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Best Way to Build REAL Twitter Followers FAST [Paid Tools]

Automate the process of earning twitter followers!

Welcome back to your Home Business blog. During the last post we talked about ways to generate income from SEO writing jobs and by flipping physical textbooks using the Amazon trade-in program and various other platforms like Bookscouter on which to find profitable titles to earn money from. Today I want to tell you about twitter automation software to gain real followers fast.

As you should know by now PERFORMANCE MARKETING is very competitive. Under this business model you only generate income when you bring a new lead into a business or when you make a sale. Content marketers in particular focus on ranking various articles (and videos) (for long tail keyword combinations) in order to capture (FREE) organic traffic comming from search engines like Google, because is rather difficult to compete with already established brands and businesses with strong Page Rank and Page Authority for more competitive short tail keywords.

NOTE: When it comes to content marketing if you plan to generate big profits from your blog you have to think of adopting a publishing schedule which allows you to submit great articles on your chosen niche at least once a month. Brian Dean in particular takes up to six weeks to generate a new post. However, whenever he releases a new post his aim is to publish a unique and informative piece of content that helps the readers over at backlinko boost their marketing efforts. I have been looking into other big bloggers and there is a commonality in the fact that it takes at least 3 years for them to see a big surge in traffic. I’m talking of 500,000 – 4 million page views a month on a regular basis mostly coming from Google. What you should take from this is that when it comes to blogging you should think in the long term if you want to see big results especially because you must build Page Rank and Page Authority in order to attract visitors coming from search engines.

Now the question needs to be asked. What could we possibly do to become more competitive if building authority takes so long? The answer we seek is AUTOMATION. Here are the two best twitter automation tools to quadruple your followers in just a few months.

NOTE: The single biggest criteria which determines whether a business survives or dies has to do with their ability to attract leads or to provide services which are valuable to other businesses. If you are able to attract a big following in twitter… this is a rich source of leads for your business and you can also offer value to other long established business and services by promoting their products to your audience.

Web Analytics

First on the list is socialquant which has a standard plan that runs $50 per month (for each twitter account) or $300 a year if you take the yearly plan. What makes socialquant so great is that it uses Big Data engines in order to mine twitter conversations for specific hashtags and keywords we provide which are related to our niche. Simply put Big Data refers to using servers worldwide which are connected to huge amounts of information (often times in the cloud) and through various cleverly designed algorithms all the data is analyzed to find specific patterns. In this case we are looking for twitter accounts which are using hashtags related to our niche. Once socialquant is able to determine a twitter account which is interested in our niche it will follow them and continue to track their behavior in order to determine if this account followed our account back and if this user is engaging with the posts we tweet.

TIP: Socialquant focuses on helping you build a strong community of followers which engages with your posts and takes action. The software will unfollow unresponsive twitter accounts. Socialquant also takes into consideration the fact twitter monitors account behavior and adopts an schedule in building followers that minimizes the risk of having your twitter account banned.

This piece of software is literally the secret weapon of some of the most successful influencers in twitter because it allows some of them to harvest a highly engaging community of REAL twitter users who would buy products from them or do other tasks such as like their Facebook fanpage. Believe it or not there are services which focus on selling twitter followers and Instagram followers to businesses and entrepreneurs. The problem is those paid services can only deliver on fake accounts which won’t engage with your brand or buy your products. Businesses that look for influencers have ways to track the performance of a campaign so they won’t continue to do business with you once they know you are marketing to a dead audience.

TIP: One great way to make money online today is by being an influencer. There are people in twitter and Instagram in particular who get paid to post comments about financial services and health and fitness products. Socialquant can help you become an influencer and get paid for every post you submit on the twitter platform. I highly recommend you to try it for 14 days free and see how this tool can help you grow your business. Businesses and corporations work with influencers because this allows them to promote their products at bargain prices. For example, a tweet could cost an institution $250. This in turn, could end up driving a surge of thousands of new visitors back to their website to see their products and services. These visitors come from the big audience an influencer took time to build. If we take into consideration the people clicking to go see the website or offer, are actually REAL (and not software bots) this is invaluable advertising price. If you purchase the right tools… you can become an influencer within just a few months while the window of opportunity is still available.

NOTE: If you want to maximize your success with socialquant create an interesting twitter profile specific to the niche you are looking to promote. Whenever the software follows another account, they will receive a message to their phone (or computers) to let them know you are now following them. Often times, these other users click on the messages to check who is following them. If they find your profile interesting they will follow you back and this is how you start to build an audience to market to. The advantages to using socialquant is that there is no Page Rank or Page Authority involved. What really matters is for you to develop an interesting profile and to target a niche which has a big audience in twitter. This is how you will see the fastest growth.


The other tool I can recommend you is socialoomph which is not as technically advanced but is cheaper in comparison. The advantage to using socialoomph is that the tool is not limited to only twitter for the pro version. You can also use it on LinkedIn, Plurk, and Facebook. Socialoomph also has a free version that can prove useful but I would recommend you to use SNAP instead. Remember when you join PIPS there is free training on how to integrate SNAP with your free website. This way you can automate blog posting and sharing through over 25 different social media outlets. I haven’t yet set this myself but yesterday I looked at the instructions once again as given in the FREE PIPS 30-day training and there are pictures which walk through each step in order to automate all of the social media sharing. This is how internet millionaires like Stone Evans bring traffic to their websites. They blog on a daily basis and then have social media sharing automation tools post the content on social networks in order to bring many visitors back to their websites. Is a brilliant way to score on tons of Free traffic and kick start an online business. I’m considering setting some time to set everything up because I have been doing all the sharing manually. In the long run it will save me tons of time.

NOTE: A problem SNAP used to have is that the software would get stuck in a loop sending new post notifications on to your social media accounts every minute or so. This rare occurrence would happen in versions of the plug in which are previous to 4.0. Right now we are in version 4.1 so many of these bugs have already been fixed. Originally I did not set SNAP because I knew I could encounter this bug. However, a few days back I found more information on the topic and this issue is no longer happening. In short! Yes! Automate social sharing and score on tons of free visitors! One of the biggest advantages to using a plug in like this one is that you could also promote old post which you wrote months back but got little attention due to lack of promotion. In future posts I will talk more about SNAP alternatives and other tools you should be using. If you want to learn more just join PIPS and look at day 5 of the 30 day training. All you need to join is a domain name… (get a .info if you are too cheap to buy a .com).

Anyway, enough of SNAP. Since this post is specific to Twitter I recommend you to stick with socialquant. An advise I have seen from multiple expert marketers is they all say is not about being in a thousand platforms at the same time… instead is about MASTERING one social platform at a time. If you focus all of your energy to MASTERING and AUTOMATING twitter then you can move on to Facebook and then Instagram. This is something I have failed to do myself because I have been very busy doing research and learning about various platforms and tools but I can now see that in order to win I need to focus on building my business in a platform and a time.

So anyway! I hope this information is useful to you. I submitted my trial blog post with writingbunny but they denied my application. Oddly enough they are happy to see me try again and continue to send them good authentic articles for free. (-.-)… On a good note I scored level 4 with textbroker so this is one platform I can start writing for to start earning 100-$200 daily. My game plan is going to be to reinvest a big portion of the money I earn into automation tools to grow my business. I had the misconception I could do everything by myself but after 5 months of grinding everything on my own I can confidently tell you… if you are not investing in automation tools you will eventually burn out and quit. I have mentors teaching me some of the stuff I need to be doing but I’m executing 100% on my own. Is just an insane amount of work for one person to do. That’s the price to pay if you want financial freedom – INSANE AMOUNT OF WORK to get things going. The good in this is… that all this work and suffering of today will pay off for years to come. A year from now I will come back to this post and see how my life has changed. I will see you on the next one!

– Got capital to invest? You could buy a niche site that is already making money using flippa. Another strategy is to have a team of successful online entrepreneurs build everything for you promoting your personal brand. Or you can do as I did and claim your free website which is very similar to this one and then apply some of the information I have shared with you to start growing your business. What really matters is to get started and to work toward your goals so you can achieve them.

PS: The quickest way to build Page Rank and Page Authority is to have older domains that have already boosted theirs link back to your site. A single good backlink is better than thousand other lower quality links. With this service you can find quality links for as cheap as 15 cents each. If you are deploying a new niche website selling affiliate offers or Amazon products and you need to boost organic traffic consider opening a free account and purchasing some of the monthly packages. Many people running profitable Shopify stores and Amazon niche websites buy their links from this platform and this is how they are able to boost traffic to their websites in only a few months. The advantage to using this company (and the monthly packages) is that link building is made with white SEO practices to prevent penalties from Google.

PSPS: If you need to buy high quality (targeted) clicks to promote CPA offers and your websites but you don’t have the budget to pay for Google adwords I recommend you to look into AdPad ezanga. This network doesn’t have as much traffic as Google or Facebook but they provide REAL customers for a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere.

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