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The Complete Guide To FREE Products From Amazon

Welcome back to your Home Business blog! Today I want to share with you a comprehensive guide detailing how you can score hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of free products from Amazon. I know it sounds UNREAL but if you read this post to the end you will understand how everything works and most likely use this information to your benefit. Let’s get some free products!

The services listed below also work in Canadian, British, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese markets.

Sellers Compete to Rank Their Amazon Listings

Amazon businesses are fueled by strategy just like in chess.

The first thing I want you to understand is that Amazon is a very competitive marketplace. As a result sellers are forced to find creative ways to rank their listing above their competitors so they can sell more products and generate more revenue. At some point Amazon would allow sellers to provide FREE or HEAVILY DISCOUNTED products to consumers. These online shoppers were likely to add a review about the merchandise they received. Amazon would ask of the shoppers to disclose in their review they had received a free or discounted item. This is no longer the case as Amazon updated their terms of service to prevent sellers from offering free products in exchange for reviews to online customers.

Note: Have you ever read an Amazon review which stated they received a product or item in exchange for an honest opinion?
This online shopper received a free product in exchange for an honest opinion.
Most reviews like this one have completely been removed from the Amazon marketplace but prior to the policy update, you could find similar reviews for just about any product. The good news is that in order to avoid legal issues with Amazon two of the places I share with you below do not require you to post reviews when you receive your products. At the same time if you do add some reviews it will make it easier to be approved for merchandise which is highly requested. I have been approved for watches and other electronics worth close to $100 each and seen expensive toys and accessories listed… full refund applied upon seller approval.

So what is considered an incentivized product review after the policy update you may ask? If the seller provides you with a coupon code, or gift card to use in the marketplace, or a full refund after you order the product then this is a violation of Amazon terms of service. Some sellers may even issue a corporate credit card for you to place their orders if you build a great and trusted relationship with them. The main reason why Amazon has chosen to update their terms of service is because the marketplace was getting plagued with fake reviews. Items that would otherwise get one to three star rating were getting 4 and 5 stars and consumers would suffer by purchasing bad products. A problem like this could kill Amazon’s reputation so their skilled team of developers have deployed bots which use artificial intelligence and text recognition techniques in order to flag any account which could be posting fake reviews. Accounts that get flagged are not allowed to post new reviews. Sellers are able to provide so much free merchandise because they import products in bulk directly from the manufacturers for the lowest per unit pricing.

Note: What some people do in order to keep posting reviews on Amazon when their account gets flagged is to open another Amazon account. Once they purchase $50 worth of merchandise they become eligible to post reviews on the new account. They are able to transfer prime shipping benefit by creating an Amazon household. This will only work temporarily because some of the algorithms in place keep track of shipping addresses, ip addresses, names and credit cards used by a customer… so if you use the same computer, shipping address or credit card in your new Amazon account for the purpose of posting new reviews the new account will be banned as well. I added this information for your own knowledge but don’t abuse it because Amazon will ban you forever or worse… take legal action. We are here to get cool stuff! Not to get in trouble with the largest e-commerce store in the USA!

What I recommend you to do is to post authentic reviews giving your real opinion about the products you received. If your star rating would be anything less than 4 stars use the email address provided to contact the seller and let them know what you don’t like about their product. Sometimes sellers are testing products which they import from countries like China. They want to know if the products they import have a market here in the USA so by e-mailing and telling them their product is one-star and it sucks you are helping them pick better merchandise for their listing. Ultimately the objective of any sellers is to find profitable products to list on Amazon so if you can help them find these products with your opinion then you are creating value to them even if you don’t post a 5-star review.

Becoming an Amazon Reviewer or Product Tester

Become a product tester!

What do I need to become a reviewer or product tester? ~You may ask… Firstly you need an Amazon account to place your orders. You will need your Amazon profile link. (details below) Something else you will need is Amazon prime subscription in order to receive free 2-day shipping. Prime is an invaluable service, especially if you plan to request many products each month. It will save you time, money, and add other perks to your Amazon account like prime music and prime video. Sellers look to cooperate with reviewers who use prime because they don’t want to cover expensive shipping cost. Amazon prime cost $12.99 per month or $119 a year. You can get a free Amazon prime trial here or get Amazon Prime six months for free if you have an student email address. When you put this to the test start with a free trial. The other thing you will need is access to a debit or credit card to place the orders online on Amazon.com and a PayPal account to have your money refunded.

These Credit Cards Give 5-10% Cash Back (OPTIONAL)

Note: Since you will be placing all orders at Amazon.com I recommend you to sign up for an Amazon Store Card or the Amazon Visa Signature Card from Chase. If you apply at the right time Amazon will give you up to $60-$75 credit after being approved or using any of these cards for the first time. You will also get 5% cashback on every Amazon orders as an Amazon prime user (3% otherwise). Another great card to apply for especially if you are a student is Discover It card for students. You will receive $50 bonus when you apply using my link and starting October through the end of 2018 they will offer 10% cash back on purchases made at Amazon (up to $1,500). That’s $200 you can make on top of the $1,500 worth of free merchandise!

Note: The Amazon Store Card is very easy to get approved for. After you submit your application online wait 48 hours and then call Synchrony Bank at 1-866-634-8379 to follow up on your application. Be nice to the representative on the other end of the call. Not only will you get approved, they will also approve a higuer credit line for you as well than you would of got if you just waited two weeks until being approved. Once your physical card arrives by mail set up mobile banking or create an account online and register your new credit card. Use a portion of your refunded money to clear any debt on this or any of the other cards I suggested. If you pay monthly bills in time, banks won’t charge you any interest, so you get to keep 5%-10% cash back just for using the card. One last tip is you can use your Amazon Store Card as soon as you are approved as it will be listed as the primary payment option in your Amazon account. If you apply for any of the other cards I mentioned make sure to call Discover or Chase after a couple days. Remember to be kind with your representative!

Take Advantage of Credit Card Deals

Save big with online shopping with credit card deals.

I want to point out that there are also many other great credit card deals you can take advantage of once your credit score becomes Very Good. At that point you will be able to apply for credit cards which offer $200+ worth of sign up bonuses and collect rewards such as card points you can redeem at restaurants, hotels, bars and to travel the world with large commercial airline companies like American Airlines. The reason why banks offer sign up bonuses and credit card points is because they charge the merchant 3-5% of each transaction which is placed using a bank issued credit card. The best credit cards will get you points you can redeem to travel first class to some of the world’s most amazing destinations and to stay in luxurious VIP suites at partner hotels ;).

Beautiful touristic location filled with tiki bars by the aqua green sea. Clouds and mountains in the background.

I’m talking about building awesome memorable adventures to look back to! By opening more credit card lines you will have access to more rewards and special offers from the businesses that partner with your bank(s). Having access to multiple banks and being able to build an excellent credit score will also help you negotiate (and save) thousands of dollars worth of interest payments should you want to buy a home with a mortgage. If you want to learn more about credit card deals here is a great resource.

Note: When I first started using these methods to get free and discounted products my credit score was hovering just over 600 points. Since then it has climbed to over 740. These days I don’t have to hunt around for credit card deals… because I get great offers in the mail every single month. Once I clear an offer and I qualify to receive the sign up bonus or cash back promotion, then I move on to the next offer available to maximize the rewards I can get. I find that the more money I spend using my credit cards which I pay back in full every month, the more my credit score rises. Funny thing is, every penny I spent got refunded!

Now that you got everything you need, the last step is to create a free account in each of the following applications. This should take you about 5 minutes of your time. Once your accounts are set you can start requesting great products from sellers! I want to note there are a few more communities out there but these are the best ones I know of in terms of refunds, product quality and requests availability! Free products are mainly offered to USA shoppers but many offers are also available for those in Germany, Canada, France and United Kingdom. Join using any of my links. We will both get extra requests for free stuff!

Here are the Best Places to Get Free Products

So now I will tell you the best places to buy products at 50%-100% off and what those communities would expect from you. If you apply all the tips I list you can actually make a healthy profit of 5-15% of the value of those products you buy for which sellers provide 100% refund even if they don’t cover the PayPal fee. Many months back when I first started learning about e-commerce and digital marketing I never thought I could actually earn interest for buying and trying out products I want! You could even earn commissions from some sellers for posting reviews. Posting reviews can take 5-10 minutes of your time per review. As they say… time is money.


Thousands of products at 50-90% off!

This service is also available to Canadian, British, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese consumers. When you download the app using the link above simply choose you country.

The Vipon app is available for IOS or Android Devices. Vipon is a platform which allows Amazon sellers to collect new reviews for their listings by offering Amazon sellers packages of coupon codes and a very active reviewer community. These coupon codes help the sellers rank their listing because their products receive more views in Amazon and also there is a much bigger conversion rate with 50%+ discounts. The more a product sells, the higher it will rank. More sales also results in more likelihood that consumers LIKE YOU will leave positive reviews about the products they bought. Most items within Vipon are at 50-90% off and there are thousands of newly released products every week. When you buy any product is up to you whether you want to leave a review or not. Sellers will provide you with coupon codes automatically after you request them. Download the version of the app which is right for your phone and create a free account to get started!

Note: If you use Vipon you can leave any star rating you want. You don’t even need to leave any reviews. Over 99% of all automated codes I got worked for me! I want to note I recommend you to download and use the App instead of the web version. If you sign up to Vipon app with your Facebook account we will both earn comissions. The app has more features such as group buys which allow users to receive even bigger discounts. On top of that you will also find more products listed. The app is also more reponsive than the web version. GET THE APP NOW!

2- Extremerebates [JOIN NOW! TONS OF MERCHANDIZE 100% OFF!]

Some products you can get for free. There are thousands!

This service is also available to Canadian, British, German, and French consumers. When you join using the link above pick your country under station.

Extremerebates also has a large inventory with hundreds of products. However, this community is different in the sense that sellers have to manually approve you before you order the product. The approval process can take two to three days. Some sellers won’t approve your requests and let it time out. In order to improve your chances of being approved, you could review some of the products you buy through Vipon so sellers advertising and building social signals with extremerebates can get a feel for the quality of your reviews. The better you are as a reviewer the more free products you will get.

To get started simply click this link and sign up for a free account to start placing requests. You will need to provide your Amazon profile link so sellers can check the reviews on your account.

Use Firefox

Tip: If you find that this website is not working properly on Google Chrome try another browser like Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes I place my requests on Firefox and then complete my purchase using Google Chrome where I can take advantage of the extensions just below.

Use These Browser Extensions for Extra Savings. Earn Interest!

Honey and Wikibuy savings!

I want to note you can get most products from the extremerebates market place at 95% discount because they don’t cover the PayPal transaction fee when your money is refunded. The PayPal fee is 2.9% of the amount you receive + 30 cents. Remember if you apply for the Amazon Store Card or the Amazon Prime Visa Signature you can recover 100% of your money. You can also use the Honey and WikiBuy extensions within chrome in order to find more discount coupons of 5-10%. That’s essentially earning 5-10% interest on the value of the products you buy everytime there is a coupon available! I find extra coupons of 1$ and 5% (to 50% on rare occasions) using these extensions about 30% of the time I go to place an order on Amazon. Most coupons using these browser plug ins are up to 15%. Not bad for students on tight budget! I would of missed $80 worth of savings on the new Samsung Galxy Watch had I not added both those plug-ins to my Chrome browser.

Note: Some of my friends I have shared this information with worry that extremerebates won’t refund them or the fact their website has security bugs and other flaws. The good news is that every purchase you make will be directly on Amazon and all you need to do after the seller approves your request is to provide them with the order number so they can verify you bought the products. Amazon has the best customer support and takes their security very seriously. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason ask for your money back and they will send you a free return label. Sometimes they may even let you keep the product and the refund if the item in question is defective in some way.

Submitting the order number is very simple. Just copy the transaction number from Amazon after you place the order and paste it on the product link within “My Request“. Your approved products will show lower in the screen. If you open that link you will see my dashboard says I got 3 remaining requests. That’s the number of free items I can get right now given the sellers approve me. The maximum amount I could request at any time is 30 items. To get more requests is recommended to be an active reviewer and get other people to join. Usually within 48 hours extremerebates will refund your money via PayPal. These sellers do expect you to leave useful and positive reviews but you can be refunded even if you don’t post any reviews. In some rare cases some sellers will refund you… even after you cancelled your order on Amazon.

Join now with my link! Help me max out my requests!

Some of the products on extremerebate are “free of review” which means sellers want to increase traffic flow to that offer and receive seller feedback. In the seller feedback they expect you to talk about how long the product took to be shipped to your door… if it was well packaged and contained enough protective padding. You can also talk about whether the product box was presentable or not. The more products you review and the more feedback you provide the more products you will be allowed to request which more sellers will approve. Free of review merchandize is much easier to get approved for.

The last couple of tips I have for you is to make sure to add an email you use frequently under settings. This is the email you will be receiving updates every time a seller approves your request or releases a refund. Also ensure to provide your Amazon Profile URL and the email for your PayPal account. This way sellers can review your Amazon account and they can also refund your money via PayPal. If you want to keep more money from transaction fees be sure to enable “Create every cash back statement by yourself” under settings. This way you can click “Withdraw” manually when you accumulate more refunds after you bought multiple items. This will save you 30 cents USD for each item included in the rebate statement once you click withdraw because each PayPal transaction has a fixed fee of 30 cents. So 10 transactions would cost $3 on fixed fees. You would save $2.70 ($3-30 cents) for each refund requested if you stick to withdrawing every 10 items you buy which sellers confirm.


In this site sellers also pay commissions to those who review their free products.

This service is also available to Canadian, British, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and French consumers. Choose your country on the dropdown to the right of “Log in”.

Vpfeedback is the last Amazon reviewer place I will cover in this short, yet powerful list. In Vpfeedback you will find sellers who will be willing to pay a premium in return for reviewing their products. Some comissions are up to $20. The big difference is sellers do expect you to add 5 star rating reviews which breaks Amazon terms of services. Personally I don’t use this one as much unless I find a product I really want to try out. In such case I just leave an objective review with the positives and the negatives as I see them. In this community I have seen some cool merchandize like drones, mp3 players, phones, telescopes, panoramic cameras, wellness and fitness accesories for men and women among many other great products. With Vpfeedback you won’t be refunded until you leave a review on Amazon.

To get started, click the link and open your free account. Once again to get a refund you will need to submit your order number and also a screenshot (and a link) to the product review you posted on Amazon. To see your reviews click on “Your Account” or “Your Orders”, “View Orders”, then click on the product you reviewed or want to review. Click on the review after is posted on Amazon and then you can see the review link you need to provide on Vpfeedback. Note you can see order number directly on your “Orders” page. I usually just copy and paste the order number right after placing an order. To upload your review pictures you will need to use snipe tool or any other image capture software which uses PNG format. Like on Extremerebates you will also need to provide your Amazon profile link, an active email and an email address attached to your PayPal account to receive refunds. Sellers here DO COVER PayPal fees.

Note: Remember incentivized reviews are no longer allowed. I recommend you to write reviews which are short and to the point. Two or three lines of text at most. Try to discuss something none of the other reviewers already mentioned and don’t be overly positive. The algorithms Amazon has in place which ban reviewer accounts use a system by which they place a numeric value to words. Imagine “love” and “favorite” are valued at 4 points each. While “hate” and “dislike” are worth -4. The algorithms place values for each word used in the reviews and then calculate a total score for the Amazon account in order to determine how likely the user in question is posting fake reviews. Sometimes real accounts are banned unfairly with this system. Stick to posting 3 reviews per week as maximum to keep your account safe. If your account gets flagged you will still be able to use it, but Amazon won’t accept new reviews from you. If this happens you can choose “Free of review products” or post reviews on to social media if the sellers provide this as a viable option.

Contributing reviews in social media may be a good idea for another post. To summarize today I showed you the best places to get free or discounted products from Amazon! I shared two of my favorite chrome extensions and credit cards you can also use to save an extra 5-20% on every order. We also covered the possibility of being able to make some money by taking advantage of credit card deals and sign up bonuses because there are credit cards which reward you for every dollar you spend and you can get hundreds of dollars worth of free products every month. The better you become as a reviewer or product tester the more access you will have to big merchants who will send you free products. Remember to add value and post useful and unbiased reviews. The best reviewers go on to become Amazon Vine Voices and they have access to the latest products on Amazon at the cost of tax! Maybe one day we have the chance to become one of them! I have tried and tested over 30 reviewer communities. The three I have shown you today are the best there are.

PS: Some of the free products you will be receiving can be sold back through E-Bay for some extra money. This is money you can reinvest back into your Home Business. Have a look at the main page of this website. In there I have some of the automation tools and software I currently use which is worth buying to scale your online business. You can also use the information in this post to your advantage in order to rank your listings if you want to start doing Amazon FBA. One other way to build a profitable business with no capital is to become an account manager for an Amazon seller in exchange for a percentage of the profits generated. A good account manager can boost sales, improve the listings copyrighting and run profitable ad campaigns. The very best ones get to manage the Amazon seller accounts for large brands making $500,000+ in revenue per month.

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