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Make Traffic Exchanges Great Again


Is been about three weeks since my last blog post. Since that time, many things have happened. As some of you may know I went to the Supercharge Summit hosted in Orlando Florida. In this event, I met many great affiliate marketers that taught me some of the strategies they use to grow their list, get more sales and maximize their profits. I have also met some old school marketers that also taught me new approaches to building my list. In this post I will share with you some of what I have learned so you can apply it to your own business.


NOTE: Using the techniques I am showing you I have been getting on average 17-18 new subscribers for the last 4 days. My list has quadrupled since I started applying these concepts. Here is what my Aweber account looks like this very moment.

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NOTE: Aweber was the first autoresponder created in 1998. To this day in my experience, this is the best software to use to send automated email sequences to your subscribers. I also tried Traffic Wave and Getresponse. I will also try out rocket responder which is meant to be the easiest autoresponder to use for people starting out. Of all I recommend Aweber.

The first concept I want to talk about has to do with link tracking. Being great at affiliate marketing requires you to track clicks to your link and conversions effectively. This way you know which ads are working and where they are working. It was Richard Takemura who told me I should be using the software Clickmagic to capture the numbers. Clickmagic allows you to give your link a descriptive name which reminds you of where you posted the add and it will give you a report of all the activity on the link and the source IP addresses that generated the click. It also measures the number of unique clicks to your links as well. If you want to learn more here you can find an in-depth guide.

Now that we have covered tracking I want to talk about Traffic Exchanges (TE). A Traffic Exchange is a platform which allows members to surf ads in order to earn credits. Depending on the program credits can be redeemed for cash or most commonly re-used to place different kinds of advertisements including solo ads, text ads, banner ads and URLS which link to your websites or offers of choice. Most Traffic Exchanges have rules that to earn credits the surfer or member looking at the add must be on the page for at least 5 seconds. Some traffic exchanges go as high as 20 seconds in order to credit points to their members. There is also new Traffic Exchanges which can track if the user closed the tab or is active in a different window. When they track that behavior no credit is given to the surfer and the administrator could ban the user for breaking the rules. Traffic Exchanges these days focus on maintaining quality surfers which are to the benefit of the customers and other members of the community. The results are REAL USERS being exposed to your adds who as I have found will subscribe to your list or buy your products if your offer catches their attention. The best traffic exchanges actively ban and remove individuals that cheat and breach the terms of service.

NOTE: One of the strongest points I find to using Traffic Exchanges as part of your marketing strategy is that you can find deals that you won’t find anywhere else. For example, it is common to buy ads for as cheap as 1 cent each. I saw a deal for a million banner ads impressions for only $30, (YES THEY GOT SOME AMAZING CHRISTMAS DEALS). The average click rate for banner ads has dropped from 5-10% a decade ago to only 0.1% as of today. This means that out of the million banner impressions only about 1,000 of the impressions will be clicked on for the offer to be revealed. If you think about it 1,000 clicks for $30 is not a bad deal considering the fact these days clicks can cost two dollars or more depending on the place you buy them. I bought 100 soload clicks for 89$ from a distributor I would rather not disclose and I did not get a single subscriber. I was using a landing page which converted really well too. You need to be very careful when you buy soloads because there are too many scammers out there who will take your money and give you nothing in return. I learned this the hard way. If you want to buy soloads get them here. Udimi is currently the best place I know to buy soloads. They actively ban any shady scammers and they have software that can track and verify suspicious activity such as bots click on your links.

Going back to Traffic Exchanges, the reason I like them is because I know a REAL person is looking at my offer. Maybe they don’t become a subscriber or buy anything from me right away but as long as I continue to test different offers and landing pages sooner or later I will catch their attention and either have them join my list or purchase my product. Let’s take for the purpose of comparizon Fiverr. Fiverr is a great place to buy just about any service. You could have a webpage made, or a logo for your business, an e-book cover made or videos professionally edited at very low rates. They have many services. One service you don’t ever want to buy there, however, is clicks to your website especially at rates like 1 cent each… cheap traffic like that is generated by using programs such as Hitleap which work very similar to Traffic Exchanges with the difference that everything is pre-programmed. A robot won’t join your list or buy any of your offers. The fact you could have another human being look at your offer for as low as a cent on a Traffic Exchange makes traffic exchanges amazing value and you should add them to your marketing strategy like I have.

NOTE: TElistbuilder is one of those platforms you should join and keep an eye on. The developers Blain Jones and his partners are taking into account all the feedback provided by the community using traffic exchanges and they are implementing all valuable ideas provided. They are also looking to integrate successful programs which pay using valuable cryptocurrency tokens. This is one of the fastest growing traffic exchange communities.

Something else I want to bring to your attention is that you should not use Hitleap or similar services such as 10Khits to send traffic to your websites. Some people spread the information about how great these services are and how they got 10,000+ new views registered to their websites. Perhaps you can fool someone and sell them clicks using these methods. Maybe it can help you land a job related to marketing and seo practices or score a position on one of the top affiliate networks because you show these numbers but you can’t fool Google and their updated algorithm. Google will downrank into obscurity your website if they notice this type of traffic. There is also link building services that a few years back were proven ways to help your website rank but this is no longer the case (ezine @rticles comes to mind). Now link building is all about being mentioned in reputable websites such as Forbes magazine. If you want a comprehensive guide on best link building practices check the Definitive Guide to Link Building for SEO created by Brian Dean who is an authority on the subject.

During this time I have also learned about Ezines, Viral Mailers and Safelists. An Ezine is a digital magazine or online magazine which is published periodically. Some Ezines have hundreds of thousands or even millions of active subscribers that read them. The point of using Ezines is that you can purchase advertising slots to your offers. Please note compared to Traffic Exchanges Ezines are more expensive as there are ways you can use Traffic Exchanges and get unlimited views to your websites and also get paid for it. I will add a document at the end which is a guide on how to do this.

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A viral mailer is another program type in which members of the community are rewarded for reading emails from other members. The emails usually contain a reward link which when clicked on deposits credits on your account which you can then use to send your own emails to other members of the community. In my experience each email sent will cost you 1 credit. Most viral mailers will offer membership programs which will allow you to earn more points when you click your credit links and also earn you points every day. Depending on the program you can earn 500, 750, 1,000 or more daily credits. Most viral mailers I have seen have a cap on the amount of members you can email each day. This number is usually 1,000 members. So some people become a member and pay for the membership which gives them 1,000 credits then sends daily emails talking about their offers and products. The frequency you can email other members also depends on your level of membership. In my experience I could be sending email every 1, 3, 5 or 7 days depending on the community and my membership level.

A safelist is very similar to a viral mailer but the difference is that in a safelist the members agree to send each other email. Some safelists will allow you to obtain the information of another member such as their name, email and cell phone number. A safelist will allow you to email hundreds of times a day all the members in the community so it could be exploited heavily as a spam service.

NOTE: When you first join a Traffic Exchange, safelist or viral mailer you will be given the strongest deals ever. If you read my document I will tell you which Traffic Exchanges to join to start off. Your strategy should be to start with just 1 and as you start building income continue to upgrade on the other ones. This way you will find yourself building more residual income because you will have more credit points to promote your offers. You will also be awarded points and bonuses when new members sign up to take advantage of the deals and promotions available in the Traffic Exchange and you will reach more customers because different Traffic Exchanges attract different people. A tip I would give you is to use safelists cautiously or completely ignore those programs because in an environment where all members can email the whole community multiple times per day the chances for abuse and spam are too great. Some users will automate the emails they send and continue to fill the inbox of other users. Worse yet, the administrators will be sending the most email and they will reward with most points. Why? Well they are building their own lists. Viral mailers are a better choice because these limit the amount of members you can reach each day usually to 1,000 and this results in a more responsive community which is of higher quality.

NOTE: Keeping track of mailers can be time-consuming if you don’t use the right tools. I researched this topic for hundreds of hours and the best tool I found is called referral frenzy. This tool allows me to email 94 different platforms using a single template. I have made it a daily routine to log into referral frenzy and send email to hundreds of thousands of potential subscribers/customers and it only takes on average 5 minutes of my day. I recommend this tool to everyone trying to scale their business. Is not about working hard, but about investing in the right tools that yield results. Work smarter starting today.

TIP: If you follow Jerry Iannucci he will give you a breakdown of the best performing viral mailers. Use this to your advantage in order to advertise your website, products or business opportunities. Always aim to grow your list.

NOTE: This is what my google analytics dashboard reports about pageviews to my site. As you can see the bigger majority of views registered to my website is comming from traffic exchanges, viral mailers and safelists. Google analytics is not as powerful as clickmagic but being a free tool this is a great resource most big corporations and fortune 500 companies use to track visitor activity. Something else you should look into is heat mapping tools which will help you expose which parts of your website are the most engaging and help you improve the weaker portions. This is something I’m still learning more about. You should also join easyhits4u which is the best traffic exchange right now and one of the few to reward their members with random referrals which often times results in commissions. Over the last couple of months I have personally scored 10 random referrals… and this has resulted in  300 free website visits. Even at 5 cents per visit this would be worth $15… so being a member of easyhits4u is paying off.

Most of the marketers that follow current trends tell me Facebook is the best place to advertise. I can tell you from my experience with Traffic Exchanges, safelists and viral mailers that these are also alternatives you should consider especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in Facebook Ads. At some point, I plan to become very good at using Facebook Ads but right now I just don’t have that kind of money to invest so that’s why I have been learning about alternative ways to promote. I learned this information from old-school professional marketers who are able to grow their list by 100 and up to 1,000 new subscribers consistently on a daily basis. They also make $5000+ per month from Traffic Exchange earnings. Sales they get from their list of subscribers further pushes the numbers up into ranges of $50,000-$100,000 per month with a selected few of them being able to make a million per month. Use this document to learn some of the best strategies they use. If you act on it you will see results. I have worked the last 4 days consuming this information and putting it to the test. It works! So get to it! I will catch you on the next post. Merry Christmas!

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In my last post here on medium I spoke about why you should invest in Bitcoin. When I wrote the second half of the post Bitcoin was a little over $6000 and as of this very moment it’s going for $8290 and it will likely continue to climb to $10,000 by the end of the year. Note due to black Friday it is expected Bitcoin prices to drop because people will sell some of their bitcoin to take advantage of the great deals going on. Anyway… the post I’m working on right now is to talk about some of the programs T. Harv Eker has to offer.

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Module two in the series “The Secret to Effective Negotiations” will show you powerful techniques to score better business deals. This is one of the most sought after skills any CEO, business owner or average employee could possess. Having the skills to negotiate deals could mean the difference between that highly sought after promotion you want or staying earning the same income and being passed over every promotion. If you use the advice T. Harv Eker has to offer you could very well start the new year with a 10%+ salary rise. Recall the end goal is to become your own boss! So re-invest that 10% into your business so you can become financially independent. This module is a must have for any business owner or CEO looking to invest in themselves. Part of the material will include specific strategies you can use right now to work less and earn more for your efforts and ways to scale your business by leveraging technology and systems.

Module three “Ultimate Marketing Strategies” will show you the same marketing strategies which made T. Harv the successful multimillionaire he is today. He has also used these strategies to help his clients grow their businesses. His clients pay thousands of dollars for one on one coaching. You could get all of this information for only $249 on this limited time offer.

The last module included in this offer “How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds” will show strategies you can use to recognize business opportunities that randomly pass you by in your everyday life. The last four days, I spent an average of 14 hours each, working towards obtaining life insurance license for the state of Florida. I remember one of the days as I walked by a random guy in the office stopped me “Let me see that belt BRO#!”, because I had a nice looking belt I bought 70% off from Vipon.com for 7$. He then revealed to me he had been selling the same belt for 35–45$ on a regular basis. He also talked about some Gucci belts he had in stock. T. Harv will help your brain tune up so you can recognize this kind of opportunities. In the case of the random guy he advertised his belts for me to purchase them. In my case I learned I could potentially find the wholesale distributor of the belt I wore… buy 100–300 of them and then resell them for a profit.

Furthermore T. Harv will show you techniques he has mastered over the years that he uses to monetize and grow a business out of thin ideas. I once read “Think and Grow Rich” and the secret to that book is you could become extremely wealthy if only you can think of that one million dollar idea. At some point in my life I spent months trying to think of original ideas that would help me become successful. I learned how to visualize amazing images in my brain as part of the exercise but I was never able to come up with any PURELY ORIGINAL idea I could apply to the real world to become successful. In other words when I thought of something I would google my idea and you bet someone else had already done it. So I stopped trying. T. Harv will share with you the strategies he has been using that help him find million dollar ideas.

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