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Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. In the last post I talked about some social media automation tools I began using recently for autoposting purposes. These tools are already saving me tons of time in a weekly basis because I can schedule tasks ahead of time which results in more productivity. If you want more automation tips I recommend you to learn more about IFTTT which is the next platform I will start using to further automate more processes. Today I want to focus on giving you a few more SEO tips to help you bring more visitors to your website. These are some of the tricks and techniques I wish I knew back when I wrote my very first post.

First… let me ask you. Do you know how your website is found by search engines? Generally speaking, what web crawlers like Googlebot do is to visit very popular websites (like Facebook) and start indexing every link that it finds. This is why is so important to share content on social media and other web 2.0 services because it helps your website be found by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This also allows your website and web pages to be indexed and ranked much faster which brings about a surplus of visitors and potential customers. Remember that traffic is like gold these days.

NOTE: A trick commonly used by SEO specialist is to submit freshly published content to the Google index. If you try to submit your website URL but it doesn’t seem to work there is the likelihood you will need to set up Search Console which is the re-branded version of Google Webmaster Tools. You can also submit your content to Bing which will increase the chances of having other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Ask and Aol index your website and show it for your specified keywords. If you have a Chinese friend have them help you submit your website to Baidu which captures over 75% of the search engine market in China.

Even when you submit your URL to be indexed by Google it could still take weeks before Googlebot crawls your website and it appears on the web. One way to know if your website has been crawled or not is to use the command site:yourwebsitegoeshere and it will show you all the pages that have been crawled so far. If you happen to have hundreds of pages on the web you can add to the command the title of the page you are looking for in order to check if it has been crawled or not. For example, I can search for site:teamresidualnetworks.com “Best Search Engine Tip For Starters” to check if this post appears on Google or not.

If you can’t find your website and blog posts ensure robots.txt is properly set up. This is the file where you can make it possible to stop search engine crawlers from indexing your website. If your website can’t be indexed then it can’t be found using search engines and it will only appear locally on the computer which is hosting it.

One other great tip I learned just recently from a SEO specialist is to use this free automated backlink service in order to boost my website ranking. This service has a growing network of website owners joining everyday and their focus is to provide for your website one-way links which happen to provide the most link juice to boost important ranking metrics like Page Authority, Domain Authority and Page Rank.

NOTE: When it comes to link building strategies there are various methodologies out there used by webmasters and SEO specialists in order to boost their web rankings. The optimal way to boost authority is to receive many one-way links, which is the case in which many websites reference your website by adding a link to your domain or to one of your pages. Some webmasters own multiple websites on the same niche and use them specifically to boost their rankings by providing one-way links to the main website they want to rank on Google. Another common approach is a two way link exchange by which two website owners agree to provide a citation to one another. This doesn’t provide maximum link juice but is still beneficial for both webmasters. The last medium of exchange is a 3 (or n way) exchange. This is the case in which a webmaster has multiple websites so he is able to negotiate a one-way link to the website he wants to rank and then he uses a secondary website to provide a link back for the other webmaster to boost his own ranking. Effectively they are trading one-way links. The last approach is how the free backlinks service works.

Please note that in order to start linking to other websites so that you receive citations for your own website, you will need a Majestic rank of at least 1. You can use each page on your website with at least Majestic ranking of 1 to create backlinks for other websites who use the service. In return, you will be receiving backlinks too. It is also recommended you provide citations for websites in the same niche or you can also give backlinks to websites on different industries when the text on your post allows it. It is recommended to use the settings so that you receive links from websites with similar or better majestic ranks when compared to your own. This will give you the most benefits when using the service. If you have problems installing the source code you can contact support and provide admin credentials so they do it for you. Be sure to update your credentials or set temporary credentials just for this purpose.

If you have been following this blog then you know that one great way to promote your business is to submit Press Releases. Take sometime to download these templates you can quickly edit in order to produce professional Press Releases to get your products and services noticed. Remember when it comes to Press Releases there are many free services out there you could be using to increase the visibility of your online business. Depending on your budget you should also consider premium services because it will put your press release in more directories where bloggers and journalists alike are looking for content they can write about.

The last tip I want to leave you with for today is how to merge your website to SSL, for free. I don’t know if you are aware of this but in a couple months… websites which are not upgraded to HTTPS (green lock)… will start to display “not secure” in red. Google has also updated their search engine algorithm to rank higher those websites which handle information via the SSL protocol.

NOTE: I tried various tutorials to integrate to SSL. The one that worked was this one. Right now my website still does not display the green lock because I have to re upload the images I use to the server in order to make them HTTPS compliant. I recommend you to upgrade to SSL for free using cloudflare because they have a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with data centers worldwide. As a results your visitors will be served your website from the server which is closest to them, resulting in much faster load speeds. Check this post to learn more about the advantages of using a CDN to serve your website. Cloudflare also includes anti spam solutions. Right now there are many businesses out there taking advantage of these Google changes and cold calling people who own websites to sell them expensive SSL services. If you have thousands of pages it could be worth it to have professionals do the job for you as is very likely many of the URLs you are pointing to and the images will stop working.

To conclude today I gave you some quick tips that can help you further improve your SEO strategy. You can also use the strategies here and in this other post to put in place a very strong SEO strategy. Lets continue to build our home business each day. Remember it will take 7-10 weeks to start to see clear results from all these strategies you start to apply today. SEO will bring you tons of free traffic and business opportunity but you will need to work on it for many months at a time to achieve results. You should also use longer text snippets in order to improve your search visibility as Google now allows snippets between 230-320 characters long instead of 160. I hope this information is useful to you in growing your Home Business. I will see you on the next one.

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