if you posted a link to an add. As a general rule of thumb you should try to engage as much as you can with your leads and potential clients using Facebook, Skype or via phone calls in order to build a basis for trust. Email is a powerful marketing tool but it doesn’t build trust.

The last thing I want to leave you with in this post is a link to a very helpful post I found earlier this week. As you will see, the author shares a huge list of Facebook groups related to marketing, home business opportunities and many other niches where you can find the right audience to promote useful products to or to show the business opportunities you are currently advertising. I have some friends who have been able to scale their businesses to $10,000+ per month by sharing their products and services in such groups. Join today… and start promoting as soon as the administrators grants your account access to the group. Another strategy is to create a new Facebook account and use that one to promote instead. Some people do this because they fear their main account will get banned due to spamming. Right now I plan to promote in 30 groups per day maximum to reduce the likelihood of having my Facebook account banned. Facebook has over 1 Billion active users, 50% of which log every single day and as such is a great source to generate traffic to your websites and offers along with Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. Some people even use software which would post pre-written content on Facebook groups. That’s all I got for today. I’m off to a two mile run.

PS: If you are involved with Digital Altitudes read this post. If you are looking for another opportunity look into this one. If you are active with Traffic Exchanges check your banner adds and websites as some hackers compromised a number of accounts and are running traffic to their websites instead of yours.

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