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Warm welcome. As many of you probably know I have been working very hard on building a home business. Of all business models I could of chosen I decided an online business through affiliate marketing was the smartest strategy to start off with. The positives include: I don’t have to do the shipping or process returns. I don’t have to process payments. I don’t need to own (or rent) a location to store merchandise. I’m not restricted to a location either (like bidding high for space in a busy mall full of potential customers) since I could leverage social media and the internet to engage thousands of potential customers or use paid advertising solutions. The best of all… an online business can be started with very little capital. If you wanted to open a nail salon for example chances are you would need to invest at the bare minimum $50,000 (since you would likely need a location). Most food franchises easily cost over $200,000 just to start… and some of them like McDonald’s could go over 2.5 million. Gas stations also cost into the millions these days.

Looking five months back when I first started learning about affiliate marketing I came across so much information. It was exhausting. For two months straight I would go to work (1 hour drive [back and forth]), code or fill paperwork for 8 hours, then somehow I would find energy to continue researching, sleep 5 hours, wake up and repeat it all the next day. I learned a lot but I was not learning fast enough. Succeeding in this business takes a very steep learning curve and a lot of trying out and failing. The point I want to make here is that I was trying many different things but I had not yet invested in anything that would help me achieve my goals faster.

Today I want to share a tool I have been using which has been helping build my campaigns and get more leads which results in more sales. In my opinion this is not the ultimate answer to your affiliate marketing needs (or to growing your business) but is a very good place to start. I’m talking about Online Sales Pro which is in some ways similar to leadpages but in my experience more useful in generating leads. Online Sales Pro fits right in between Leadpages and Clickfunnels. This tool offers you means to promote offers of your own and also you can promote the Online Sales Pro app. They also have what I consider medium level training when you join the program including books and videos about affiliate marketing which I already read. Some of the best information I have learned up to this point is exclusive to their program… meaning I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. Their support team is great. Every time I get stuck, one of the developers looks into my case and they help me figure out what went wrong and ultimately help me fix the issue. Specifically I have been helped to integrate Online Sales Pro with aweber in order to create campaigns which lead to sales. Here are some of the lead capture pages I have created using Online Sales Pro.

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And here is one of the landing pages the team has created so you can promote their software and earn over 50% in commissions per sale. The software goes for $37 per month which is the same price leadpages goes for (for their entry level functionality). Being a monthly subscription this is residual income so the more sign ups the higher the monthly return. For 10 new sign ups that use the app on a monthly basis you are looking at $250 per month. If you get 100 signups then you are looking at $2500 per month. Since I started using the app just two weeks back I have seen the top leaders get over 100,000 new sign ups and more people will join because is very affordable and useful to build marketing campaigns.

Online Sales Pro Capture Page

I’m no guru in this business. So far I have generated around $1500 in online sales which is not bad considering I have been at this a little less than 5 months. I know of people who took two years of their life going through consistent failure to make their first dollar even after they had invested over $20,000 into their online business (Matt Lloyd comes to mind). In general it takes about six months of consistent effort to start to see some results. Most people who persevere with their online businesses see success after 2 – 3 years of consistent effort and learning. Ultimately, having the right tools will help you reach success much faster and in my experience and opinion Online Sales Pro is one of those tools anyone starting out should be using.

What I would advice you to do if you want to get started in the affiliate marketing right now but you know nothing about the business, is to start with Online Sales Pro. Get the program. Read the books. Review all of their videos. Promote the high converting landing pages the team made for you. As you start to learn how everything works move into other affiliate networks with other categories of products. Use Online Sales Pro to create landing pages for those products and continue to grow from there. Try to go for the snowball effect. At first you won’t get many leads but you will be gaining experience and in time you will have enough knowledge and skill to put your offers in front of the right audience that wants your products and services. You want to look at this business as an spiderweb that grows everyday and the more high quality landing pages you create for premium products the more flies (customers) that will be trapped and be interested in the products and services you offer.

If you look at my links at the top. One is for Isagenix which sells great health and fitness products I have been consuming daily now. My body feels the difference when I feed it with these. The other one is for Primerica which provides financial services and helps families across the United States make money and get out of debt. Some of the people that know me personally ask me why do I join so many networks? My mentors go crazy because I can’t invest my time and energy in just one project or offer. The reason I do this is simple. First I’m trying to educate myself about the market (in general) and the best way to do this is to apply the mantra “What we do… we understand” that’s T. Harv Eker speaking right there. So the only way I could really learn is by doing and becoming part of different businesses. Then I can use that experience to give you an objective opinion and apply all of that accumulated knowledge to grow my own business. The most legendary entrepreneurs and investors out there like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet all agree you must invest in yourself. Becoming part of different businesses is a way to invest in your own education because you learn directly from the source by doing. Tai Lopez has exploded in fame because of his accumulated knowledge (and the cars in the garage videos of course). My end goal is to help others as I help myself succeed by sharing what I have learned.

So to summarize if you want to start affiliate marketing and you don’t know much you should start with Online Sales Pro so you learn how to build campaigns and have access to a system which can help you generate income from the get-go. From there I recommend you to start looking at other affiliate networks so you can expand the products that you can offer. Always keep in mind that you are building a reputation and your success is purely dependent on that reputation which you built for yourself. So you should always promote a product that you use and genuinely find value for. You should always tests the products first before promoting. Anything you don’t want for yourself you should not promote. Once you are generating decent income don’t blow it on a Lamborghini and instead re-invest into your business. Have a high end company (I recommend Katapult Enterprises or MOBE) build you a persona, a brand and a professional business with customized social media accounts for your brand so you can more easily start to set yourself apart from the other businesses and become recognized globally.

Note: Those of you who are dead broke Online Sales Pro is in my opinion the best starting point because you don’t need to invest in hosting, domains, websites, payment system software and you will have access to a great tool and training. As you find success with Online Sales Pro you should look into Fiver so you can create a lower end cheaper website to start off your brand. Then as more success comes your way you want a high end company with a team of experts like Katapult Enterprises or MOBE help you attain a strong brand with Global market presence.

All of my top mentors tell me (at the start) that at the bare minimum 40% of all of my profits need to go back to re-investing on my business. This is the trick to scaling quick and to generating millions. A profit of $100, becomes $300, then that $300 becomes $500… and so on. This happens after you have already set the foundations for your business and have campaigns running which are successful. At this point is all about getting your offers in front of the right customer. This is where paid advertising will give you the edge to continue to grow.

If you are ready to join Online Sales Pro you can join using my affiliate link:
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The last thing I want to leave you with is that if you aim to make $100,000… or one million dollar per month as an affiliate marketer (which is totally possible)… then you must consistently learn and try new approaches to marketing. On my next post I will have some new insights and tips to share with you. By the way… all my landing pages to grow my list (click below) I do them with Online Sales Pro without going through hassle. Is as easy as uploading a picture and editing the text and URLs to what you need to link to or promote. If you get stuck or can’t figure out how to do something contact their customer support. They will help you.

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