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Million Dollar Investing Opportunities for 2018 [Cryptocurrency Facts]

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Hi there my name is Reynaldo Rodriguez. I’m a software engineer who once worked long tiring hours testing aircraft applications. I still work very hard in building fully-automated passive income streams aiming to make $50,000+ per month in residual income. After many months of research and taking action on everything I learned I am finally getting results.

The biggest transfer of wealth in the history of humankind is happening right now. You can profit from the increasing value and utility of digital money like Bitcoin. I invite you to read the facts about this growing industry. Educate yourself prior to investing any money. United States and Canada in particular should be most careful due to government regulations. Also take some time to study Elliot Wave Theory as it will help you find patterns in the market and predict prices. This goes alike for cryptocurrencies, stocks and even Forex trading. Some companies are able to make millions of dollars consulting and trading on the basis they can efficiently predict market swings using this theory. I would be happy to share with you all the opportunities I know in the cryptocurrency space and give you an objective analysis of why I think it would be a good investment strategy but this market is very speculative at this point in time and there are so many variables to take into account. The technology is here to stay and new BILLION dollar competitors to Amazon and Google will emerge. It is rumored Amazon will launch their very own ICO and support their own cryptocurrency to stay updated with current trends. PayPal as of recently just filed their own patent to create a new cryptocurrency payment system to compete with Bitcoin.

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Please be responsible and EDUCATE YOURSELF. There are many marketers in this industry running scams to take your money. Over 1.5 million lost money in Bitconnect (myself included). If you buy cryptocurrency keep it on your personal wallet and never trade your resources to any lending, trading, or crypto mining company. About 99% of the time they will steal it… and given the unregulated nature of the market the likelihood of recuperating your money is slim to none. In short… if you buy cryptocurrency keep it on your personal control.

Some Facts: (See methods below)

  • Bitcoin dropped by 30% six times in 2017 only to increase 70-200% days later
  • 21 MILLION Bitcoin will exists. Over 16 MILLION have been mined. 4 million lost due to Bitcoin burning, lost private keys or because the owner passed away. The less there are the more valuable.
  • The last Bitcoin will be mined in year 2047. Difficulty increases to mine new Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a storage of value termed gold 2.0 among big investors since the protocol is not affected by inflation which devalues fiat currencies.
  • Cryptocurrency market cap has gone up over 330 BILLION since 12/15/2017 (more than tripled). See the numbers here:  (exponential growth)
  • Bitcoin went from $740 to over $22,000 in some Crypto Exchanges in 2017 alone.
  • Biggest entrepreneurs and investors like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Vladimir Putin have invested a portion of their wealth in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • 13 million Coinbase accounts were created this year. As of (12/20/2017) over 1.3 million are waiting to have their cryptocurrency orders processed through Coinbase. Coinbase USD wallet for United States residents are FDIC insured up to a maximum of $250,000.
  • The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) now allows for the trading of Bitcoin shares since last December 18. This is the first step to get big financial institutions actively trading Bitcoin.
  • 80% of the world is connected to the internet. Less than 1% of the population worldwide knows about cryptocurrency (about 15.2 million users). Adoption of this technology is happening at a rate which is similar to the early internet. The potential for growth and profits is exponential for the early investors.
  • Big financial institutions are starting to adopt blockchain technology as a core component to process payments and store information. The internet will also undergo a mutation phase where blockchain technology will be applied to make it more secure.
  • Amazon owns amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, amazoncryptocurrencies.com and amazonbitcoin.com so is likely they will start accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment further adding its value and utility.
  • Health care, insurance, retail, financial services, shopping, energy and sectors of government are adopting blockchain technology. This has caused increased demand for miners.
  • Abigail Johnson (CEO of Fidelity Investment brokerage firm) is on board with blockchain technology. The firm now uses mining equipment to generate profits.
  • Visa, Citigroup and Nasdaq have joined forces and set aside a budget of 30 million for a startup to develop blockchain based services.
  • More than 90 other Central banks are currently discussing on World Economic Forum a plan to integrate blockchain technology. Mastercard also belongs in this list.
  • Blockchain technology will become mainstream by the end of 2018


  • It is expected 1 Bitcoin to go up to 1 million by year 2030.
  • If 1% of the wealthiest people in the world invest 1% of their assets in Bitcoin then the price would go to over $60,000

This technology is here to stay and now is one of the best times to join. Be the early adopter and you will reap more benefits.


  • Use the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets to your advantage.
  • Apply this million dollar rule ( BUY LOW/SELL HIGH ).
  • The patient investor always makes the most profits.
  • Create a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Research the development team working on the cryptocurrency. Invest in the coins with strong development team which is creating useful technology.
  • Top investors like to put money on the top 20 cryptocurrencies. They hold and sell when prices go up.
  • ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are the best investment opportunities these days in terms of profits you can make BUT you should research well prior to investing. Most ICO’s today are scams used to grow capital for the promoter but which never give a return on investment for the investor.
  • According to some sources only 3% of ICO’s are legitimate investment opportunities.
  • Don’t put your eggs in one basket and diversify. Real Estate, Forex Trading, Stocks and precious metals should be part of your portfolio.
  • Look into platforms like Steemit, Yours Network and Brave browser which pay you to create written or visual content. You could probably monetize work you already do using these platforms.
  • Follow me here: http://www.teamresidualnetworks.com/ and I continue to share other great opportunities. I don’t like to rely on any specific income source because jobs are outsourced and companies go bankrupt due to our globalized economy.
  • Learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Avoid buying cryptocurrency with credit cards at all costs
  • Watch this series if you want to learn how the global economy works.

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PSPS: The latest cryptomining operation to get shutdown was Power Mining Pool. Ethan Vanderbuilt focuses on checking company facts and has an index of companies which have turned out to be scams or which are very likely to be scams. I would recommend you to check his website prior to committing to an investment. If you want good information about crypto investing I recommend you to follow The Dollar Vigilante and join the investment newsletter. As of recently, they ran a big conference where the best investment opportunities for 2018 were discussed. He is selling all of the recordings for $200. (I’m not affiliated in any way.)

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  1. Reynaldo Rodriguez July 29, 2018 at 9:24 pm #

    The market is being manipulated. Check this article for proof: https://medium.com/@super.crypto1/4th-dimension-bitcoin-manipulation-cartel-can-it-be-burnt-no-way-c53de65c166a

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