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Earn Income Blogging With Ad Networks and Affiliate Offers

Earn Income Blogging.
Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In my last post I talked about some of the strategies Supper Affiliate marketers use to bank big money by selling products and bringing leads to big corporations and businesses through CPA networks. My goal is to become a Super Affiliate so that’s why I spend so much time learning about tips and tricks to succeed in affiliate marketing. One way to generate consistent income is through blogging. In this post I want to tell you about some of the strategies you can start using today to monetize your blog.

Monetize Your Blog With Ad Networks.

The most common way to monetize a blog from the very beginning is to use Ad Syndication Content Networks like Google Adsense. With Google Adsense you can expect to earn 1-$2 per thousand impressions on adds which are displayed on your website or an average of $1.30 if you choose to earn per click. Please note the average click rate for banner ads is about 0.004% so you will end up making about the same amount of money regardless of whether you pick to get paid per click or per thousand impressions. The advantage to picking Google Adsense is that Google works with thousands of publishers (businesses and corporations looking to promote their products and services)  and as a result they can find more ads which are a good fit to the content in your blog, thus making it possible to fill MOST OF the add space available in your blog which in turn results in more ad impressions and higher earnings.

NOTE: There are many other networks you can also use. Some of them will require you to have a consistent amount of visitors to your website on a monthly basis.  Chitika Ads is beginner friendly as it doesn’t require a minimum amount of traffic in order to join and the pay threshold is of only of $10.  PopAds pays about $2.50 per 1000 impressions and has one of the lowest pay thresholds at only $5. They allow all sorts of advertising including adult related content. Perhaps you are not aware but the adult niche is huge and is one of the verticals the super affiliates exploit the most. If your website receives over 50,000 monthly visitors you can also look into other networks that pay much more but are very picky about who they allow to join. Some of those networks include revcontent, RevenueHits, BlogHer (female focused network), AdThrive (ad optimizer network/programs require 75,000 to 100,000 recurring visitors per month in order to be considered to join)… and there is also Adsterra which requires super solid 300,000 visitors per month to join their add network.

More Monthly Visits, Bigger Earning Potential and Leverage.

With 300,000 recurring visitors per month you can make over $2,000 per month just from using advertising networks. It is also possible to reach six figure income (on a yearly basis) when you attach other streams to your blog including high converting affiliate offers or your very own digital products and books. Something I have read from various sources is that a very good strategy to use is to work with up to three advertising networks at the same time and create what they call a “waterfall backfill“.  Simply put successful websites can use a premium advertising network like Adsterra first and then have a secondary network like AdThrive and Google Adsense kick in whenever there are no other ads to serve directly from the main network which generates the biggest income. I have also placed some networks that will work with you when your website reaches 500,000+ monthly visitors at the end of this post.

TIP: You should also use Ezoic to find the best add units to show your visitors and the optimal add placements to maximize engagement and clicks. Ezoic is a certified partner of Google which integrates seamlessly with Google AdSense and other Ad Networks. The biggest advantage to using ezoic is that you could integrate the platform with ADX which is Google’s real time add exchange. This will allow you to receive the maximum profit per add shown from Google AdSense because Google will be forced to compete with some of the other networks to capture your advertising space. Creating a backfill strategy in addition to ADX real time bidding via ezoic will result in bigger earnings per thousand add impressions put on your website.

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Link Units and Text Ads get Clicked More Often Than Banner Ads

Another strategy you can look into is Link Units, which get much bigger click-through rate than regular banner ads. Web visitors have trained their mind to ignore banner ads… I’m sure that the ones I have placed to the right of this post get ignored for the most part. The reason you would want to use up to three Ad Networks (a maximum of two as backup)… is because your backup network should be Google Adsense which has the biggest chance of filling the ad space compared to all of the other networks. I have read from some sources that Google Adsense has a fill rate of about 20-40%… so is likely that some of the other networks won’t have an add to serve to your visitor which matches their interest or happens to be related to your content. This happens because there are many spots to place adds in any given website or blog so you can maximize the number of add impressions on your website by sending the second (or third request for and add) to Adsense. Make sure to contact your main Advertising network and ask them how to reuse (or backfill) your adspace with Google Adsense if they don’t have anymore adds to serve, and they will tell you how to do it.

TIP: You can also use Vibrantmedia and Infolinks to generate text adds based on the content you wrote about. The advantage to using this strategy is adds don’t take as much space and your website won’t be slowed down. Recall regular banner adds have a 0.0004% click through rate so Link Units and Context Based Links are a worth implementing.

NOTE: In some of my previous posts I talked about retargeting which is where the magic happens and when most products get sold because customers have to see the same offer multiple times before they buy it. I want to note that networks like Adsense drop cookies in the browser of the visitor in question and evaluate their interests such as websites they have visited in the past and purchases they have made. Facebook and Amazon use the same strategy. Most adds are intrusive and annoying… especially in the middle of a blog post. I could recommend you to pick spots that don’t agitate your visitors so that the growth of your blog doesn’t suffer. One of the best tips I get from my mentors who have created successful blogs is to treat my blog as a business. We need to be able to please our visitors but at the same time find ways to monetize our blogs to grow the business. As I start to see organic traffic flow skyrocket I will start implementing some sort of ad content strategy and then reinvest my earnings back into the business.

WP QUADS can Make it Easy To Fill Your Add Space.

TIP: You can use WP QUADS (There is a free version) to set up Google AdSense at the start. This plug in contains many great features (among them) it will protect your google AdSense account from spam clicks that can get you banned. The code is lightweight and maximized for performance. The plug in comes with many preset add spots which make it convenient to set adds where you want them. If you want to learn more about the paid version, this blog post explains other valuable features in the paid version. If ezoic doesn’t work for you because you don’t have at least 10,000 visitors per month I recommend you to use the free version of WP QUADS to start with so you can set your adds easily.

An interesting document I came across is a pdf file released by Rakuten marketing (ranked as #1 affiliate network by many…  but hard to join) which shows affiliate marketing spend (in billions) continues to grow by 10% every year. Affiliate marketing is as reported by many bloggers their best source of income. You should also understand that the 80/20 rule most heavily applies to affiliate marketing where often times 90% or more of your income will come from the single product you most successfully promote. Most of the times, it will be the product that you use the most which helps you grow your business that other people will be willing to buy from you or in the case of other business verticals like health and fitness it will be supplements that give you benefits such as more energy/stamina and power/strength that will sell.

NOTE: One of the tools and communities I’m most excited about is Online Sales Pro. At $37 per month the app is affordable and very useful to generate leads for any business. This community of internet entrepreneurs is there to support each other and there is so much free valuable content shared in the Facebook group and the affiliate dashboard. I think anyone starting out in affiliate marketing should first join Online Sales Pro before trying anything else. Once you become a very successful internet entrepreneur you should look to promote masterminds and other premium grade education to continue to scale your income or you can also run paid advertising on CPA offers.

Optimize Your Writing For Buyer Intent.

When it comes to blogging a good rule to follow is to optimize your blog post for keywords that imply the visitor is closer to the buying decision. I read some articles and e-books on this matter and this is the word selection they recommend you to use in order to bring an audience which is ready to buy your products. Use these keywords on the title and within the article along with the product in question you are trying to promote or looking to sell.

1- Review (Very popular and most commonly used for Amazon niche sites or to review other affiliate offers)

2- Pros & Cons

3- FAQ

4- Discount

5- Compare (Mostly used when comparing multiple products)

6- Buy

7- Get (Talk about an offer)

8- Bargain

9- Coupon (People buy when there are savings involved)

10- [First Product] VS [Second Product] (Another way to pick the best product for the job)

11- Offer (Smoking hot offers)

12- Best (Best product for a particular job)

13- Code (As in offer code)

14- Step by Step (As in tutorials showing how some product (software based) or service works)

Long Tailed Keywords Rank Much Easier

Most sources I read from also recommend to target long tail keywords whenever you create your review post  because it will be considerably easier to rank the post, resulting in more organic traffic flow and product sales. Some veteran bloggers in this business say in their experience there are some regular keywords you just won’t be able to rank for. Based on this input I’m re-evaluating my blogging strategy and I will start focusing more on the long tail keywords. Perhaps in the future I could even change some of the titles and URLs I use in order to test these concepts. For now I will just wait and let Google do all of the testing and ranking before changing anything.

TIP: A way to bring more awareness to your blog and website is to submit it on various directories. Directory critic has thousands of directories and this article covers some of the most popular directories to submit your website. Directories can help potential customers find your business. You can also submit your blogs to article directories. (Make sure to use those marked NF [which stands for “no follow“] to prevent penalties from Google which will slice your organic traffic flow if they see too many “do-follow” links from article directories or blog directories).

Leverage no Follow Links to Avoid Google Penalties

NOTE: The video I linked to –>(no follow) was recorded by Matt Cutts who used to be the head of the spam team in Google. If you don’t know how to make your anchor links “no follow” simply read this other post and it will show you the syntax you need to use.

Produce Sponsored Content.

One way to earn money with your blog which is often overlooked is by producing sponsored posts. It is recommended to charge depending on the number of visitors you get to your blog per month like so:

  • $150-$200 for 10,000 recurring visitors per month
  • $200-$300 for 50,000 recurring visitors per month
  • $300-$500 for 100,000 recurring visitors per month

According to Joseph Hogue from whom I have learned a big chunk of this information you should tell your sponsors that links will be valid for a year. You can create a database (or simple excel spreadsheet) of possible sponsors you can contact or work with companies like FederatedMedia who will find sponsors for you that will pay you to write a post about their products or services. With FederatedMedia you can expect to earn 200-$500 per post but they are somewhat picky about how many visitors your blog receives on a monthly basis. TapInfluence is another of the big ones but they are also very picky about the people that can join the program. If you you want to start putting out sponsored content but don’t have enough website traffic to work with FederatedMedia or TapFluence then you can look at sovrn which will help you find sponsors and promoters regardless of the amount of visitors your website gets.

NOTE: Google has created their empire through advertising. As such… you can’t expect to be putting out sponsored post after sponsored post without having some sort of penalty on your website. It is recommended at most to focus on two sponsored posts per week. You also have to think about your audience and what they want. Building a loyal audience should be one of your top priorities… the money will come as you reach more followers and acquire more regular visitors who engage with your content. I’m waiting to see my organic traffic flow increase before I try to monetize this blog. I feel I need to give as much value as I possibly can before I start to make some money from the visitors that come see my content. Lately I see more organic traffic so that’s a good sign I’m moving in the right direction.

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To conclude today we talked about some of the main ways bloggers monetize their websites by finding sponsors willing to pay hundreds of dollars to have an article published on to the blogger’s website promoting the sponsor’s products and services. We also talked about partnering with Ad Networks like Google Adsense, which pay you per 1000 impressions or per click… depending on the method you choose. You now know there are various services which act as middle men in helping you find sponsors for your website… you can also find professional services that will write the sponsored content for you in exchange for a portion of the profits. Fiverr in particular is a great place to find these type of services just look for authors that freelance blog posts for websites. Remember your sponsored posts should have a lifetime of about a year. Try not to post more than two sponsored posts per week as Google could penalize your website for doing this. If you manage various websites you have a bigger window to write more sponsored content but don’t forget to provide value to your audience. Stick to promoting the best products you can find (or use) this way you provide valuable solutions to your audiences. Is getting late here so I will see you on the next one.

New bloggers quit within six months of launching and 1 in 5 make enough income from their blogs to pay monthly bills. That’s why you need multiple income streams to have bigger chances of success. The top 10% of all bloggers make $15,000 or more per month, with some of them even reaching six figure income on a monthly basis. Those bloggers have created authority websites about financial services and insurance… which are among the highest paying verticals CPA networks have to offer. Something I learned is that if you continue to work on your goals eventually as if by a struck of magic things start working your way. Perhaps a big influencer noticed your work and posted a link to your website… or you become friends with another big blogger that tells you useful information like where to find top sponsors. Sometimes is a post which you wrote months back, that now ranked for a keyword which starts bringing thousands of free visitors per month. A business takes time to develop… so if you treat your blog like a business you have to give it the time to mature and you must develop great content to share with the world in order to find success.

Did you made it to 500,000+ visitors per month? If so these are some of the networks you can look into:
1- adblade
2- taboola
3- exponential.com
4- dianomi (You will earn between $1.50 – $3.00 for 1,000 impressions which beats $1 on average if you just used Google AdSense.)

You can also be connected with publishers who will post adds on your website for a monthly rate when you use blogads. You can also work directly with publishers and sell add placement in order to prevent add networks from taking 30-50% of the profits. This is the best company to manage your add slots if you decide to find sponsors for yourself and publish their adds directly on your website without any add content networks being involved.

– As you should know by now video is the best medium to sell products today. Many affiliate marketers record their videos and then post them on YouTube where there is tons of organic traffic who would click through to see websites, landing pages, blog posts and offers. Specifically, when it comes to selling… video quality plays a huge role so I want to share with you a product that has been selling very well because it can help you put together Hollywood Style animations without having to be an experienced graphic designer. Check it out!

– I have already talked about secrets of the affiliates and the fact that videos sell. Well… what if you could rank your video on YouTube at the number one spot for your product keyword? What if you could do this within a few minutes… or a few hours? I want to share with you a tool the sneaky affiliates use to rank their videos fast and this is how they capture tons of organic traffic from Google and YouTube. Learn more how you could rank your videos very fast using content syndication tools like this one.

– I know some of the people reading this content do not like to write or would rather let a professional writer do this for them. As you should know by now, you can find cheap freelance writers at Fiverr who will write blog posts for your website. However, it will be much more challenging to find someone willing to write popular magazine newsletters for your business every month. If you are having trouble sending your list engaging content then this service is the solution! Some marketers say their unsubscribe rate has dropped immensely since they began sending these newsletters. Many of them also report more engagement from their subscribers as some of them send them emails thanking them for putting the effort to create such content. Check it out this awesome deal!


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