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I hope you are having a good Saturday morning. In the last post we talked about shopify and dropshipping. As you probably already know two of the best places to find products to sell on shopify are AliExpress and Alibaba. Today my aim is to give you some quick, actionable tips you can use to score on the right products to dropship should you want to give this method a try and also share a couple tips to get more traffic to your websites and affiliate offers.

Firstly, you should use the thieve website. This website will give you social feedback from real customers regarding products which you can buy at wholesale prices from AliExpress. Thieve has curated products on many different categories including homeware, electronics, sports, troys for kids and clothes for babies. If you have experience building shopify stores, and have access to elegantly designed themes (the kind that lead to sales) then this website is a mine of gold for your business.

Paid advertising is probably the biggest component to launching a successful dropshipping based business because it will help you scale fast. So when it comes to advertising, I see many of the great marketers turn to Google shopping to promote their products. Others set tracking pixels on their Shopify stores (or WordPress website/sales funnels) in order to be able to feed this data to Facebook and find new customers which share similar interest to those who have already purchased their products. The more sales you track the more accurately Facebook can find lookalike audiences to buy your products. If you want to learn more about Facebook ADS this is one of the best videos I have found. In thieve, the trending and most popular categories are often times the most useful to find products which stay profitable for months to come. You can also use these product ideas with FBA business model if you can afford to buy hundreds or thousands of units at a time.

NOTE: In the last post I noted that “high ticket items” or those products which are more expensive ($800+) are better to sell using shopify stores and the dropshipping business model these days because of benefits including more profits per sale for advertising and less returns to handle. If you want to try this you can use Pinterest to find ideas for hot selling products which are worth $800+, then you need to find one or more product suppliers to send the orders to whenever a customer buys from your store. Many products you will find on thieve are not “high ticket”… so in order to create successful advertising campaigns which turn profitable it is recommended that you turn to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube influencers who have already built an audience interested in your product niche. Influencers are amazing value because they don’t know the real value of their audience… but don’t expect things to be this way forever.

Today, I also want to share with you an strategy I learned from Pat Flynn which can save you tons of time when you promote new offers to your list of subscribers. Read this post to learn more about setting call to actions on aweber. Simply put, you can set Global Text Snippets to provoke actions from your subscribers. Maybe you suggest them to add you on Facebook or give your page a like. Perhaps you can rotate high converting CPA offers every week and generate some income this way. Some CPA offers are giveaways and free products (USA only).

NOTE: If you want to learn more about some of the top CPA networks to join give this other post a quick read. CPA marketing is beginner friendly and one of the easiest ways to make money online. As shared by the author one of the most powerful ways to generate constant income is to put together (and rank) a website with related CPA offers. Perhaps your website is about financial services and you put CPA offers related to acquiring the best credit card for someone with X credit score… or maybe you promote swipestakes which allow leads to earn $500+ gift cards when they enter name and email to participate in the promotion. Another big category you can focus on is insurance… You could receive 50-$90 per lead (or more) depending on the CPA network you work with (always at no extra cost to the customer that needs the service). Some of the top marketers get really creative and invest a few thousand dollars to have a developer create a very useful app. Then they bundle CPA offers during the installation process like the popular free trial of McAfee (or Norton) antivirus. Some even are making it so is possible to play games during the download process. Some CPA networks will pay top dollars for getting a user to play an online game.

A last tip I want to share with you today comes from Ana Hoffman. Watch this video to learn how she converts her blog posts into engaging PDFs with live links to her blogs and affiliate offers. This is a nice hack because it doesn’t take long to have the PDF version of your post and then you can go back to part two this post to find platforms like Slideshare which allows you to submit PDFs and PowerPoints that could become featured and receive lots of views – helping you grow your online presence and generate more traffic to your website.

That’s what I have for today. I hope these simple tips help you grow your business. I will see you on the next one.

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