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Get Paid For Blogging in 2018 [Software]

Earn income blogging.

Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. In the last post we discussed a Powerful Marketing Tool you can start using to bring more visitors to your website. In one of my previous posts I talked about ways you can earn money by joining various add networks and affiliate networks. Today I want to tell you about more convenient ways to automating the process of getting paid for blogging when you use the software solutions I will be covering shortly. I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages to monetizing your content with these marketing solutions in comparison to other, more common strategies.

Let’s start with some background for reference… When I first started working towards the goal of building an online business and blogging, one of the obvious ways to grow my business and get paid commissions… was to affiliate with multiple companies offering products and services which were related to the Home Business Niche. Some such products are autoresponders, affordable software to build professional lead capture pages or more powerful tools to create sales funnels. All of these are tools I currently use which have been making it possible for me to start to see results much faster than most people. I have read so many books of people who began working on their online business and it took them two years just to make a commission. By now I have made a few hundred from my blogging efforts and I’m just getting started! You can find most of the information I’m using to get results in this Home Business Blog and in the free newsletter.

The more you grow your marketing reach as a blogger and partner with more product manufacturers and services… you will find it will become difficult to keep track of all of your affiliate links. I don’t have that problem as much… because I promote the products I use on a daily basis which are producing results for myself. However… I have been having a problem in the sense through my content I link to other products and services which some people buy… after clicking through my non monetized link. Whenever this happens this is money I’m leaving on the table.

In an attempt to maximize the revenue I get from linking to useful products and services for home businesses and bloggers, I started partnering with more corporations. Problem is, a big portion of the products and services I could potentially share with others would not accept me into their programs for reasons they would not disclose. For example, I applied to infolinks and this is the reply they sent me.

“Upon reviewing your application, our quality assurance team found that it does not meet our publisher criteria.

We at Infolinks have the responsibility to keep our advertising environment up to certain standards to ensure the success of Infolinks for our publishers, advertisers and those viewing our ads. We review each website individually and reserve the right to refuse any application.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to respond to emails requesting more information about these decisions.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Infolinks Team”

Still… wanting to maximize the revenue I could earn from my digital assets I decided to look for other solutions. I was lucky to be accepted to join the Ezoic network but for some reason I’m yet to discover when I try to use their name servers… minutes (or hours later) I find my website can’t be reached. So I had to give up on that. Ezoic uses machine learning to test which layouts and advertisements are more effective for the specific audience that visits your websites. Their solution conveniently integrates with AdSense if you want to try it for yourself. Maybe it works great for you.

NOTE: To be accepted to Ezoic you will need at least 10,000 visitors on a monthly basis to your website or blog.

The next solution I came across and tried out was Skimlinks. To join Skimlinks the approval process can take a few days because a manager has to see and approve your website manually. Skimlinks works with over 18,000 businesses and corporations. Their software works by creating affiliate links on the fly whenever you link to a products page or service. For example, I’m not affiliated with Namecheap but if you happen to click this link and buy a domain name to launch your online business I will receive a small commission bonus at no extra cost to you. That link goes to https://www.namecheap.com/ which is not an affiliate link as it is. In order to get this functionality set up find the Skimlinks plug in and add it to your website by using your wordpress webmaster dashboard or equivalent feature. Skimlinks provides clear instructions as to how to set up the service.

NOTE: The advantage to using Skimlinks is that it saves you tons of time in the sense you don’t have to join so many marketing networks. You also save time by not having to consistently grab affiliate links from the networks… allowing you to stick to creating content and linking to your favorite products and services. A bigger advantage is that since this service creates affiliate links on the fly your links are validated and don’t become broken links when the merchant stops the affiliate program in question. Skimlinks has also negotiated higher payout with over 200 different merchants in order to allow you to earn the same commission level even after 25% of the commission is lost.

I think the biggest advantage to using a solution like Skimlinks is that it would allow you to save considerable amount of time which you can reinvest into producing more content resulting in more commissions. Right now I use a password manager to keep track of all my affiliate links and this is how I have managed to stay somewhat organized but often times I find myself wasting time looking for an affiliate link which seems to have been lost or misplaced. With Skimlinks all I have to do is link to the merchant (Amazon for example) and I know I will receive a commission at no extra cost to my reader if they purchase any product. Skimlinks makes it easy to get paid as a blogger.

NOTE: You can get a free website similar to this one when you join PIPS. I recommend you to join and read the 30 day training series. It will give you many tips and tricks to get paid with your blog.

However… what if Skimlinks won’t approve you? There is a similar service called VigLink which operates using similar technology. They will convert regular links to affiliate links on the fly. VigLink also uses a technology which searches for commonly used terms like iPhone or Nike Shoes and it will convert that text to an affiliate link that can earn you commissions. Some webmasters own forums where users talk about products they like to use. By using VigLink they are able to monetize comments left by their users because the text gets converted to an appropriate affiliate link and as a result they get paid a small percentage whenever someone reading the forum threats clicks on the links and purchases. Based on my experience all I needed to do to join VigLink was to give them an email address and instructions to set the service up was sent via email.

Before adding the VigLink javascript code to your website make sure to check the settings because one of their options will convert existing affiliate links to run with VigLink if it happens to be checked on. By default this setting should be ticked off but I don’t know if that will be the case for you. The disadvantage to using these technologies in my experience is that links take 2-3 seconds to respond when a visitor clicks on them. This could create the false impression that the link is broken or doesn’t work and they could close it before it completes loading. Users these days expect websites to load very fast!

NOTE: I should point out that with Skimlinks you can withdraw your earnings every time you reach $10. With VigLink you can withdraw your earnings whenever you reach $25 in earnings. This can prove advantageous considering the fact that some networks place hundred or even thousand dollar caps before you can cash out what you earned. This can also prove advantageous when it comes time to pay Taxes because earnings can properly be found in one location and you don’t have to file what you earned in all of the other networks individually. One last great advantage to using these services is that when you link to a product it will automatically pick the network that pays the most. For example… Rakuten Marketing often times pays more than Amazon Associates. I was not directly approved as an affiliate with Rakuten Marketing but now through Skimlinks I can still link to products which are hosted on their network and expect to earn commissions if someone clicks on the link and buys the product.

Since some of the links take a few seconds to load when created on the fly, I use my regular affiliate links for the products I have been approved to promote. Whenever I don’t have access to a certain product I link to it and let Skimlinks take care of creating the affiliate link on the fly for me. It is estimated that over 700 million clicks don’t earn commission each year because bloggers and publishers don’t use solutions like Skimlinks or VigLink. If you will take time to develop useful content to share with the world you deserve to generate income for providing useful information especially if your readers won’t pay any extra money. You deserve this for spending time and energy in publishing useful blogs.

To conclude… if you have been running a blog for a long time or you are just starting out and you want to maximize the revenue potential for your content then I recommend you to try Skimlinks or VigLink. Some bloggers out there have been writing content for years and then they use one of these services and start to see revenue coming in quickly because their posts have already ranked well on search engines and people are already clicking the links that previously wouldn’t earn any commissions when a purchase was made. I hope this information is useful to you in helping you get paid for blogging in 2018. Remember to treat your blog like a business if you want to earn income which could replace regular jobs.

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