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Improve Content Outreach With Googlebot [seo-tags]

In my last post I talked about CPA marketing and how this is probably one of the best business models for this day and age. As I continue to learn more about this world of online sales I have come across some more useful information I want to share with you. You see, often times I’m able to rank many of my blog posts in Google in the top 3 search spots. Sometimes I rank for short tail keyword combinations like “massive savings” which is very competitive, other times I rank for long tailed keywords (combinations of 3+ words) which is much easier to accomplish. I remember one time I published a post and within an hour it was ranked second for the trinome “affordable premium services” because an individual with great SEO skills republished it and added a source link to the original article. I found funny the fact he was not necessarily an authority blogger or roundup website owner it happened to be a combination of decent content and his added SEO skills as bonus.

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At the time it boggled my mind how SEO could cause such a huge impact in determining the rank of a website or blog post so I started learning about the topic from authority sources like Brian Dean, Neil Patel and Pat Flynn. I have come to learn text based search engines such as Google use programs also known as “search spiders“, “search crawlers” or “web crawler” (like Googlebot) and this is how the company examines and determines what your content is about and the corresponding search queries that would be a good match for this content you have produced. The idea is if you are able to instruct Googlebot to associate your content with many related keywords that describe your articles then your organic traffic from search engines will start to duplicate because more search queries will link to your content.

NOTE: When it comes to companies and marketing there is big competition going on. As a result, people try to game the technical aspects of the system and try to find ways to exploit the functionality of web crawlers. This is why there has been measures put in place and companies like Google penalize websites and pages that try to abuse the system by adding many strings of search terms to rank for and appear for. I’m aiming to give you the best information I have found on this topic. According to Neil Patel titles should be no longer than 70 characters and tag descriptions should not be longer than 150 characters if you don’t want to be penalized by the Google algorithms.

One of the easiest “SEO hacks” out there is to use tags. Here is a good article which explains the right way to use title tags in combination with “h1” tags in order to have a richer pool of keywords bringing traffic to your website.

NOTE: Any Content Management System like WordPress and Wix can benefit from using tags to boost traffic. A content management system is a framework of related programs that allow you to create and manage digital content. For example if you have ever used WordPress you probably know there are thousands of plug ins available that make it easier to create, share, edit and customize various forms of digital content.

On top of this you can also use regular tags to further increase your website outreach and visibility. In the case of wordpress which is the content management system PIPS uses you can add tags by using your admin dashboard and going to “Posts”->”Tags” and adding words that further describe your content. Look at the end of this post to see how the contributing author added a list of tags for the web crawler to index. Another great source to learn more about other types of tags (namely meta-tags) is Moz blog. I will continue to expand this article as I learn more about this subject and use the skyscraper technique to produce a post that ranks very well.

Right now I will be adding tags and meta-tags to all of my other blog posts. I’m hoping you find this information useful to grow your business and attract more free traffic to your websites. One last quick note I want to point is that sometimes it takes months before your website is crawled. This is why some affiliate marketers experience sudden success out of nowhere and start to see many sales come in – because previously they were not getting much organic traffic given their website had not been indexed and ranked properly. Until next time!

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Do Your Sales Right [CPA MARKETING]

As I write these lines of text I feel somewhat agitated because my internet speed as of lately has been the sluggiesh mothe%#&^ it has ever been. I guess after I’m done writing this I will call Comcast and ask one of the kind operators to reset my connectivity for best performance. Anyhow, today I want to talk about a sales strategy I learned from two great affiliate marketers in Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld who are able to exploit CPA offers to recuperate the money they spend on advertising.

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NOTE: CPA refers to Cost Per Action which is a model of compensation commonly used on affiliate marketing programs. An example of cost per action would be earning two dollars every time someone inputs their name and email on a form that has your affiliate link attached to it. The reward ratio purely depends on the complexity of the action and the data that needs to be submitted by the individual you are inviting. For example, some CPA programs out there will pay you 25 cents of a US dollar when someone downloads a simple game, or app. You can also expect to earn $20 or more given the case they have to fill a big questionnaire form (think data related to life insurance, real state or career programs linked to higher education or job opportunities). Many survey sites partner with Corporations and Businesses to bring them leads and then have you fill the forms and give you only a percentage of the reward. Some even charge you a membership fee to able to access the forms. It takes some research but you could find the forms and earn 100% of the rewards if you are interested in doing this.

You see new affiliate marketers (myself included) very rarely find ourselves in a position where we can launch or advertise our very own products. Launching new products involves costs that only established figures could afford. Even if we turned to places like Kickstarter and Angel List in look for funds to bring our project to life we still would have a credibility gap  to fill in the sense authority figures are born before a successful launch is feasible. Building an authority figure often times takes years of self growth, objective experimentation (tracking numbers), and many other lessons from the journey in becoming successful doing online sales.

As a result the smart way to launch an online business is to leverage the work of an authority figure, established brand or entity which already underwent and succeeded all the limitations we currently face. This means we would promote the product some third party organization made and earn a percentage of each sale. We can pick among many different product categories which are most commonly called “niches” including health and fitness, business education, hosting services, tools to automate online businesses (autobloggers, autoresponders, list builders, link trackers), cryptocurrency related (best for people outside of US and Canada due to government regulations), clothing and fashion among many other products and services.

NOTE: There are many affiliate networks and affiliate programs out there. A big chuck of your time should be spent joining these networks and looking for products you think will sell well. Then it comes down to experimenting as in promoting and advertising your links in social media or using paid advertising. Right now I’m still learning more about affiliate networks and product categories outside of the PIPS system. Offervault has been a great resource in discovering some of the best networks with great products. If you are not sure what products to promote you can’t go wrong using those that have already been reviewed in the Home Page. Stone Evans has been in this business for over 20 years and he has picked programs which are growing, generating profits and value to their members.

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Anyway, so we have established that we need to use the work of an authority figure or brand to get ourselves off the ground but we must be aware that our end goal is to become self reliable and depend on nobody (that or build partnerships with already established authorities). To get to this point there is two main strategies you need to start using today. The first one is you must grow your email list which means YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND TRAFFIC DIRECTLY TO THE OFFER. Instead you want to create a sales funnel or use Online Sales Pro to capture the client information prior to sending them to the offer. In this way, as you continue to learn more and become aware of more valuable products you can use your autoresponder software to let them know of this new useful product, service or business opportunity you found. Every individual that joins your list is a potential customer that can benefit from your products and services.  If you just send them directly to the third party offer they will be put in a list which is outside of your control and chances are this entity will continue to send them new offers of which you won’t receive any sales commission.

NOTE: As of recently Online Sales Pro app has been upgraded and functionality has been improved. I will add a comprehensive review at a later time highlighting the changes and my thoughts.

Did you catch that? Big brands are able to entice customers into buying by offering irresistible deals… sometimes they even ship products for the cost of freight. Then as time passes new irresistible deals are sent to the customers, and these products involve more value at bigger costs resulting in bigger profit margins. So what did Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld taught me? What if we put in practice a new sales system. We create a lead capture page (also known as squeeze page or landing page) and we promise the visitor the free gift a third party company is offering in exchange for their email address. Once the customer has opted into our list we send them to their free gift which is our CPA offer. Now we are able to send them new valuable and irresistible offers using our autorresponder and continue to generate income (at no extra cost to them) when they buy the new products we introduce to them which they want. The best aspect of this new model is that implemented correctly, you could run paid traffic to your landing page and recuperate your investment by exploiting the CPA deals. Bigger profit margins are made using the autoresponder to supply new valuable products.

NOTE: At this point I’m still learning more about CPA programs and CPA networks I can use to run this new business model. I know it sounds crazy that big companies are willing to pay you for giving out a free product but you have to understand that one of the biggest industries which generates the most profits these days is that of selling advertisements (600 BILLION industry). Look at Google and Facebook which generate BILLIONS in yearly revenue from selling advertising. Some big corporations and small businesses alike these days prefer to give away free items in exchange for potentially earning a new customer than to put the same resources into paid advertising. It helps build trust and a better relationship with the customer who often times continues to buy new products from them. In order to scale and reach a bigger pool of customers they allow affiliates to promote the free products and pay them for their time and efforts.

At the end of the day with this new way of generating sales more people are winning. Corporations such as Google and Facebook (and others) win because people like you and I are actually able to afford the higher costs of advertising if we are able to make it back using CPA offers. We win, because we are growing our list which is the lifeblood of independent affiliate marketers these days in being able to generate consistent residual income online. The third party company you affiliated with also wins because they are also earning a new customer to send new offers to and they are saving in advertising costs at the same time and in employee wages as they need less salespeople to bring in leads.

Using this business model is how Manny Hernandez and Darren Salkeld became successful in the world of online sales. In the case of  Manny Hernandez he has been able to launch his own company which currently sells clicks on demand. Darren Salkeld is currently working with Digital Altitudes and has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the top leaders in the company. His current formula is based on doing what we have spoken about and following up by means of calling the lead personally or having a personal/virtual assistant call in order to welcome the new lead, answer some questions and point them to a coach who can help them from that point on.

Right now among my main goals is to set up and test multiple systems using this new business model and tweak it around until I can recover any advertising expenses. I hope this information is helpful to you and I will have some new insights next time. Right now I’m off to running a couple miles and then I’m calling Comcast. If you want more information on CPA marketing check out this other guide. Later!

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Boost Free (Organic) Traffic With Pinterest

Social Traffic – Free Advertising | King Digital Lifestyles
Is a beautiful afternoon here at the country club I live. In some of my previous blog posts I have talked about efficient and affordable ways to improve pageviews to your website and affiliate offers. Using traffic exchanges and viral mailers is some of the best ways I have found to send very cheap (sometimes free and profitable) high-quality traffic to my website. Today I want to talk to you about an unconventional search engine called Pinterest. Unlike Google, Bing and Yahoo which rely more heavily on text indexing Pinterest is a visual search engine. My goal for today is to provide you with some statistics on why you should be adding Pinterest to your marketing efforts and some of the strategies you can use to get the most out of Pinterest traffic.

The first thing I want to note is that some of the big brands have joined and actively pin pictures to help sell their current inventory. Let me share with you some of the facts and statistics:
* A pin is 100 times more likely to be shared than tweets which are on average re-tweeted 1.4% of the time
* Each pin commonly drives 2 page visits and six page views
* Pins generate 78 cents on average for Ecommerce sites (Think affiliate offers)
* Lifespan of a pin is a full week compared to 24 minutes for a tweet or 90 minutes for a Facebook post.
* Over 38% of Fortune 500 companies have a Pinterest account, 17% of which are most active
* 34% of adults using Pinterest make 75k-$100,000 per year or more.
* 87% of users have purchased products they found on Pinterest, while 93% use the website to plan future purchases
* Over 200 million active users as of September of 2017 and growing
* Over 75 million users from Tier 1 countries like US and Canada (High Quality converting traffic)
* Pinterest has reached over 11 Billion in Market value as of January 2018 see other statistics and some other facts

I could go on sharing a universe of statistics and facts with you. However, I think is more important to give you some tips to help your become a successful marketer using Pinterest. The first tip I want to give you is to create a business account. When you create a business account you will have access to Pinterest analytics which will give you some statistics about how often your pins are being shared. Opening a business account will also give you access to some training modules on how to use Pinterest for business purposes which regular accounts don’t get. If you have a brand with a name and a logo, you should use those credentials to help others find it. In my case I’m building a personal brand so I went with my name and a kick ass picture a friend and mentor took of myself a few years back.

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NOTE: There was a time when Pinterest analytics would give you all the statistics you needed. This is no longer the case. Pinterest has upgraded their algorithm so that more superficial statistics are reported. As a result there are some tools businesses have started to use. Some of those tools require a license or paid membership. I’m sharing them with you so you are aware of it. I will probably invest on them myself once I start building momentum on the platform since right now my account is still new and I’m still learning and testing how to maximize organic traffic from this source.

Other than having a Pinterest business account another strategy to success is to follow the most popular pinterest accounts (on your niche) and on a general basis. One of the fastest ways to reach success at any task, profession, or goal is to model what already works so looking at these accounts you can get an idea of what your boards should be looking like. From the research I have done unlike Google and Facebook, Pinterest doesn’t place big emphasis on whether you have a big brand or not. However you should realize that one of the biggest keys to success in having your pins promoted is to link your pins to useful content such as blog posts, how to videos, educational content, product reviews and other valuable media which helps users and consumers tap into precious information. I think Pinterest has chosen to do this because they want to become more competitive as a search engine alternative given previously more emphasis was put into promoting purely graphical content such as pictures and infographics.

One other key to success is to be active on the platform pinning and looking at the content and the pins of other users. Pinterest looks at your active time and they reward active users in promoting their pins. They have also added algorithms in place to help determine human activity versus that of bots. Pinterest being a very profitable platform has seeing an increase as of lately in content sharing software which similar to how buffer allows you to schedule tweets and blog posts also allow you to schedule and share pins during the most active times. These days some developers even sell licenses to software which can crawl through Pinterest by topic or niche, save the most popular pins to a secret board and then schedule to re-share them during peak times. These licenses are not cheap, so just stick to being active and sharing 5-30 pins per day linking to your content and affiliate offers. Some of the top Pinterest gurus suggest as much as 300 pins per day in order to generate the most traffic.

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Another great tip I can give you is to first start by following many users. This work equally for Twitter or Steemit social content sharing platforms. The reason to follow so many users is because often times they will follow back and this will help you create momentum in reaching a bigger audience faster. However, as you become more established and known you will need a different approach and stick to following authority figures in your niche or topics of interest. The reason for this is because your feed will be filled with much higher quality pins which will expose you with information rich articles, videos, offers and affiliate networks you can also use to grow your business and at the same time reach authority status. Even if you can’t sell a product if your life depended on it as you reach more followers other Fortune 500 companies and institutions will start to become interested in advertising their products through you as an influencer. Sponsorship deals like this could be the different between submitting to a 9 to 5 job you hate or being able to create dependable income as a business owner or blogger. In my personal opinion diluting your follows to authoritative figures on Pinterest is not as important as it would be in Twitter or Steemit but still this is something to keep in mind because it will help you get to the next level.

The last thought I want to leave you with is that there is a science to creating pins that become popular and are featured in the trending page. If you learn to create pins that go viral you will experience 6-10 times more traffic from just that one pin than what you could get from Google keywords. Keep in mind some pins take months to rank up and become popular in the trending category of Pinterest. Best of all, a well developed board rich in engaging pins that link to useful articles and videos will also rank on Google so you will be killing two birds with one stone and maximize the free traffic you will be getting.

To summarize you should become an active Pinterest user and take maximum advantage of the platform to grow your organic traffic. Pinterest is one of the best free traffic sources for bloggers and a platform rich in users that purchase many different categories of products. Some experienced users who heavily use the platform can also spot trends as they develop. This allows them to purchase and advertise products which go on to become very popular on commercial markets outside of Pinterest (Think Amazon, E-Bay, Shopify and other online retail stores). If there is something I have learned is that people are able to generate many thousands of dollars per month doing affiliate marketing and maintaining an online business but there is so much to learn and test to get to that point. I hope this information is useful to you in helping you grow your business and in expanding your marketing strategy. Talk soon!

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Making Money on Steemit Social Content Platform

Let’s suppose you are an individual with good blogging and writing skills. Perhaps you are a great photographer or have a track record for creating and editing good videos. Today I want to talk to you about the Steemit platform, how you could monetize this work you already do and why you should consider joining.

NOTE: This post is for new users and people who have yet to join. The platform runs a MERITROCRACY type of system which means the amount you will earn is directly proportional to the quality of your work and the amount of followers which upvote and comment on your posts. Some users create Facebook groups which form tribes of steemers designed to help share and promote content which results in better reward ratios. I first published it on Steemit but I will continue to update it here.

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Firstly, let me tell you a bit about myself. I spent six years of my life completing college and university curriculum and graduated with a degree in computer engineering. However, when I began working I quickly realized I needed to find other ways to generate income not because I was making little money but because I no longer had time to pursue the activities I loved in life. Over the last four months, I have tried many different ways to make money online. Some have turned out to be scams, while others are opportunities which I’m still developing as income streams.

One such opportunity I’m currently putting all of my time into is a social content sharing platform called Steemit which has been around for a little over two years now. The reason why you would want to join Steemit and become an active user over other social platforms like Facebook and Reddit is because Steemit will pay you for curating or creating and sharing useful content. Something every new user should do if whenever possible is read the Steemit whitepaper which explains how the platform works.

NEW NOTE 3/8/2018: Tone Vays debates Steemit Platform is a scam. Watch this debate to see his point of view.

As you will see if you read the white paper steemit has a complex economy which is not intuitive to users starting out. I don’t know all the details but I will try to give you a basic understanding based on what I have read and understand.

Steem: A popular cryptocurrency which is free to transfer and runs on 3-4 second blocks making it one of the fastest if not the fastest cryptocurrency to transact. Some exchanges allow you to trade Steem for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

NOTE: An exchange in a platform which acts as intermediary in helping trade fiat currencies like USD for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Steem. Cryptocurrency exchanges also allow to trade cryptocurrencies like Steem for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges include Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, BINANCE (BNB), GDAX and many others.

Steem Backed Dollars (SBD): Steem backed dollars are similar to promisory notes (IOU) or signed documment acknowledging a debt. Basically you can redeem an Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) for about one dollar worth of Steem cryptocurrency.

Steem Power: Think of Steem Power as a savings account. The more Steem Power you have the more monetary value you can generate for yourself and others in the steemit community. There are multiple ways you can obtain more Steem Power including:

1- Posting high quality and unique content on the platform
2- Upvoting other high-quality content published by other users
3- Using your computer or other hardware to mine Steem
4- Purchasing Steem or Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) and “Powering up”
5- Successful user in the community delegates some VESTS to you

NOTE: Think of Steem Power as a fund or sum of money you keep in an account which grows and then some day you can “Power Down” and withdraw equal payments for the period of 104 weeks. A better strategy according to multiple reputable steem users is to repeat the power down cycle every single week right after receiving payment because active users in the community with high reputation will grow their Steem Power faster than they can consume it when they power down. In this way you increase your weekly payment every single week you remain active in the platform either curating content or creating it. Something else to note is that VESTS is nothing other than share units which make up the power up fund type of account. To check the number of VESTS in your account and other helpful information click this link and change “raterlabs” to your own steemit username if you already created an account.

NOTE: When it comes to upvoting most sources I have read from say you will be best rewarded if you attain the skill of finding NEW AUTHORS that write a post which goes on to become very valued content within the platform. Whoever is first to upvote such a post will receive the bigger reward especially if they do it early on. There are many different strategies you could use. What many users do is use services like steemvoter.com to casts automated votes any time their favorite content creators upload a post. Some people find this to be an unfair practice because there are times posts with low quality get lots of upvotes due to autovoters. My advise to you is to find ways to grow your reputation so that one day you could get automatic upvotes. These users had to work very hard to attain their followers who upvote their content. Also don’t forget to add new deserving users to your autovoter because this will help continue to grow the community.

There is a lot more complexity to Steemsian economics some users even show you how to know your Steem Power Interest Rate.

I don’t know all the details but my research shows that on a general basis the payout is broken down like this:
1- 25% of the total value goes to the content creator in the form of Steem Power
2- 50% of the total value is paid to the content creator in the form of Steem Dollar (IOU)
3- The remaining 25% goes to the people that upvote/comment

Now of that last remaining 25%, some rules apply:

*If a post happens to be uptoved just moments after being published, 100% of the CURATION REWARD is earned by the author. So if you put a lot of work into an article you can upvote it right when you publish it and if it becomes popular then all curation reward is handed to you. Some authors like Jerry Banfield who hold lots of Steem Power and became a steem witness are able to earn 20 Steem Dollars or more for upvoting their own content.
*When a post gets upvoted 3 minutes after being posted 90% of the curation reward goes to the author and 10% goes to the curator.
*After the 15 minute mark is a 50/50 split and this is the configuration most autovoter systems use
*After 27 minutes 10% goes to the author and 90% goes to the curator
*After 30 minutes have passed 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator

At this point you should have a basic understanding of the steemit reward system. Now lets talk about how you can become succesful in this platform. The ideas I’m about to express are not my own because I’m not an experienced steem user but I’m drawing from the experience of some of the best users in this platform who have achieved 70 or more reputation points. Every single one of the top users say that Steem rewards you based on your reputation. You could be the most amazing author and content creator… if you don’t learn to effectively rise your reputation you will fail and become frustrated.

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NOTE: Due to steemsian economics you will find is a common practice for some people to create multiple accounts and split some of their Steem Power into each of these accounts. This is done because the more you upvote in any given day the less your vote counts. A vote casted with 100% voting power will results in a bigger tip to the creator and also a bigger curator reward for yourself for voting. As voting power goes down you will see your tip to the creator is less and your award as a curator is also less. Think of your voting power as a rechargable battery that tries to recharge back to 100% in a 24 hours period but you can only use so many charges each day for it to get back to the 100% mark.

Some sources recommend to vote 12-16 times per day. Others recommend to do 20-30 times. I believe 18-20 times per day is the safest bet based on everything I have read up to this point. The reason to create multiple accounts is because it allows to have more overall voting power and it also allows to delegate back all of the power to one account should the user want more Steem Power in a single account. I have mixed feelings about how this works but I know many users so called “whales” do this in order to tip more money back to content creators as they also attain more Steem Power of their own and curation rewards. One last fact I want to share with you is that you should not post more than 4 posts per day because you will receive penalties that will result in less payouts. Keep in mind every update you make to a new post like fixing an spelling error counts as a new post and there are better times of the day to post.

So what is a whale? Steemit as a platform or organization has ways to rank the users in their community by the perceived value they have added.

The first step toward rising your reputation right as you start is to announce yourself as a new member of the community. Not everyone follows the same ranking rules but these below seem to be the standard based on my own research. MVEST refers to 1,000 VEST held as Steem Power within the company.

Plankton – anyone who holds up to 1,000 VEST [1 MVEST] the Newbie in the community
Minnow – anyone who has 1,000 to 10,000 VEST [1 to 10 MVEST] the Super User according to some (Yey that’s me!)
Dolphin – anyone with 10,000 to 100,000 VEST [10 to 100 MVEST] the Hero of the community
Orca – anyone with 100,000 to 1,000,000 VEST [100 to 1,000 MVEST] The super heroes
Whale – anyone with 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 VEST [1,000 to 10,000 MVEST] These Users Have Reached Legendary Status
Mega Whale – anyone with over 10,000,000 VEST a status which is currently reserved to the founders of the platform who have placed the most effort to develop all the features the community is pitching and the big investors that support the community by holding Steem Power.
Giant Squid – Also known as the whale killer few know about this rank which is held by the user with the most Steem Power.

So now getting back to the topic of rising your reputation effectively I want to share some tips that can help you advance much faster than I have. The first step every user should take is to become familiar with steemit.chat and create a post to introduce yourself. If you go to the steemit main page you will see the “Tags” section currently at the left of the screen. Those tags represent the most popular steemit categories and “introduceyourself” is one of the most user friendly and follower engaging tags you can use to KATAPULT your account through the ranking hierarchies. So make a concise introduction of who you are, your skills, and what you plan to do to help the community grow. As soon as your introduction is ready and you post it in the steemit platform go to steemit.chat and post your introduction there. There is a member of the community know as @gandalf who scours for good submitions and will often times reward your efforts by upvoting your content.

NOTE: Since introducing yourself is one of the easiest ways to grab interest from the community many people try to exploit the opportunity and create multiple fake accounts impersonating public figures. The whole point is to use the fame created by this other individual to gather quick votes which result in bigger rewards. As a result is commonly to see steem users writing the current date on a piece of paper to prove authenticity. As far as I have seen the steemit team will seek proof of authenticity anytime some famous person tries to join because they don’t want to support scammers who take advantage of the community.

Don’t just introduce yourself. Find out about other tags and channels within steemit.chat and post your introduction link on the relevant channels. A rule of thumb (based on the research I made) is that you are allowed to repost you links every hour. I think this is spammy so I stick to once per day and many times I only do it once so other people can have their share in being able to promote their content. There is a board in particular called “postpromote” which is so heavily used that is probably best not to use it altogether because your link will disspear off the screen in just a couple of seconds and burried into oblivion.

TIP: To post properly in steemit.chat you need to know how to properly link pictures. This is not too complicated just follow the example below:


Basically, you need the url to your post then you follow with [>] and lastly you want to put in between parenthesis ( THE URL TO THE IMAGE YOU WANT TO APPEAR IN THE CHAT NEXT TO THE POST URL )

If you are having issues uploading images to steemit learn to use a tool called imgur. Another tip I can give you is to use Markdown over HTML because your images will have less errors as in images will load faster and be displayed accurately. This is something I’m still learning more about, I have noticed there are times images I have embedded in my post won’t load at all and is very likely because I have been using HTML tags.

Remember how we talked about Giant Squid and whale killers? Well in order to ensure authentic authors are rewarded there are bots known as “content detectors” which are programs that try to find pliagarized content. Probably the most famous of all these content detection bots is the Cheetah bot whom I have encountered in one of my posts before. The Cheetah bot will ban people who pliagarize their content. In some specific cases it will whitelist those authors who are known to post their articles in more than one place. In my case I post here and back on my main website so I probably should try to get whitelisted. The key point to understand here is to post authentic content, and raise your reputation level and rewards will come from the community.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a guide writen by another user to help you raise your reputation. To see results in steemit it will probably take you some months until some whales and dolphins find your content interesting and start upvoting your masterpiece. The start is difficult but if you work on building your reputation eventually you can make some decent money using this platform. Part of my path to success is to write content for my website so why not try to monetize it as well. I will write the content anyway because I want Google to send more organic traffic to my website.

I want you to also note that photography is big in the Steemit community. So if you are an awesome photographer perhaps you will find yourself at home in this community. Kodak as of recently has decided to create their own blochain technology which will help track picture rights to the rightful authors and help monetize good pictures. Reddit on the other hand has seen an introduction of “tip bots” which allow users to tip other users with cryptocurrencies such as doge coin and IOTA. Facebook is not a total waste of time either if you have a big following there. You could use places like TOMOSON to find brands that will send you discounted or free items to your home in exchange for posting comments in your Facebook timeline or twitter feed. Some of those brands will even pay you if you happen to be a big influencer with thousands of followers. This is why one if my bigger goals is to have more followers. Followers turn you into an influencer and being an influencer will open a world of opportunity in being able to generate a living by promoting certain products.

So to summarize I hope this information is useful to you and I hope you decide to join the community. Feel free to leave me a comment below and connect with me in steemit.chat. I hope in a year or two you reach Whale Status and this platform continues to grow and produce great content. Something I have seen is that my posts on steemit often times will outrank the same post on Medium or on my website… so from a SEO perspective to get more eyes on your content this platform is worth using. Generating some income is just an added bonus. Right now I will start learning more about how to use Pinterest as a tool to drive organic traffic to my blog and website so my next post will likely be about this topic. Until next time!

PS: One last thing I forgot to mention is that there are services which take take SBD or Steem payment in order to help you find whales and dolphins to upvote your content. This is probably worth it from an investment point of view but I would rather have a genuine individual that liked my content to upvote. You should also keep in mind currently it is the mega-whales and witnesses who verify the integrity of the network that hold the most power but this won’t be the case in a few years. There is currently a power shift going on which attributes the most power to content creators who remain active on the platform. Ultimately your goal should be to become an engaging content creator if you want to reap the most benefits from using this platform.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any of the pictures used in this post. I thank their respective authors for uploading them to Google.

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Earn Royalties With Merch By Amazon

T Shirt Designs – Company Branding | King Digital Lifestyle
It has come to my attention that similar to YouTube there are now very successful individuals who are creating powerful brands by writing and sharing content in the Steemit platform. Today I want to talk about a program some of you may already know about or heard of. The idea here is that those users who have build a popular brand using Steemit can leverage their influence and further monetize their work by using Amazon Merch. Read below to get a better idea of what this is all about and how you can join the program. I think 2018 will be the best year yet because Amazon is looking to expand this program.

Since being introduced in late 2015 the program Merch by Amazon has been so successful that it has continued to hit scalability problems with every year that runs by. Merch by Amazon is a service which allows content creators such as YouTubers, developers, musicians, painters, graphics designers, cartoonists and many other forms of an artists or product creator to sell their designs of T-shirts – printed on demand. They can use this T-Shirts to promote their brands or creative ideas. Those who are accepted into the program earn royalties with every sale of their T-shirts. This program is free to join.

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NOTE: As of January 15, 2018 royalties will be calculated in a different way because there is an increase in the cost to support the program. I believe this is to the benefit of the program as a whole because it will help solve scalability issues including being able to purchase more raw materials and machines to produce the T-Shirts. They can also expand into more areas where new warehouses are prepared and filled with support teams to process shirt designs. The first year the bottleneck was running out of raw materials. The second year it was not having enough workers and machines to successfully manage all orders placed. Now for 2018 they are looking to improve the program by investing in new warehouse locations that will be conditioned with skilled workers and new machines to handle the load placed by the designers. As of right now there are two warehouse locations servicing the United States and one in Europe. This program is yet to be brought worldwide, so there will be big potential to generate income for years to come if you have a strong brand or have popular designs to sell.

This program became so popular that Amazon had to limit the amount of content creators who participate. At one point anyone could join, complete their design, create a listing and start earning royalties based on the performance of their T-Shirt but right now the program is INVITATION ONLY. The invitation process usually took two weeks (Currently it takes two months) and Amazon has no plans of reverting back to the old model anytime in the near future. If you want to become part of the program you can place an invitation request here.

NOTE: To place your invitation use Mozilla Firefox. In my experience, Google Chrome did not work. If you want to learn more information about Merch by Amazon you should have a look at this resource page . Another great resource I can also share with you is this blog and podcast with abundant information about this program.

The resource page will answer most questions you can have. Something I want to point out is that at this stage you can’t place bulk orders on T-Shirts. Instead, when you first start out you can upload up to 25 T-Shirt designs. So if you are planning to use this service to mass produce T-Shirts and have them shipped to your company, you are better off creating relations with a distributor somewhere in China, India or other place where there are companies that provide this type service. You can always check on Aliexpress or AliBaba for such distributors if bulk orders is what you need.

Something else I want to point out is that in order to submit more designs and increase the overall volume of T-Shirts you can sell at any specific point in time you need to level up your rank or Tier in the Merch by Amazon system. The ways to rank are primarily by generating sales with your design or by producing high-quality T-Shirts with designs the customers find valuable to wear. I like that Amazon takes into account T-Shirt quality because the bigger brands can generate more sales by leveraging their history. As a result often times new brands end up producing better quality products that makes them deserving of being able to grow their business either by being able to place more designs or sale more T-Shirts.

Note the tier process allows you to upload more T-Shirt designs like so:

New Account – 25 Design’s Slots

25 Shirts Sold – 50 Design Slots

50 Shirts Sold – 100 Design Slots

100 Shirts Sold -500 Design Slots

500 Shirts Sold – 1000 Design Slots

1000 Shirts Sold – 2000 Design Slots

2000 Shirts Sold – 4000 Design Slots

4000 Shirts Sold – 8000 Design Slots

Some selected accounts which sell more than 4000 Shirts are also allowed to unlock even more design slots.

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So how much money can you expect to make using Merch by Amazon? There are many factors that go into how much money you will be making. Some people have seen great success and they have been able to sell hundreds of T-Shirts per day and then this volume of sales starts to die out until they are down to selling 5 or 10 per day. Sometimes the problem has to do with raw material deficiency. Other times is because there are not enough workers or machines in active operation. These are some of the factors we covered in the scalability issues. Some other times it has to do with being able to adapt. Amazon currently ranks the best T-Shirts ranking them from 1 to last, where holding ranking number one means this is the most popular T-Shirt that generates the biggest revenue.

A strategy you can use to create a competitive product line is to use plug-ins like DS Amazon Quick View which allow you to look into T-Shirt rankings. Then you can collect some ideas from those T-Shirts and create your own design. Another strategy used is to leverage popular niches and holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. For example during Thanksgiving, you can expect to see many designs with Turkeys which sell really well. When it comes to popular niches you should do some research about what you can print on your T-Shirt. For example, you don’t want to start creating content related to the Star War Series unless you get approval to do this. I’m sure these kinds of products would sell very well but you would need to give out some of your royalties back to the company that own copyrights. You must negotiate an agreement to print copyrighted material.

To summarize, I believe the changes which are happening tomorrow in the royalties paid out to content creators is to the overall benefit of the program. Amazon has long become the number one online retailer and being able to leverage their platform and customers to sell your T-Shirts is a great opportunity to build residual income and financial freedom. Popular YouTubers like Shane Dawson are able to generate $800-$1500 every single day. If you are an artists or developer give Merch by Amazon a try in 2018.

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Vital Card – The Social Credit Card [Cash-Back]

Sign up Bonus – Cash Rewards | King Digital Lifestyles
As of lately, I have been learning about credit cards and how to take advantage of credit card programs. My strategy right now is to accept most credit card invitations I receive to my mailing address, especially if there is a sign-up bonus benefit such as flying miles, points or cash back. A great resource to learn how to acquire maximum benefit from using credit card programs is uscreditcardguide. I recommend everyone to learn and digest the information shared there. Some people have used this information to get $60,000 worth of gift cards, over 3 million on their credit line and more than 20 million points they can use to travel the world in private jets, reserve hotel rooms and pay for dining. Right now I’m still learning more myself, so in later blog posts, I will give you more information on the strategies that work the best for me to maximize the rewards I get from credit card deals.

Stephen Liao is one of the few thousand people who currently fully understand and take maximum advantage of credit card deals.

Anyhow! Today I want to share with you the first social credit card to come to the market. This card will be available during mid 2018 and is backed by the Visa credit card network. For a long time people have been scared to apply for new credit cards or to accept the credit card invitations that reach their mailbox because we all know at the end credit card companies want you to build up debt so they can charge you interest and get richer since that is their business model. Some companies charge as much as 32% interest with 24% or above being a normal rate for most people based on the “creditworthiness” supplied by the financial institutions. The Vital credit card will charge 10.90% APR on their classic Visa and 6.99% APR on their Platinum Visa. This is already a very low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which is only inferior to credit cards like the city simplicity credit card which allows to carry debt for 21 months without charging interest but then it quickly rises to over 20% interest that will accrue every month you have a running balance on the card. The vital card will carry no annual fee.

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A low APR is not the strongest factor why you should consider applying for a Vital credit card. The best feature of this social credit card is that it pays you to share it with your family and friends. This will be the first credit card to pay you 1% cash back based on the volume of transactions applied by the people that sing up using your link. The more you share, the more you earn! Based on average monthly spending habits, 10 sign-ups will generate about $525 of monthly income. To earn more you need to rise your VITAL score. Your vital score is calculated like this. You earn 4 points for each direct referral that signed up using your link. You earn two points for each referral that joins using the link of someone you referred. You can also earn 1 point for a person introduced to the credit card program three levels down. A bonus to owning one of these is that you will get a fancy metal card you could perform party tricks with or use like a shuriken should you awaken the ninja in you. Please don’t take me serious I watched too many Naruto episodes back in the day.

NOTE: According to some sources to be able to qualify for the cash-back pool from the individuals you introduce to the program you must spend a minimum of $250 each month. According to the team of lawyers and entrepreneurs who created the program, this is to incentivize people to spend money so more cash-back is shared among the community as a whole. They want the company to be able to give more cash-back than any other program in existence.

I find this program interesting because is the first of its kind. I believe the big financial institutions are starting to notice blockchain technology is taking over so they want to reward consumers with more ways to earn cash back in order to be able to maintain their businesses. Wells Fargo for example, fired some of their top executives due to corrupted practices happening. The company is giving out more cash back than they ever had before. They are trying to restore their reputation and give the money back to their customer.

This is the message CEO and President Tim Sloan had to say about the subject of corruption.

So to summarize you should get early access to the Vital social credit card program. This program is still being developed and many more ways to earn will be applied as we get closer to launch date during mid-2018. Remember that the more you share, the more you earn. Talk soon!

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The Best Cash Back Apps Reviewed

Ibotta, Drop, Dosh – Online Savings | King Digital Lifetyles
Is a beautiful morning here in Miami Florida. About three months back I wrote an article talking about some of the platforms I use to buy heavily discounted products from places like Amazon. This article was very well received and to this day still ranks very well on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can read it here if you missed it.

As of lately, I have found myself very busy. I have been putting my time towards building fully automated residual income streams and learning about ways to generate traffic. I’m working hard towards becoming the next “internet traffic guru” maybe I will get there in a few years. Today I will tell you about some of the best cash back apps I use to score even more savings.

1- Ibotta:

Ibotta is widely known to be the best receipt app there is. Over $240 million has been paid out in coupons and promotions by this app since it was introduced in 2011. The biggets problem to using ibotta is that you need to take pictures of most of your receipts in order to verify the purchases so credit is applied in your account. They allow up to a week from the time the receipt was generated in order to upload it and receive bonuses. Some selected stores like Walmart and Best Buy print QR codes at the bottom of your receipt which you can use to verify and redeem coupons within the Ibotta app. It is a known fact that Walmart is the convenience store where Ibotta discount programs and coupons are most redeemed.
Right now other stores with Loyalty programs are starting to adopt Ibotta Technology to make it easier for customers to redeem their benefits automatically without the need to upload receipts. Suchs stores include Rite Aid, Raley’s, Redner’s Market, Lowes Foods, Giatn Eagle, Food Lion, Weis and this is just a small set because many more are joining everyday. Ibotta is now also expanding to big shopping malls and is even allowing users to earn cash back when they make purchases using a selected cash back apps that have been approved. One last great benefit to using Ibotta is that you can redeem both manufacturer coupons and Ibotta coupons to save even more! The redeeming threshold for this app is $20.Try Ibotta.

Note: There are a few other apps which are similar to Ibotta you can use. Beware the offers and coupons are more limited. Similar applications include Checkout 51, Receipt Hog, Saving Star, Groupon/Snap by Groupon and Shopium. Favado is another app belonging to this category which alerts you when your favorite products are on sale!

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2- DO$H:

Do$h is an app currently in beta stages. The app allows you to see nearby businesses running promotions. You can save on multiple services like dining, groceries, online shopping, spa and gyms, hotels and many more. This app rewards you with cash bonuses. Until January 21st 2018 they will pay you $15 for every Facebook friend or family member you introduce to the app. They will be getting $5 bonus added to their account. The redeeming threshold for this app is $15. Personally I use this app to redeem the Amazon deals.

3- Drop:

Unlike Do$h, Drop pays using “drop points”. Every 1000 drop points you earn the equivalent to $1. You can use Drop points to redeem prizes such as hotel rooms, airplane tickets with American Airlines, Starbucks coffee and many other prices which also include raffles. What I like so much about Drop is that I can combine it with Do$h and stack up prices for placing Amazon purchases. I also love the fact that Drop allows me to link my Amazon prime member store card which is something I can’t do with Do$h. This means I earn 5% cashback on every Amazon purchase, plus drop points for every deal I unlock within the app that is related to Amazon purchases. As you can see from the picture below I’m a heavy Amazon user. Some people go as far as to give me the title “Amazon professional reviewer” because I often share my thoughts about the products I buy. I have to thank Jeff Bezos for creating such a wonderful platform! Try drop.

NOTE: To earn using Do$h and Drop you need to link the card that you use to make the purchases. The way these programs work is by tracking your purchases by looking at your bank account or credit card statements and then they credit the bonuses for the participating offers. These apps are for the people that don’t want to upload receipts and want everything to happen automatically.

4- Ebates:

Ebates is a browser extension which allows you to enable cash back on thousands of participating stores. Personally I use it for the digital coupons I can redeem at Amazon but there is a big variety of choices from Nike, to Alienware and AutoZone and many others. All you have to do is enable your cash back and shop!

5- Honey:

Honey is a browser extension which was creted with the purpose of finding the best price for the product you are researching. Often times when I’m buying from Amazon I check the best offer by using this extension. There are 3800 participating stores in the Honey Gold program. Every time you save money with Honey you will be awarded a percentage of the value of the item (usually 3-5%) and be awarded honey gold points which you can use to redeem gift cards for your favorite stores. Try Honey browser extension.

I will continue to update this list as I try more helpful cash back apps. I hope this information is helpful in saving you money. Some people are able to save thousands each year because they take advantage of deals in apps like Ibotta. Until next post!

PS: Those of you looking for more investment opportunities you should research the Kodak cryptocurrency initiative. Jeff Clarke stated in a press release that Kodak will be creating a platform where photographers will be able to sell digital rights and easily monetize their work. Kodak shares have gone up 60% since this initiative was made public.

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Million Dollar Investing Opportunities for 2018 [Cryptocurrency Facts]

Hi there my name is Reynaldo Rodriguez. I’m a software engineer who once worked long tiring hours testing aircraft applications. I still work very hard in building fully-automated passive income streams aiming to make $50,000+ per month in residual income. After many months of research and taking action on everything I learned I am finally getting results.

The biggest transfer of wealth in the history of humankind is happening right now. You can profit from the increasing value and utility of digital money like Bitcoin. I invite you to read the facts about this growing industry. Educate yourself prior to investing any money. United States and Canada in particular should be most careful due to government regulations. Also take some time to study Elliot Wave Theory as it will help you find patterns in the market and predict prices. This goes alike for cryptocurrencies, stocks and even Forex trading. Some companies are able to make millions of dollars consulting and trading on the basis they can efficiently predict market swings using this theory. I would be happy to share with you all the opportunities I know in the cryptocurrency space and give you an objective analysis of why I think it would be a good investment strategy but this market is very speculative at this point in time and there are so many variables to take into account. The technology is here to stay and new BILLION dollar competitors to Amazon and Google will emerge. It is rumored Amazon will launch their very own ICO and support their own cryptocurrency to stay updated with current trends. PayPal as of recently just filed their own patent to create a new cryptocurrency payment system to compete with Bitcoin.

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Please be responsible and EDUCATE YOURSELF. There are many marketers in this industry running scams to take your money. Over 1.5 million lost money in Bitconnect (myself included). If you buy cryptocurrency keep it on your personal wallet and never trade your resources to any lending, trading, or crypto mining company. About 99% of the time they will steal it… and given the unregulated nature of the market the likelihood of recuperating your money is slim to none. In short… if you buy cryptocurrency keep it on your personal control.

Some Facts: (See methods below)

  • Bitcoin dropped by 30% six times in 2017 only to increase 70-200% days later
  • 21 MILLION Bitcoin will exists. Over 16 MILLION have been mined. 4 million lost due to Bitcoin burning, lost private keys or because the owner passed away. The less there are the more valuable.
  • The last Bitcoin will be mined in year 2047. Difficulty increases to mine new Bitcoins. Bitcoin is a storage of value termed gold 2.0 among big investors since the protocol is not affected by inflation which devalues fiat currencies.
  • Cryptocurrency market cap has gone up over 330 BILLION since 12/15/2017 (more than tripled). See the numbers here:  (exponential growth)
  • Bitcoin went from $740 to over $22,000 in some Crypto Exchanges in 2017 alone.
  • Biggest entrepreneurs and investors like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, and Vladimir Putin have invested a portion of their wealth in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • 13 million Coinbase accounts were created this year. As of (12/20/2017) over 1.3 million are waiting to have their cryptocurrency orders processed through Coinbase. Coinbase USD wallet for United States residents are FDIC insured up to a maximum of $250,000.
  • The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) now allows for the trading of Bitcoin shares since last December 18. This is the first step to get big financial institutions actively trading Bitcoin.
  • 80% of the world is connected to the internet. Less than 1% of the population worldwide knows about cryptocurrency (about 15.2 million users). Adoption of this technology is happening at a rate which is similar to the early internet. The potential for growth and profits is exponential for the early investors.
  • Big financial institutions are starting to adopt blockchain technology as a core component to process payments and store information. The internet will also undergo a mutation phase where blockchain technology will be applied to make it more secure.
  • Amazon owns amazonethereum.com, amazoncryptocurrency.com, amazoncryptocurrencies.com and amazonbitcoin.com so is likely they will start accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as payment further adding its value and utility.
  • Health care, insurance, retail, financial services, shopping, energy and sectors of government are adopting blockchain technology. This has caused increased demand for miners.
  • Abigail Johnson (CEO of Fidelity Investment brokerage firm) is on board with blockchain technology. The firm now uses mining equipment to generate profits.
  • Visa, Citigroup and Nasdaq have joined forces and set aside a budget of 30 million for a startup to develop blockchain based services.
  • More than 90 other Central banks are currently discussing on World Economic Forum a plan to integrate blockchain technology. Mastercard also belongs in this list.
  • Blockchain technology will become mainstream by the end of 2018


  • It is expected 1 Bitcoin to go up to 1 million by year 2030.
  • If 1% of the wealthiest people in the world invest 1% of their assets in Bitcoin then the price would go to over $60,000

This technology is here to stay and now is one of the best times to join. Be the early adopter and you will reap more benefits.


  • Use the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets to your advantage.
  • Apply this million dollar rule ( BUY LOW/SELL HIGH ).
  • The patient investor always makes the most profits.
  • Create a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. Research the development team working on the cryptocurrency. Invest in the coins with strong development team which is creating useful technology.
  • Top investors like to put money on the top 20 cryptocurrencies. They hold and sell when prices go up.
  • ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are the best investment opportunities these days in terms of profits you can make BUT you should research well prior to investing. Most ICO’s today are scams used to grow capital for the promoter but which never give a return on investment for the investor.
  • According to some sources only 3% of ICO’s are legitimate investment opportunities.
  • Don’t put your eggs in one basket and diversify. Real Estate, Forex Trading, Stocks and precious metals should be part of your portfolio.
  • Look into platforms like Steemit, Yours Network and Brave browser which pay you to create written or visual content. You could probably monetize work you already do using these platforms.
  • Follow me here: http://www.teamresidualnetworks.com/ and I continue to share other great opportunities. I don’t like to rely on any specific income source because jobs are outsourced and companies go bankrupt due to our globalized economy.
  • Learn more about Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
  • Avoid buying cryptocurrency with credit cards at all costs
  • Watch this series if you want to learn how the global economy works.

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PSPS: The latest cryptomining operation to get shutdown was Power Mining Pool. Ethan Vanderbuilt focuses on checking company facts and has an index of companies which have turned out to be scams or which are very likely to be scams. I would recommend you to check his website prior to committing to an investment. If you want good information about crypto investing I recommend you to follow The Dollar Vigilante and join the investment newsletter. As of recently, they ran a big conference where the best investment opportunities for 2018 were discussed. He is selling all of the recordings for $200. (I’m not affiliated in any way.)

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