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Facebook Ads for Shopify/Dropshipping?

Good Monday morning to all the people around the world reading this. In the last post we talked about how to find smoking hot products for drop shipping purposes. I also talked about two main ways of advertising shopify stores… namely Google Shoping and Facebook Ads. Today I want to give you the advertising strategy which is working best for some of the marketing gurus.

First let me start by sharing with you this post written on January 11 2018 by Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook. If you read the post… you will see that Facebook wants to shift focus TO SOCIAL INTERACTION rather than promoting businesses. It has been shown through research… that when businesses advertise often times they paint a picture of the world most people don’t have access to. Perhaps is a picture of a bikini model in a luxurious hotel pool advertising sunscreen protection, or maybe is a successful entrepreneur walking up the stairs of his private jet reminding the world this “7-day vacation – (Fiji)”… maybe is just an add of a young man in his 20’s who mastered this world of online sales and there he is flashing his golden lambo for the world to see his success.

Studies have clearly shown that everyday people who live on a budget… and work hard 9-5 jobs in order to survive, feel depressed when they see this kind of content in their social feed. Since that is the majority of the people, for some time now, this has been causing problems with society. It is also a known fact among successful marketers, that whoever has the most advertising budget will generally be able to crowd the advertising space of social networks and in this way popularize their products even if the product itself is not any good for the customer. That’s another topic…

NOTE: If you feel down just know… Failing is part of the process. Failing makes you grow your character and develop resilience when unfavorable events arise. We are here to learn and grow. I know I have failed many times… but I never give up… I find my way around problems or tackle other challenges until I can succeed at the one I previously failed at. Maybe it will take months until I succeed in building the life of my dreams but deep down I know if I continue working towards that worthy goal I will achieve it.

So what can you expect from this update? As time goes by brands and businesses alike running Facebook Ads will be shown less and less in the news feed… resulting in a big decline on the amount of sales marketers will experience. Due to the nature of the new updates… on average, people will be spending less time on Facebook because there will be less content to consume given the fact right now there is less social interaction going on than advertisements. In particular, it has been the explosion in video advertising (video sales letters) that have had the biggest growth over the last two years. The very first day this update was implemented Facebook lost approximately 3 BILLION in revenue they could of cashed in. The updates are definitely for the betterment of society.

NOTE: Previously teams were tasked with the goal of figuring out how to make visitors spend the most time on the platform. This is why you would receive emails about friends who updated their status and information related to Facebook posts that matched your interest. This will gradually start to change.

So what are the Gurus doing about this update? There are many strategies… but the one that stands out the most which works really well is to switch focus toward Google shopping. The advantages to switching to Google Shoping include you can bid for search terms which suggest a customer is closer to making a purchase. You see… there is a buying cycle that generally takes places before a customer is ready to make a PURCHASE. If you run a Facebook advertisement about the product you are selling on shopify maybe the customer clicks… because they have some degree of curiosity but unless you have amazing sales copy in place and a good shopify theme that shows social proof that your products are the best quality it is very likely your customer coming from Facebook won’t buy. You should remember a customer needs to see an offer 7 times on average before they buy it.

When a customer searches for terms like “Cheap I-phone X case”, and then clicks on a Google shopping add they are very close to making purchase decision. Search terms like the one above suggest they are ready to buy, and often times… they have already researched information about the product in question and they have an idea of how much they would be willing to pay for the item. With Google shopping you are showing them a picture of the product before they even click on the add… and the price. All of this key points drive conversions up while advertising cost is decreased. There two kinds of great marketers. The one who creates a campaign which gets a customer to buy the first time they land on it… and the one who targets a customer who has been exposed to multiple campaigns and as a result is ready to buy.

Even when you use this strategy you will still find many customers who won’t buy. Perhaps these customers need to be exposed to your product a few more times before they finally buy it. In a previous post we talked about Facebook pixel tracking. Simply put, Facebook pixel tracking allows you to extract data about the visitors and customers who interacted with your shopify store, website or funnel. With this data you can find common trends that help you find your IDEAL CUSTOMER. Once you have a blueprint of the basic metrics (age, gender, income… etc) for your ideal customer then you can use this information to create lookalike audiences who are more likely to buy your product, whom you should market to. Specifically… the strategy you want to use is to re-target those customers who initially clicked on your Google shopping add but did not buy, this time using Facebook Ads instead. This method is working very well for some of the marketers that mentor me.

NOTE: New marketers don’t know what to expect. There are many variables in play that need to come together to land a successful campaign. I remember when I first started… I could not even get a single click to any of the offers I wanted to promote… frustrating I know. Today I can get hundreds of clicks (without purchasing ads) but still out of the 100 maybe I get one conversion. This bothered me, until I understood RARELY EVER DO GREAT MARKETERS see conversion rates of 2% or more. That means… that out of 100 clicks it is those people who get two conversions that are doing amazing because most commonly conversions are 1% or less. That’s the reason why traffic is gold… because even if you have the most amazing campaign that can convert at a high 2%… unless you can drive thousands of clicks to your offers you won’t see any meaningful impact. The people that make millions in this business are able to drive 100,000+ clicks to any offer every month repeatedly. Some of the traffic sources they use include Native Ads, Media Buys, Search Traffic (Google Adwords/Google shopping & Bing), Social Media (Mostly Facebook… but this could change due to updates) and Mobile Pop-/-Mobile Redirect Traffic.

My mentors and sources online all say the same. Master the ins and outs OF ONE TRAFFIC SOURCE. Focus on promoting and tweaking your campaigns via A/B testing focusing on a single offer at a time. Make sure you use a good tracking solution so you can analyze the data and focus on what works or improve those campaigns which are doing poorly. Some of the best tracking solutions I have been exposed to include Test Easily (amazing tool… still on beta), CPV labs, Voluum and Clickmagick which is the tracker I currently use because is not expensive (compared to other solutions) and it brings all of the tracking features I need to grow my business right now.

NOTE: Above all the great tracking features clickmagick has to offer I think the biggest benefit to using this service is that they continuously monitor links to ensure they are live and well. If a link goes down clickmagick will send you automated messages via email and to your phone devices to ensure you can fix the problem without further loss. Imagine investing $20,000 of advertising budget into promoting a campaign… and then, finding out the link went down with some 404 or 503 error codes… if you had been using clickmagick chances are you would of caught on to this before all of your paid traffic evaporated away into nothing. This in my opinion is a key feature which makes clickmagick INVALUABLE… any link that goes down I will know within seconds and then I can fix the problem. I also want to note that if you reach out to Test Easily there is the likelihood you can get free access to the beta version for an extended period of time. During beta.. developers want to test everything works well so they are willing to let you use the products for free. Send them an email about this and perhaps you will be in luck.

That’s all I got for today. If Facebook ads is your primary source you should start looking to experiment with other traffic methods because of the updates that took place. I hope this information is useful to you and it delivers value to your business. Talk on the next post.

If you read some of my content you will realize CPA MARKETING is one of the best ways to generate income online. With CPA marketing you don’t necessarily have to sell anything to make any money. Instead… big corporations are willing to pay you for referring clients to them. They view it as “Cost Per Acquisition”, while us (the marketers) see it as Cost Per Action. With CPA marketing some of the ways you can earn money include: getting someone to enter their name and email on a form giving a FREE product or FREE trial, getting someone to download an application or play a game or getting someone to fill a survey or buy a good product. Unfortunately cash network is no longer accepting new affiliates to work with but if you want to start generating some income with CPA marketing using some of the strategies I have been talking about in this blog then I recommend you to join MaxBounty CPA network. In particular if you have a website which gets recurring visitors and you want to monetize it CPA marketing is a great way to do it.


Best Products for Dropshipping

I hope you are having a good Saturday morning. In the last post we talked about shopify and dropshipping. As you probably already know two of the best places to find products to sell on shopify are AliExpress and Alibaba. Today my aim is to give you some quick, actionable tips you can use to score on the right products to dropship should you want to give this method a try and also share a couple tips to get more traffic to your websites and affiliate offers.

Firstly, you should use the thieve website. This website will give you social feedback from real customers regarding products which you can buy at wholesale prices from AliExpress. Thieve has curated products on many different categories including homeware, electronics, sports, troys for kids and clothes for babies. If you have experience building shopify stores, and have access to elegantly designed themes (the kind that lead to sales) then this website is a mine of gold for your business.

Paid advertising is probably the biggest component to launching a successful dropshipping based business because it will help you scale fast. So when it comes to advertising, I see many of the great marketers turn to Google shopping to promote their products. Others set tracking pixels on their Shopify stores (or WordPress website/sales funnels) in order to be able to feed this data to Facebook and find new customers which share similar interest to those who have already purchased their products. The more sales you track the more accurately Facebook can find lookalike audiences to buy your products. If you want to learn more about Facebook ADS this is one of the best videos I have found. In thieve, the trending and most popular categories are often times the most useful to find products which stay profitable for months to come. You can also use these product ideas with FBA business model if you can afford to buy hundreds or thousands of units at a time.

NOTE: In the last post I noted that “high ticket items” or those products which are more expensive ($800+) are better to sell using shopify stores and the dropshipping business model these days because of benefits including more profits per sale for advertising and less returns to handle. If you want to try this you can use Pinterest to find ideas for hot selling products which are worth $800+, then you need to find one or more product suppliers to send the orders to whenever a customer buys from your store. Many products you will find on thieve are not “high ticket”… so in order to create successful advertising campaigns which turn profitable it is recommended that you turn to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube influencers who have already built an audience interested in your product niche. Influencers are amazing value because they don’t know the real value of their audience… but don’t expect things to be this way forever.

Today, I also want to share with you an strategy I learned from Pat Flynn which can save you tons of time when you promote new offers to your list of subscribers. Read this post to learn more about setting call to actions on aweber. Simply put, you can set Global Text Snippets to provoke actions from your subscribers. Maybe you suggest them to add you on Facebook or give your page a like. Perhaps you can rotate high converting CPA offers every week and generate some income this way. Some CPA offers are giveaways and free products (USA only).

NOTE: If you want to learn more about some of the top CPA networks to join give this other post a quick read. CPA marketing is beginner friendly and one of the easiest ways to make money online. As shared by the author one of the most powerful ways to generate constant income is to put together (and rank) a website with related CPA offers. Perhaps your website is about financial services and you put CPA offers related to acquiring the best credit card for someone with X credit score… or maybe you promote swipestakes which allow leads to earn $500+ gift cards when they enter name and email to participate in the promotion. Another big category you can focus on is insurance… You could receive 50-$90 per lead (or more) depending on the CPA network you work with (always at no extra cost to the customer that needs the service). Some of the top marketers get really creative and invest a few thousand dollars to have a developer create a very useful app. Then they bundle CPA offers during the installation process like the popular free trial of McAfee (or Norton) antivirus. Some even are making it so is possible to play games during the download process. Some CPA networks will pay top dollars for getting a user to play an online game.

A last tip I want to share with you today comes from Ana Hoffman. Watch this video to learn how she converts her blog posts into engaging PDFs with live links to her blogs and affiliate offers. This is a nice hack because it doesn’t take long to have the PDF version of your post and then you can go back to part two this post to find platforms like Slideshare which allows you to submit PDFs and PowerPoints that could become featured and receive lots of views – helping you grow your online presence and generate more traffic to your website.

That’s what I have for today. I hope these simple tips help you grow your business. I will see you on the next one.

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Shopify and Dropshipping

Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. In the last post we talked about the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) business model and how some sellers are willing to give free or discounted products in Facebook Groups (and other communities) in order to improve their chances of getting customer feedback such as product reviews in the Amazon marketplace. This helps them rank their listings and sell more products. The FBA business model works best for people with some starting capital due to the fact they have to buy hundreds or thousands of product units at a time. Today I want to bring to your attention alternative ways you could start your online business without having to invest so much money.

The first method I want to share with you is Shopify. The advantages to having a Shopify store include that you will own the domain making it possible to sell just about any product, as long as it is not not banned by the government (like illegal drugs). Another advantage is that you also get to design your store the way you want to, thus making it possible to build your own brand.

Disadvantages to using a Shopify store include the fact that it will take months (or years) for it to rank on Google so you will need to find ways to advertise and drive traffic to your store at the beginning stages in order to be profitable. The other big disadvantage is that due to competition and market saturation it has become harder to be profitable these days. If you want to learn more about setting up a Shopify store and monetizing it watch this case study. A shopify store also requires some of your time, or you will need to employ somebody to answer customer questions. Good customer support is key to building trust especially if you plan to sell expensive products. You will need to get on the phone and talk about these products.

NOTE: Some people say Shopify is no longer what it once was, claiming this method “is dead”. I have not set up a shopify store myself so I can’t make any claims about it. Most resources do state this method is on a down trend. Personally I think is all about knowing how to rank the store on Google and picking a niche and product line with a strong audience to sell to. In order to be successful with shopify you need to create relationships with product manufacturers who sell premium products that you can add to your store (dropship model). In the beginning stages it is recommended to turn to influencers on YouTube, Instagram and find marketers on Udimi in order to start building an audience for your store(s) with recurring customers. Learn more about advertising using Google Shopping which you should use especially if you sell products that are worth $800 or more. Based on the research I have made up to this point it is the more expensive products that are giving the best results with shopify (more profits, less returns to handle, more advertising money…). You should also learn to collect data using Facebook pixels so that you can target lookalike audiences and explode conversions.

The other method which is also going on a down-trend is dropshipping. With dropshipping you would create a niche website around a specific product line (like best photo cameras, or top 10 routers for 2018)… and what you would want to do is use a shopping cart plug in or shopping cart service which would allow you to collect payment information from customers that visit your website (such as shipping address). You would want to markup the price of the item so that product cost and shipping and handling are covered and there should be a profit margin for yourself. Once you get an order coming in you would turn to a supplier like AliExpress or Alibaba where you would place the order for a lower price giving the details of the customer that bought it from your website on the order form. The biggest advantage to dropshipping is that you could do this at very little or no cost to you. You would need a website and to find products to promote using AliExpress and Alibaba. Alternatively you could also use a free blogging platform to start with… but is best if you have your own domain as you would start building your brand, start the Google ranking process and no third party platform would easily suspend or suppress you from posting or using their services. Ana Hoffman for example had her twitter accounts suspended and this used to be one of her main ways to drive traffic to her website.

NOTE: Recall you can order a fully customized website from Fiverr. Use AFFX10 to get 10% off on your order. You can also have Stone Evans build you a free website very similar to this one and all you would need is to give him a domain name. (More details here). If you want a higher end product you can customize specific to your needs, then read this other post.

The last thing I want to leave you with is that you can also join the Amazon associates program and earn commissions for referring customers to Amazon. As far as I know anytime you refer a customer to Amazon using any of your Amazon associates referral links you earn 4-10% commission bonus on anything they buy for a period of up to 24 hours. To get to the 10% cap you need to be a long time affiliate with a track record for proven results. If you think about it… 4% is not that much money but Amazon is such a big and trusted brand in online retail and their Prime service offering 2-day shipping is so stellar that perhaps this is the best course of action to take when first starting online RIGHT NOW. I believe dropshipping and shopify are in a downtrend because using other big online retailers like AliExpress and Alibaba take much longer time frame than Prime shipping (often times two weeks or even months before items arrive). There is also a TRUST barrier making some customers who would buy from Amazon to refrain from purchasing from an unknown online store they just found (if they ever even find it in the first place…). They know if they buy a product from Amazon they will receive good customer support if the order goes wrong and they are protected by an A-to-Z Guarantee.

Here are some resources you can use to start a niche website as an Amazon associate.
1- Case Study 1
2- Case Study 2

NOTE: I believe at this point one of the easiest ways to begin building an online business is to start with the Amazon affiliate program. You could do this part time or over the weekends and build up slowly. As you start to generate income then you can look for other opportunities. Selling masterminds and educational products about online businesses with high ticket commissions is the best way to generate mountains of income online, especially if you have a big personal brand (think Tai Lopez). However, it requires you to make an initial investment that often times goes thousands of dollars deep. If you don’t have much money you can choose to start by partnering with a big online retail store (like Amazon, E-Bay, Best Buy, Walmart… there are thousands of others) and start making some money without having to invest a lot of resources or go into credit card debt. Ultimately if you want to generate hundreds of thousands (or millions of dollars per month) with your online business (which is totally possible) either you try many different ways and test for conversions (bad way of doing it as it will take forever)… or you take a shortcut and pay someone or a company who already has the results you want and have them teach you exactly what they do. That’s how it goes in this industry…

I hope the information I shared with you today helps you grow your business. I will have something new next time. Talk soon.

Remember you can earn 2-$4 per lead you refer to Yoonla Evolve. The program is still giving out FREE vip membership to new affiliates. I’m not sure how much longer they will do this. This membership will give you access to many resources which have proven helpful to myself in ramping up my business growth. Included are tutorials with step by step instructions on how to set various automation systems and tips and tricks to grow traffic and conversions. I try to pick up tricks and tips I can apply to my business from as many sources as possible because building a successful online business is all about applying many strategies and testing for results.


Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Good afternoon. I’m exited to tell you Yoonla Phase Two also known as Yoonla Evolve will be launching in the next five hours. Read this post to get more details… you can join this program for FREE. In a previous post we talked about Merch By Amazon and how you could earn royalties from selling T-Shirts printed on demand with your uploaded designs. Today I want to bring to your attention yet another income stream that has generated freedom of locality, freedom of choice and financial independence for many Amazon sellers. We are talking about Fulfillment by Amazon.

NOTE: Fulfillment by Amazon is a business model in which you would add a listing for a product(s) using Amazon Seller Central account and Amazon will take care of sharing your product with their customers. In order to be part of the FBA program you need to pay a monthly membership (last time I checked it was $39.95) so that your account gets upgraded to Amazon Professional Seller. As part of this program, Amazon will take care of shipping and handling, packaging, returns, and amending lost shipments using their customer support. Often times they also advertise your products to some degree as well by using the “similar section” or by suggesting “customers also bought…” and showing pictures of products that in one way or another lead to your listing. Similar to Facebook and Google, Amazon also sells advertising slots. If you have ever received emails from Amazon showing products you looked at… or you see other related Amazon products as you surf the web is because your browser has a tracking cookie that displays advertisements specific to customer behavior and purchase history. If you pick good products is common to see 10x returns on your investment when you use Amazon ads. Your role in this program is to find profitable products that you can buy at WHOLESALE PRICES and have them shipped directly to the Fulfillment by Amazon Program.

So how do you become successful with FBA? The reality is most products you would list won’t give you a good return on investment because there is too much competition. This is why some apps have been developed which allow you to see the kind of profits a product generates. One of the most popular ones is Jungle Scout.

NOTE: There are some apps for your phone you can download that come loaded with a UPC tracker. An strategy to make money online (not just on Amazon but also on E-Bay) is to use these apps to scan what an item sells for in any of the already mentioned platforms. What some people do these days is to capitalize on yard sales by pulling out their apps and scanning UPC codes of product items. Whenever they find hot deals they flip those products for a profit. Some people also turn to Craigslist or similar services to do all their buying and selling. One of the most used apps these days for flipping purposes locally is called 5 miles app which you can download from the Google Play Store. Some developers have also made applications (sold for thousands of dollars) which retrieve product data from Amazon and uses information from Jungle Scout and other sources to quickly help you find hundreds or thousands of products which would give good returns on your investment.

Now that you have an idea of how you could find products which are worth trying to sell using FBA business model, the next step is to get them at Wholesale prices. Wholesale prices refers to the idea that you would negotiate directly with the manufacturer of the product, an approved distributor or an entity which has been approved by the Federal Trade Association in order to purchase a big quantity of a product at a deep discount. Stick to using suppliers approved by the Trade Association if you want to do business in your country (in this case I’m thinking you are in the United States). Done this way you can find a supplier which is close to the Amazon Fulfillment Center you want to send your products to, making it possible to negotiate lower shipping prices when re-stoking your listing and also instead of taking months to resupply it will likely take a week at most when you do it this way. Available to you is also AliExpress and Alibaba which are two of the biggest Online Retailers that will connect you with suppliers and manufacturers which will sell you products in bulk at massive discounts. Since these suppliers are overseas it will take months for shipments to arrive. An advantage to using AliExpress and Alibaba is that you can re-brand a generic product (like a watch)… and automatically increase the overall value of an item just because you added a logo to it or your brand identity. The disadvantages… include shipping taking months as already stated. You don’t want to have an empty listing on Amazon as it will very likely get you banned from selling on the platform.

NOTE: When you buy products in bulk and try to sell them using FBA make sure your sale price is AT LEAST 5xs your initial cost. Some sellers even go as high as 10-12 times (or more) the value of the product. You want to do it this way because it will allow you to cover FBA expenses, and it will protect you from fraud. Some customers who use FBA lie to Amazon regarding shipment status (“I never got the product. It never arrived.”) or the condition in which an item arrived in order to get a free item. Some even return empty boxes or a box containing an item which is not the original item that was shipped to them. Amazon has a reputation of being VERY NICE to their customers often times screwing over the sellers… but the way you should think of this is if it cost me $1 to buy an item and I sell it for $5… and then I take into account FBA expenses and fraud by some Amazon customers and it amounts to say $4… You are still making $1 per sale. Focus on selling as much as you can and it won’t be long until you can generate enough income to quit your job.

Now… just like we want to rank a website on Google to capitalize on tons of free traffic which results in more business opportunity… we can also have a similar effect by RANKING AMAZON listings. It is the sellers that master the art of ranking their listings that sell the most products and become most succesful. Juts like in Google… if I make a search query for a product in Amazon, it is those results which appear on the first page that get almost every sale.

NOTE: If you read the ranking guide I linked to you will see there are multiple ranking factors. Amazon has put in place algorithms which process customer activity. These algorithms track what items a user watched. For how long. Which items they have placed on their wish list or on their shopping cart which maybe they went on to buy or did not. They also look at seller feedback and customer reviews. These are some of the activities taken into account when ranking a listing… customer reviews being one of the biggest signals which leads to sales. As a result, Amazon has seeing an increase in fake reviews submitted on the platform. Some Amazon sellers these days employ teams who focus on providing free products in exchange for the customer opinion of the product by means of posting a review. As a customer, any affiliation with any seller breaches the Amazon terms of service and it can result in both (customers and sellers) losing the ability to use the platform. Most commonly Amazon will suppress customers from being able to post reviews and sellers will be banned from the platform meaning they won’t be able to sell products anymore. Lawsuits over this activity has also occurred as well… although is not common. Right now Amazon has bots (programmed algorithms) which crawl reviews and user accounts in order to eliminate reviews which are deemed to be fake. If you are a seller and your account got banned contact amazon support and let them know you will improve your service and prevent any problems from happening in the future. You can also email [email protected] to have an Executive Manager look into your case.

If you want to prevent your account from being suspended I recommend you to review these links:
Community Guidelines
Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews
About Promotional Content

IF YOU ARE AN AMAZON SELLER: I can help share my opinions about your products IN THIS BLOG I’m currently working on.

– Don’t add any links to social media accounts on your Amazon profile. For example if your account is investigated and you are a friend of an amazon seller you will be banned no questions asked.
– Pick only the products you really would like to review. The more products you review in any week the more suspicious you become.
– Use the product for at least 5 days to a week before posting a review.
– Be honest and ethical. Let other customers know what you think about the product that was shipped to you.
– If you say you are testing, got a discount or got the product for free in your review you will likely be banned from being able to post reviews. You could also be blacklisted and become unable to use Amazon.
– Keep reviews short and concise. If your reviews are too long and too detailed you will likely be banned. Some people who made it to under 100 rank as Amazon reviewer have had all their Amazon reviews suppressed (deleted) and their ability to post new reviews taken away because they wrote very descriptive reviews. Be detailed enough to receive helpful votes without writing too much… I would say stick to 4 lines of text maximum.
– Keep a copy of all your reviews specially if you do Video reviews. Some sellers will ship you products for free when you post unboxing videos on YouTube. Items are not really free… as you have to write, take pictures or post a video but this is one way to be resourceful. You can flip some of these items for cash and reinvest the money into your business (as long as you are dealing with a third party seller and not directly with Amazon Vine)…
– Always add the positives and the negatives to the product you received. You can talk about your experience with similar products. Be ethical. If a product is bad or doesn’t work as intended… SAY IT. Or work it out with the seller. Maybe you are using it the wrong way or the product you received was defective.
– DO NOT EVER CONTACT AN AMAZON SELLER TO ASK THEM ABOUT MAKING PRODUCT REVIEWS FOR FREE OR DISCOUNTED PRICES using the Amazon marketplace website. Amazon keeps all your correspondence and will ban you if they see this. If you have a blog… Like I do this could work out if you post your thoughts on the blog.
– Stay low profile. Have some information about who you are and what you do but don’t say you like to do product reviews or anything like that in your Amazon profile. It will get you banned. Don’t put nice pictures either… I would recommend no pictures at all because other reviewers or seller competitors can report your account and this is one way to lose the ability to post new reviews.
– NEVER ACCEPT GIFT CARDS FROM SELLERS. Is one of the easiest ways to get banned. Instead buy the product using your credit card and negotiate with them a REFUND via PayPal. Note PayPal has some fees which change depending on the location where the transaction took place. To be safe… you should ask for 5% PayPal fee if you want to recover all your money. A seller sending you the refund from China will have to pay different fees than a seller in Europe or United States. Some sellers could potentially avoid paying PayPal fees if the reviewer is listed as family member (not that I would recommend you to do this if this is not true)…

NOTE: Right now there are sellers who grow their very own email list using some of the tools I have already shared with you (like Aweber autoresponder, Clickfunnels, and Online Sales Pro) and they send emails every time they are going to list a new product on Amazon in order to maximize their chances of increasing customer feedback such as product reviews and seller feedback. Often times these emails contain product discount codes which are worth up to 85% of the product listing value. At those prices I don’t think the sellers make any money at all. But you have to recall they can get the products much cheaper when bought in bulk so when sells start coming in they quickly start to recuperate the money invested. The key is to pick good products which sell… because not all inventory will sell. I find it interesting that you could even create your very own affiliate program capable of sustaining and tracking a whole organization of affiliates who sale your product by using ClickFunnels. Join this program to see what I mean as is the best example I have found yet. I like to note sellers also advertise free and discounted products on FACEBOOK GROUPS. So if you want to be part you should research the top Facebook groups where they are advertising.

You have to understand that top reviewers on Amazon have a chance to being added to the Amazon Vine program. As part of this program amazon shoppers receive listings of products (sometimes worth thousands of dollars) that they can review virtually for free. I say virtually for free because now there are taxes that need to be paid. Sellers participating in the Vine Program would refund the cost of a product but not the taxes it would cost to buy it. So a $3,000 computer would cost about $210 in Taxes if you take into account 7% rate. I also want to note that anything you receive from this program can’t be given away as a gift or sold. Amazon actually has the right to reclaim the items… (not that they do it but is something to keep in mind) You can also receive smartphones, last generation TVs, refrigerators, headsets, sex toys… you name it… Is like the dream come true of one of those hoarders you see on TV shows. They have like a landfill of crap in their house and can’t even more around… Pretty much, any new product which comes to the market and is listed on Amazon will be first shipped to Amazon Vine reviewers so they can voice their opinion about the product. Legend has it the number one reviewer on Amazon wakes up to a pile of boxes bigger than his front door every day. He has probably claimed tens of thousands of free products by now. Last thing I want to say about Vine voice is sometimes new tech products in the range of 100-300 samples are shipped to some of these professional reviewers in order to find manufacturing flaws and problems that can be fixed just before mass producing. Good reviewers have saved some corporations from screwing up big time…

So anyway… by now you have an idea how to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. You know that you can use wholesale organizations approved by the Trade Association or (AliExpress and AliBaba) in order to buy products at heavily discounted prices for resell purposes. You can also arrange with them to ship all your products directly to an Amazon Fulfillment Center in which Amazon takes care of everything else for you including shipping and handling, returns and some of the advertising. You know you will need a professional seller account which has a monthly membership fee in order to qualify for FBA (check your Amazon Seller Central). You also know that to be successful on Amazon you need to sell high quality products with positive customer reviews and it is important as a seller to receive positive feedback from the community. It is also important to keep your listings accurate and with a supply of products at all times to prevent being banned. You also now know what you could do (as a seller) should you get banned in order to improve your chances of being able to use Amazon again. As a reviewer if your account gets suppressed you could make a new account… but it will likely get banned again especially if you use the same billing information. My advice… just stay away and do your reviews on YouTube or your blog.

That’s it for this post. This is a good business model for those people who have some money to invest because buying in bulk requires you to buy hundreds and even thousands of units of a product. If you tell the supplier you are a small business just starting out and you could only afford to buy so many units… sometimes they are willing to sell you those units at discounted wholesale pricing but is not the norm. I could not do this business model right now… but is something I would probably consider doing in the future. Amazon is expected to do 170 BILLION in sales for 2018 (the company shipped over 5 BILLION items with Prime shipping service in 2017). Their platform keeps adding more ways to make money. Right now you could purchase products that need to be installed (like a water pipe) and Amazon would even refer to you a professional plummer near your location. Amazon is just at another level and they will only continue to grow from here forward. Stay ethical! I talk to you next time.

Are you neither a seller or a reviewer? You could use this tool to know if the reviews you see on a product in Amazon are real or not. The tool can accurately detect fake reviews. You can also check this old post to learn how you can score big savings when you purchase products from Amazon.

– If you are looking for an opportunity which would require no investment capital but you could still earn upwards of $100 per hour then check this one out. In another post I will talk more about SFI as a supplemental income stream for your online business. This affiliate network provides all training FREE of charge and is one of the largest marketing networks in the world today. They have been in business more than 20 years.

– Are you living in the United States? You can win a FREE PS4 bundled with the latest video games if you submit this form. Many have won… the form takes 20 seconds to fill. Maybe you are next!


Cryptocurrency Trend [Cliff High]

Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In one of my previous posts near the end I said that catching trends in development is the best way to grow an online business. Some of the most successful marketers and self-made millionaires like Tai Lopez, Ryan Stewart, and Gary Vaynerchuck pay close attention to emerging trends in order to develop marketing strategies which grow their businesses. As we have already discussed trends start to develop in social media and then spread from there into global markets and countries until eventually interest is lost (think fidget spinner). One of the biggest trends in development right now is cryptocurrency.

As we have seen in some of my previous posts the bigger majority of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and crypto coins out there are scams (see NOTE) in the sense there is an idea or problem to be solved but the team behind it is not capable of properly implementing a solution. That’s what Andreas Antonopoulos would tell you. Many of these teams are very good at marketing and turn to big influencers who get paid for talking greatly about the coin or token in questions. What if there is a more reliable source of information to learn about cryptocurrency trends? Today I want to briefly tell you about Cliff High, his work, and why you should follow him.

Cliff High is a man who has been making very accurate predictions about many different topics. In the past, he has made accurate predictions about natural disasters like earthquakes, Bitcoin prices (he predicts Bitcoin will rise to over $64,000 in 2018), what to expect from the stock market, global economy and more. He uses software based on the Python programming language which is known as “web scraper” in order to automate the process of retrieving data from the web on many of the topics already mentioned, cryptocurrencies being one of the main ones he currently covers. He then uses natural language processing engine in order to analyze the vast amounts of data retrieved and find patterns that are then used to predict with an accurate degree of certainty what will happen in the future. A process also known as PREDICTIVE LINGUISTICS. He also writes a comprehensive report every two to three months in which he summarizes the findings.

NOTE: The reports cost $99 and you can buy them at his website if you are interested. You don’t need to buy the reports as lots of the research and information is freely shared during his interviews.

I recommend you to see some of his interviews especially the ones that cover cryptocurrencies as it will give you a good idea of what to expect. You can also use some of the information covered by Cliff in order to develop engaging content for your blog which can help you to build an online presence.

That’s all I have for today. I hope this information can help you create new content and learn more about cryptocurrencies. I want to note that Cliff also gives predictions about gold, silver, stocks, diamonds… real state and many other topics. He also talks about interesting events happening in outer space. Sometimes he also likes to talk about conspiracies, alien technology, Q… and many other unconventional topics. I find his work interesting and maybe so will you. Talk on the next post!

– Nielsen a company researching trends on marketing pays you for downloading their app into your smartphones, tablets or desktop computers so they can analyze browsing habits. Click here if you would like to participate and earn monthly checks.

* You should download for FREE Dak Lok F.U. Money. I’m currently reading this book and it has very useful information about building an online business.
* Listen to the audiobook Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. Audible has 1-month FREE trial and this is one of the books you could choose.


Yoonla Phase Two Launch [Income]

First I want to give you a warm welcome to your Home Business Blog. Today I just want to share a couple of quick updates. In some of my previous blog posts I spoke about CPA model of advertising which happens to be one of the best ways to recuperate advertising costs. Today I want to bring to your attention a CPA program which is launching phase two in a short couple of days. During phase one, the program grew to over 1.2 million members all interested in affiliate marketing and best strategies to make money online.

I will send you a FREE traffic pack with very useful information just for joining. This program is available worldwide.


Phase one came to a closure because there had been lots of fraud going on, especially from countries like Vietnam and Thailand. To put it simply people would buy cheap email lists or fabricate fake email entities and then use this information to sign up under their affiliate link in order to receive 2-$4 per sign up. Patterns of repeated and fully unresponsive emails (the kind that never opens a single email) started to emerge and the moderators of the program decided to close it in order to put in place better fraud prevention systems. Not only did they work to prevent fraud moving forward, they have also enhanced all marketing material you and I will be able to use in order to promote this CPA program. During peak times this program had been paying $200,000 per day to it’s affiliates around the world.

You can join this program for FREE and they will provide you with tips, videos and information that can further help you grow your business. Personally I recommend you to use Online Sales Pro to create your landing pages and Aweber as your autoresponder. They will show you other alternatives namely leadpages (which is also $37/month for their entry level functionality) and GetResponse (also a very good autoresponder). If you do promote this program create a landing page where you talk about some of the facts I have already stated in this post and then provide your own affiliate link from your dashboard (after you have already joined and been approved). This way you can earn all commissions whenever someone joins using your affiliate link. You can join using my link below:

I will send you a FREE traffic pack with very useful information just for joining. This program is available worldwide.


NOTE: A better strategy is to use Online Sales Pro or Clickfunnels to capture the users you refer to the program into your own email list and then send them to the CPA offer. Note Online Sales Pro (OSP) is $37 a month for the full functionality of the app and pays 54% to the affiliate per referral. I recommend OSP to start with. Clickfunnels is $97 a month and brings more utility to create action based sales funnels but it also takes longer to learn to use. I recommend Clickfunnels once you have already started to make some money online and you know what works for you. The advantage of capturing users into your email list is this way you are able to notify the users of new programs and hot deals that may benefit both you (because you earn a commission) and them (because they save money for a service they need). One of the greatest advantages to affiliate marketing is that offers don’t cost more to the customer. In the contrary, many affiliate marketers can give you better deals through their affiliate links than the regular price of the product if you found it yourself instead. For example, there have been times when OSP sold their yearly subscription at discounted rates (25% off). I email my subscribers when I see this so they can take advantage of it if they choose to. Thus far, I have linked both of my accounts (Online Sales Pro and Clickfunnels) with Aweber to make it easy to send automated reminders and also be able to send email to everyone that joins the list. If you don’t have a system like this one set up yet… make it a priority. To get mine set up I pestered the support team at OSP, Clickfunnels… and Aweber… until everything worked. I also had some help from my traffic coach to get things working.

I will have some new useful information to share with you in my next post. Have an awesome Sunday filled with either joy or productivity. Until the next one.

PS: STATS TODAY SO FAR (Bounce Rate) (Location) (Devices)
If you are thinking of joining Traffic Exchanges, every Sunday you get double credits per page surfed. The participating Traffic Exchanges in this deal include:
1- Traffic-Splash
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5- SWAT Traffic

Traffic Exchanges are normally rotated to expose your website, offers and landing pages to a bigger audience.

I also recommend realhitz4u, hit2hit, hitlink, topsurfer and easyhits4u. My game plan is to use Traffic Exchanges to more easily create ranking signals. Don’t get me wrong. Surfing is no fun… there is so many better ways to spend my time… Reading books… Learning new concepts… testing new income streams. But for those who don’t have thousands to spend on advertising (like me)… Traffic Exchanges is the way I have found to trigger the signals that rank a website. At some point Google will send me all the traffic. And I will be able to use my time in better ways. Is all strategy and being resourceful. Success doesn’t come easy… is massive amounts of work and lots of failure in between. However… if you don’t quit and you learn from your mistakes eventually YOU WILL WIN. I promise you.

Over 60% of the devices active on the web right now (something like 67%) are smartphones. Notice how in my devices I mostly have desktop computers. This is because people are surfing for credits and is easier to surf Traffic Exchanges using a computer with a bigger screen. If I can generate decent stats now… with an “INFERIOR” traffic source… the sky will be the limit when Google sends me a bunch of organic traffic. That’s how you should think about your business as well.


How To Buy Good Expired Domains

Is early Saturday morning and today I want to give you some quick and actionable tips to finding success faster. In the past I talked about various link building techniques from some of the best SEO authorities in online marketing. As you probably know by now ranking a website appropriately can take months or years of publishing useful content on a particular niche or category. This has to do with the Google algorithm taking time to perform some tests which rearrange website rankings. We also covered that building authority and expertise on a specific topic will help you boost PageRank and Domain Authority – two very important metrics that determine how much MORE free (ORGANIC) traffic your website receives the more you improve them.

NOTE: Don’t confuse PageRank and Page Authority. PageRank is an algorithm which calculates a numeric value to indicate how important a web page is. Taken directly from Google search – “Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.” You can test your current Page Authority using this tool.

In some of my previous posts I also talked about some forums in which niche websites and shopify stores are sold. The websites I mentioned included SitePoint and Digital Point. In my case, I don’t have that kind of money to invest into a fully made website which has already been ranked for a year or two. However, I understand a portion of the audience reading this would benefit from this kind of deal. What I can tell you is that ranked websites are traded and flipped everyday and the higher the quality and authority of a website the more an investor will be willing to pay for it. Some websites with blogs sell for six and seven-figure deals.

Looking a few months back I could of had a head-start if I had known the information I’m about to share with you. You see, it happens all the time that someone buys a domain name, starts building a website on top of it and months or even years after the website has been live for one reason or another they decide to quit until the domain expires. When a domain expires you can buy them at auction using services such as expireddomain. What you could do is use some of the tools I have already shared with you and try to find a domain with backlinks that happens to have some PageRank and Page Authority attached to it and start building from there.

NOTE: Some of the domains you will find in the Expired Domains archive at one point or another belonged to spammers. To prevent buying a domain which has been affected by Google penalties what you should do is use this tool to be able to determine if the domain is worth purchasing or not.

Now let me give you some tips so you can be more successful, faster. I was reading an infographic published by Neil Patel and the best performing URLs should have a maximum of 8 characters. This makes the URL in question easy to remember. The other tip I have for you is to pick a domain which ends in .com… because through the years people have become used to typing this top level domain over other ones like .net and .gov (only government entities can get this top level domain). You don’t want people to navigate to the wrong website so avoid using other top level domains. The third tip is to try to find a URL which is relevant to the content you will upload. Simply use relevant keywords in the search of Expired Domains to find potentially matching domains. More specifically here is a video which walks you thought the process of using expireddomains.net. You can also search on YouTube “expired domains tutorial” to find more videos on this topic. Why so many resources? Because sometimes you will find what you need using a different tool or expired domain archive. This is like mining for gold… in the sense it could save you months and even years of work in trying to rank a website which starts from zero. Some individuals even have developed the habit of finding good expired domains to resell for a profit.

The last thing I want to leave you with is something I learned from Ryan Stewart. In one of his webinars he said keyword research and ranking for ALREADY ESTABLISHED keywords is the old way of SEO (and this is how most of us operate by the way). He shared the statistic that 15% of all Google searches are new (never done before) search queries and so… when we input a query on the Google toolbar and see other recommended set of keywords we are looking into the past. I want to note that Google handles more than 2 trillion searches per year. In his experience it is the now (or the NEW and trending topics) which end up driving the most traffic. Fresh trending topics start out in social media and then are picked up by Google. So ultimately the best strategy is to catch a trend in development and run with it (Anyone remembers the fidget spinners?). Those who caught on to the fidget spinner trend early and build shopify stores or niche sites around it made huge profits. If you are first to start putting out content about a new hot topic you will find a huge boost in traffic as more searches occur and the keywords solidify as a common search query. This results in high-quality, laser targeted traffic that can help you grow your business.

NOTE: Once you have a website set up ensure to post amazing content. This will help you build an audience, continue to boost PageRank, Domain Authority and it will help you increment organic traffic from search engines. The goal is to build a self running system which generates monthly income that can fully replace a job.

This post is starting to run too long. I will have something new to share with you on the next one. I hope this information is useful to you in finding success with your online business faster. Most of the advise I gave you today I did it wrong for myself… but experience is what counts. If I ever make a new niche website or shopify store I will be able to apply this information in order to kick start the process of being successful.

If you want more information about scoring good expired domains you can check out these other posts:
1- How to Use Expired Domains for SEO
2- How to Build Links Using Expired Domains
3- Learn How To Find Powerful Expired Domains Step By Step


Top Affiliate Marketing Forums You Should Know

Once again I welcome you to your Home Business Blog where we talk about the world of affiliate marketing and online sales . In the previous posts I talked about ways to build high quality backlinks using white hat and gray hat SEO techniques in order to prevent penalties from Search Engines like Google and I also added a quick update about a new viral mailer which was launched on Valentine’s Day. Today I want to equip you with more tools to help you build more backlinks, sell your products and supply you with more information on affiliate marketing. We will be talking about the best forums for building and growing a profitable online business.

Firstly I want to express online forums are one of the most important resources of information. Within forums you can find expert advise on topics such as branding, building sales funnels, copy writing (or sales writing), doing split testing of landing pages to improve conversion rates, tips on using pixel tracking, link tracking and heat mapping tools to gather very useful data. You could learn about topics such as google hacks and find mentors who can give you very useful strategies I’m yet to discover for myself. Cutting edge topics such as dynamic advertising and many other useful tips and tricks.

NOTE: A topic I’m currently learning more about is Google hacks. I want to note this is not malicious type of hacking activity where a criminal tries to get hold of valuable data for self profit. Instead I’m talking about advanced google operators which allow you to find very useful information hidden deep within the indexes of search engines like Google. Those who master the ability of becoming true power searchers in Google can find information others would struggle to come across. I also want to point out the term dynamic marketing. This is a modern sales strategy growing in adoption among the very best marketers who have access to software developers. Imagine you start watching an add of some sort, a video on this perfume you should buy for your other half because is Valentine’s and then at the two minute mark you get a pop up.. “Congratulations you are entitled for a 10% discount for watching this far”… that’s an example of dynamic marketing. The sales funnels changes on the go depending on the activity of the user and this will lead to increased sales volumes when used properly.

So anyway I should not get carried away let me share with you the best online marketing forums you need to start using.


To this day warrior forum is considered the best forum on affiliate marketing. My research shows some people see it more like the forum you want to use if you want to BUY and SELL some product or service which can boost online sales but you will equally find forum threads which are purely dedicated to marketing advice and information on using (and understanding) tools such as google analytics. If you are stuck on a topic related to affiliate marketing you can use this forum to ask for advice and find a solution to your problem.


You can use inbound to receive newsfeed directly to your preferred email address on various topics such as SEO, Email Marketing, conversions and just about any topic which would help you improve your marketing efforts. This is a great platform to networks and find answers to some of your most complicated questions.


SitePoint is is the place you want to be when you want to buy (or SELL) a website. This forum is also very useful for learning about website design and using various programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, HTML & CSS in order to build website utility. I think this forum would be very helpful to those who want to put in place a dynamic advertising strategy.


As far as I have researched up to this point digital point is more geared towards new marketers. You can use this forums to buy and sell websites and learn from the very basics topics such as SEO, building fully automated online businesses and aspects which are related to web design and programming. New affiliate marketers should probably start here.

TIP: One of the best places to buy and sell websites is Flippa. It is recommended to set Google analytics on your websites ahead of time as showing the number of recurring visitors helps sell.

Those are my top picks. Once you become advanced and well versed with affiliate marketing terms you can then use Black Hat World to learn even more strategies and techniques. Some of the advice there falls into Gray Hat category but the bigger majority of it is Black Hat in nature. I would encourage you to use this forums for educational purposes to know the kind of tricks people are using to rank fast. You could even start an small project and see how things work… but don’t rely on this because Google will catch on to it and penalize you. I have been doing lots of research and some people managed to rank Shopify Stores, and Niche Websites using black hat techniques and they made a lot of money early on until Google would not send them traffic anymore. Is best to abide by the rules and have long term growth than to see quick success and have to start all over again from absolutely 0. I have even encountered some very successful bloggers who spend a month or two building a website and setting the required means to monetize it and then they let Google do all the testing until a year later it has already ranked and generates continuous income. Think of your website and blogging as in the long term. After 1-3 years of continuous effort and putting out quality and helpful content the universe will find a way to reward you with opportunity and prosperity.

The last thing I want to leave you with is other great posts which will give you more information on forums you should be using to learn more about affiliate marketing.
1- The Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Forums How to Approach
2- The Top 5 Affiliate Forums
3- A last forum I’m currently looking into is: BeerMoneyForum. This forum is all about making money online.

PS: Here are some free tools you can use in order to start checking your progress ranking on Google. This information is useful for you to understand if your current strategy is working. Enter your domain so you can find how you are currently doing.
1- Website Authority Checker
2- Alexa Ranking (Results are more accurate if you hit under 100,000 rank)

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New Viral Mailer Launched [Tezzermail]

Email List Builder – Downline Builder | King Digital Lifestyles
This post is just to give you a quick update regarding the introduction of Tezzermail – a new viral mailer launched by Traffic Exchange owner of Tezzers Power Tony Tezak. You should join now as members which join early receive multiple benefits some of them including founder status which result in bigger recognition, commission bonuses, credits earned and more. I just wanted to give you this quick update so you can take advantage of it. About 5-10% of all my traffic in any given day comes from viral mailers. Herculist in particular gives me the best results. Given the popularity of Tezzer I expect nothing but quick growth for this Viral Mailer which will result in more traffic.

If you want to learn more about viral mailers READ this post.

– DO YOU WANT FREE SAMPLES DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR? These popular brands are offering free samples if you fill in the form. Offer restricted to United States only.


Increasing Free Traffic With Backlinking (Updated)

Welcome to your Home Business Blog. In my previous posts I talked about Online Sales Pro which is an app I heavily use to promote my campaigns and Home Business newsletter. I also talked about ways to start ranking your websites by using Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and Social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook. Today I want to bring to your attention a different approach to ranking your website. This approach works best for people who can write very well or have an expertise on a particular topic. We are talking about building backlinks to your website.

The following information I’m about to share with you I learned from Brian Dean and Ryan Stewart who happen to be two of the best SEO experts in the business. Simply put a backlink is any link (in your website or an external one) which points back to your website. When properly used backlinks can help you explode your organic traffic from search engines by a magnitude of 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, or even ONE MILLION free views to your website per month. So much free traffic activity has to do with the Google algorithm giving better overall ranking to those websites which have more QUALITY backlinks.

NOTE: Early on it was very easy to build an authority website by having many thousand backlinks pointing to it. This is why some people took advantage and managed to create MILLION dollar businesses by becoming subscribers in private networks that would build banklinks for them. Some of these individuals also chose to buy domains with the only purpose of linking back to the website they wanted to rank. In the old days some services could index and rank a website just minutes to hours after payment was made. The Google algorithm has been updated to become much smarter and capable of detecting this nefarious activity. With the new updates those websites which once ranked so well are no longer shown on search queries. Their million dollar businesses have completely disappeared. To this day you can still find private spreadsheets or “hit lists” of websites which held strong Page Authority and Domain Authority that served to some as a guide in building backlinks. Some people would even resort to finding cheap labor in places like upwork to have people from Thailand, India, the Philippines, Pakistan and other nations with lower standards of living… in order to outsource or delegate the process of building backlinks. If you choose to use these resources to grow your business make sure what you do falls into white hat and gray hat SEO strategies to prevent being penalized by Google.

What you should take from the note above is that there is a right way to building backlinks (just like there are wrong ways). Often times I talk about Traffic Exchanges as a way to build an audience on your websites. MANUAL TRAFFIC EXCHANGES, in particular will help you do this and create MORE BENEFIT than harm. In my experience, the negative aspect in using Traffic Exchanges is that often times users are in a rush to claim credits and they don’t take much time to review what is on the website, resulting in high click through rate with a higher than normal bounce rates (you want high click troughs with very low bounce rate for best SEO).

Either way in my experience, there is always a set of users coming from manual Traffic Exchanges who engage and look at various pages, post comments, bookmark the website and spend more time looking at the content provided – helping build website authority and better ranking. In a little over a month I have been able to attract over 20,000 users to this website (12,000 of which return regularly) and this is because part of my daily routine is to surf manual traffic exchanges. I look at the websites I find on traffic exchanges (critically) in order to learn about the offers being promoted, which landing pages are best and to draw ideas which make my website better and more competitive in my niche.

I want to point out I wrote MANUAL TRAFFIC EXCHANGES… and the reason I say this is because there is software based Traffic Exchanges (like hitleap) which would only hurt your SEO strategy. Hitleap is software which automates the process looking at advertisements and websites and allows you to build credits so you can have other bots (people using the same software) go back to your website. The problem with programmed software like this is the Google algorithm can tell this is artificial activity and instead of ranking your website it places it lower on the search index. I use MANUAL TRAFFIC EXCHANGES right now to build an audience – a group of a few thousand people who engage with my posts every week or every month and then it will be this activity that creates a signal to the Googlebot that my website should be ranking better in the index. I know I won’t rank much better until I bring down my bounce rate to under 50% (right now at 80%) but this will improve as I continue to build my target audience. The idea here is to create content which is so helpful to other marketers they keep coming back regularly resulting in key signal to rank an authority website to Googlebot.

So anyway, what other ways can we create good backlinks in order to boost our rankings on the Googlebot index? Brian Dean will tell you to look for roundup websites which are related to your niche or target audience. A roundup website refers to any website which is made for the purpose of featuring the best blog posts, articles (and sometimes websites) on a particular topic or niche for a specified period of time. Most roundup websites post the top 10 blog posts each week, or every two weeks… others choose to do it every month. Something you should understand is that running a roundup website is time consuming. There is lots of content being published but consistently finding blog posts which are worth featuring can be daunting task for the roundup website owner. Roundup website owners have the task to curate blog posts for their audiences and as such they must feature the best content they can find.

This is where you and I come in. At some point we talked about the Skyscraper technique Brian Dean popularized… this is a technique by which someone looking to write a blog post researches the content available on Google and uses all of the found information to write the most kick-ass post on that topic. What you would want to do is send your kick-ass blog post to the roundup website owners on the same niche (as many as you can find) and have them feature your post in front of their audiences. A very important step is to place a link to your website in your post or tell the roundup website owner that in exchange for giving them your post you want them to place a source link (banklink) pointing back to your website. If done correctly you can see an increase in your organic traffic by thousands of new users per week the more your article gets featured in different roundup websites. This is an alternative way to using Traffic Exchanges to start building an audience because you will be exposing your content to audiences which are already interested in your topic or niche.

Another alternative way would be to use buzzsumo to find what content is being most shared right now. This can give you key information on the kind of blog posts you could write about… and it will also give you a list of websites you can target in order to build your backlinks. What Ryan Stewart would tell you is to find the contact information of the administrators of the website and let them know you wrote this awesome blog post which is related to their niche or topic and that you will let them feature your post in their website as long as they give you credit and put a link back pointing to the website you want to rank.

This brings me to guest blogging. An strategy which has been used by Neil Patel and many other highly successful internet marketers is to contact well reputable websites and let them know you are willing to write a guest post to share with their audience as long as they give you the credit and allow you to place a link back to your website. In some cases you will be contacted by other bloggers or website owners who will ask you if you are willing to create a guest post for their audience. If this happens something you should do before accepting is to check the reputation of the website in question and how much traffic they get. You can use tools like similarweb in order to learn about website authority and the traffic they receive on a monthly basis in order to get an idea whether it will be worth your time to create an awesome blog post to share with their audience.

In the process of building backlinks some people even resort to paying other bloggers and website owners for them to add a link which points to the website they want to rank. I would not use this strategy but if you got the budget you can also consider doing this. Small bloggers would post a link on an old article for $25 while others would charge more. This reminds me of another tool you should learn to use if you want to improve your SEO strategy. I’m talking about screaming frog SEO Spider which is a tool you can use to diagnose problems with your website and also to perform competitor analysis. If you learn to use screaming frog you can quickly spot problems on your website such as if there are broken links. Googlebot algorithm ranks better those websites without broken links because this is a signal the website is regularly maintained by an administrator and the content shared comes from integral sources (scam websites doing shady stuff are taken down).

TIP: Scrapebox is among the most popular link building tools. Use it as a white hat SEO builder to help you find great websites in your niche to post comments on (You can save $40). Need more power? SEnuke TNG Pro is the successor to Scrapebox and brings more functions you could use. If you want to skip list building altogether this is the service some of my mentors have used in the past to rank their websites on the top 10 spot in Google for their chosen keyword within only 3-6 months. I don’t recommend you to buy links but if you choose to go that route the service I suggest is optimized for white SEO practices.

When it comes to competitor analysis, you could run screaming frog against your competitor in order to learn more about their SEO strategy. You can find which keywords they are targeting and ranking for, what tags and meta tags they use, what descriptions and titles they use and the way they have chosen to organize their website. If there is someone who is ranking better than you… screaming frog can give you all the information you would need to outrank them. Right now I don’t know all that much about the tool but I will set aside some time to become familiar. I’m all over the place doing 1,000,000 things… (that’s the only way to succeed in this business)…

Something I learned from Brian Dean is that he looks for authority sites (well reputable websites) on his particular niche (or vertical) and then he tries to find broken links on those websites. Once he finds broken links he contacts the administrator to let them know about the problem and either he offers a solution (by providing a link to his content) which would be a good fit to fix the problem or he will remind the website owner he made an awesome blog post which his audience would find valuable and offer him to post the link to it. In this way he builds high quality backlinks that continue to boost the ranking of his authority website. See? I just linked to his content… that’s for good karma!

NOTE: One other good strategy you can use is to find authority bloggers and follow them on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Re-share their posts and try to build a friendship with them. Eventually you could contact them and let them know you had been following their content for a long time and you feel your content is a good match to share with their audience. Sometimes you will have your blog posts featured on their blogs resulting in organic traffic and a nice backlink to boost your own reputation. This will also create an opportunity for guest blogging to that target audience. One last other way to build backlinks is to read the blog posts of others and then share a thoughtful comment about the post telling the audience you also wrote a post about that topic and then posting a link to it. Some website administrators will flag it as spam if you just post a link that doesn’t add any real value. Comments which add value are more likely to be approved, helping you build more backlinks.

This post is starting to run too long. To summarize… you can use various tools like Buzzsumo and Similarweb.com in order to find good quality and reputable websites whose owners you can contact and tell about your content in order to build backlinks. A good strategy is to run screaming frog SEO spider in order to find broken links and learn why a website is outranking yours. You should offer to write guests posts and blog posts which target particular audiences interested in roundup websites or topics which are related to your niche. You should also find broken links on reputable websites and then contact the administrator to let them know about this problem, providing your own link as a solution or letting them know you wrote about a topic which is of interests to their audiences and offering them your posts if they give you credit (backlink).

By doing this, your website authority will start to build up and you will rank higher on the Googlebot search index. In general it takes years to rank a website properly without using these SEO techniques. So take advantage of them and combine it with MANUAL Traffic Exchanges and viral mailers so that you can boost your organic traffic to 50,000+ visits per month within a few months. You will see some results after 4 to 6 months instead of it taking years. I hope this information is useful to you. Talk next time.

======= PART TWO ========

The clock just hit 6:00 am and now is time to give you some new insights. This post is a continuation to the last post I published in which I talked about building backlinks as a core strategy to rank your websites and blog posts. If you are consistent in following the information I have been sharing with you I know you will start to see results. I have been using the same information to boost my own rankings.

Looking a little over a month back when my friend Larry told me about Plug In Profit System it was when the domain teamresidualnetworks.com was born. Back then nobody knew who I was, and most people still have no idea who I am… but some things have changed. Right now if you look for “Rey Home Business Ideas” you are very likely to find this website ranked in the top 5. I still got a long way before I rank for “home business ideas” or “home business” but knowing I’m already raking for those 4 keyword search tells me what I have been doing the last month is working and if it works for me it will also work for you no matter what niche you are in or what business vertical you promote.

So getting back on the topic of backlinking. I want to give you some more information which I have learned recently. Firstly let me express there are two main types of backlinks namely “do follow links” and “no follow links”. In general you want to build backlinks from authority websites and popular blogs which are “do follow link” because this kind of link has a greater impact on boosting you website rank in the Googlebot index. I want to note that “no follow links” also have a use case, in the sense that to Googlebot it makes sense for any website to have a balanced ratio between “do follow links” and “no follow links”. Simply put, if there are too many do follow links it could rise a red flag of SEO manipulation and Google could penalize your website for using unconventional strategies to rank your websites. If you want to stay safe you should use Gray SEO strategies in order to receive maximum benefit without being penalized.

NOTE: There are three main types of SEO strategies. Namely white hat, gray hat and black hat. Using white hat SEO it will take you years to rank your content and websites on Google. With gray hat techniques you can see results in a few months (2-6) but it still can take a year or longer to see good organic traffic flow. Black hat SEO techniques have a use case – sell a particular product as fast as possible until the website gets penalized for breaking the rules and gets removed from the ranking index. You should stick to using a combination of White Hat and Gray Hat strategies in order to see long term results and prevent being penalized. A fun fact is all this Gray hat, White hat, Black hat terminology came from the old wild west cowboy movies in which the good characters wore white hats and the evil characters wore black hats. Since there was no color TV at the time this was the easiest way to differentiate between good and evil in the movie.

Anyway, now lets get back to backlinking. As of recently I have learned that you could share (at maximum) the same link 3-4 times on any given platform before it no longer helps you boost ranking or authority. In the past I had come across some software tools which were designed to create hundreds of similar links for a specific URL. I did not understand the purpose of this… until now. HAVING MORE LINKS (different URLs) WHICH POINT TO THE SAME CONTENT IS PERCEIVED AS BETTER RANKING SIGNAL. Personally I think we should promote our content especially if is of value and it took a long time to put it together and many hours of research… but there are limits and we don’t want to spam. I think we could use different URLs to continue promoting our content every week or every month in various platforms without resorting to posting hundreds or thousands of links which will likely get you a nice penalty from Google. I would say for each article stick to posting a maximum of 30 to maybe 50 different links per week so you can boost your authority and ranking factor without suffering penalties.

NOTE: Previous to the Google search engine Penguin update it was possible to build backlinks by posting “do follow links” in any website. That no longer works. If you choose to build backlinks pick websites which are closely related to your topic or niche if you want to see any real benefit. Posting links in unrelated websites will result in penalties and there is also the likelihood of being blacklisted.

Now when it comes to strategies… in the past we have already covered that Google doesn’t like repeated content. So in order to send a better ranking signal you should write a main post – an article which is well over 1,000 words with pictures, videos and well researched (valuable) information to share with the world. The next step you want to take (and I failed to do this because I did not know…) is to create multiple summary versions of your main posts. It is this summary versions that you will be posting on the platforms and networks I will soon share with you. You want to do it this way to avoid posting duplicated content, and because it will allow to add a note “If you want to continue reading this post click here” and you drop a nice “do-follow link” to your kick-ass post.

What platforms should you be using? I will give you every platform I know and have used. Some work better than others in generating engagement and traffic but overall all of them will help you boost your authority and website ranking. I have collected this list by learning from many successful marketers. The list is in no particular ranking order.

YouTube (Post video content with a link to your website)
Pinterest (Use canva to create pins and infographics which go viral/great source to build no follow links organically.)
SNAPCHAT (Burning hot right now. Get in there!)
INSTAGRAM (One of the best places right now to promote your business and personal brand)
LinkedIn (Use write an article section and post your blog summary)
Medium (This is where I got started)
Steemit (Well ranking platform/crypto payments)
Reddit (You need to build your karma points to join more communities)
Quora (Some of my answers there get 10,000+ views per week… Answer a detailed post then link to one of your articles which has more information)
Getpocket (Some of my social traffic comes from here)
dailimotion (Post video content with a link to your website)
Flickr (Best if you can take quality high-resolution pictures)
500Px (similar to Flickr)
Flipboard (some opportunity for guest blogging)
ok.ru (Best for those who know Russian)
StumbleUpon (Over 500 of my social organic views came from this one)
Tumblr (The key with Tumblr is to pick popular images, re-share your content frequently and use popular tags)
WordPress Based Blog (Recall PIPS gets you set up with a WordPress blog if you provide a domain)
Veoh (Post video content with a link to your website)
Break (Post video content with a link to your website)
Liveleak (Post video content with a link to your website)
Slideshare (Upload informative presentations and add links to your website and blog posts)
Calameo (Similar to Slideshare)
4Shared (Similar to Slideshare)
Hi5 (Mostly used for dating. You can share links to your content from time to time.)
Vimeo (You can upload videos here but there are costs involved most times)
Metacafe (Good to share video content.)
Periscope App (Good to share video content)
Anchor (Good for podcast.)

That was a list wasn’t it? If you want to see progress fast you should try to be active sharing content in all of those platforms on a regular basis. This will help you build an audience. In the beginning most authority websites won’t be willing to grant you a backlink but you will catch their attention as you start to buildup some ranking and authority for yourself.

One last tip I can give you is to follow Gary Vaynerchuk who stays on top of current trends and the applications/platforms which are most widely used at any point in time. Something I learned from him is that part of his routine first thing when he wakes up in the morning is to look at i-tunes top 150 apps. This is how he can spot growing trends (before anyone else) and often times how he is able to invest into companies which are growing very quickly. You and I should do the same in order to stay ahead of the game by being able to capture a bigger audience with less effort.

TIP: Use this tool to learn more about your current SEO strategy. Aim to improve any score which appears in red.

So there it is! You have tons of ways now to start ranking your website and grow your brand, attract more business and earn more income. I want to leave you with a last thought. Remember that even if you take this advice religiously ranking on Google takes a long time. Be persistent and work everyday towards your goal. Provide value. Publish case studies in which you analyze the numbers and results you got from following an strategy. One last thing I want to say is there are WordPress plug ins and applications like Snap Share and Buffer which allow you to automate the process of posting your content into the platforms I listed above and some other ones I’m yet to discover. If you join PIPS Stone Evans will talk more about this in his 30-day training series I believe he provides a PAID service by which he integrates social media platforms with SNAP. I will try to do this by myself but I haven’t found any good tutorials on how to do it yet. I’m gone. Is time for breakfast.

What we are doing is not easy… it takes time and effort. That’s the reason 97% of online businesses fail… people quit when they don’t see quick results. Then they blame the company they joined. The beauty in all of this is that once your blog becomes popular and Google starts sending you organic traffic and as you get better at promoting high quality products then you end up generating income which is far superior to a Job. At that point all the hard work you did will continue to generate residual income for years to come. Best of all, the experience you earn will only make you more successful. I will have something new in the next post. Have a wonderful and productive Tuesday.

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