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I'm Rey. Digital marketer, E-commerce developer and SEO Specialist. Welcome to my Home Business Blog.

Welcome to this Home Business Blog. I’m Rey and this is a place where I post the strategies I’m using to generate income online through affiliate marketing. Currently, I’m taking advantage of credit card deals and I’m receiving thousands of dollars worth of Amazon products on a monthly basis. I will share with you exactly how I’m doing it so you can benefit as well.

As of recently, I’m working for one of the largest e-commerce stores in the linens industry. I’m keeping myself busy learning and testing tons of valuable information I will be covering at a later point in time.

I have been receiving some emails asking me how do I get so much free merchandise. Below I have linked to the best websites and applications I’m currently using.
1- Big markeplace with offer codes up to 90% off.
2- Cashback and rebates
3- Free merchandise and cash commissions

I also wrote a more complete post about receiving free products you can find on the blog section of this website. Here is a list containing just a few of the products I have received for free using the methods I’m sharing.

Earn with Cashback apps:

The apps below can help you save on groceries and online purchases. You can also earn money for referring new users. Ibotta is widely considered the number one receipt app. Store clerks who collect your receipts often times use them in Ibotta to cash out hundreds each month. Dosh and drop are similar to Ibotta with the difference instead of sending a picture of your receipt to prove you purchased the item these apps allow you to link your favorite credit cards and this is how they track your purchases and add all of your cash back bonuses earned. Honey is an app designed to track the lowest prices in online stores like Amazon and automatically finds discount codes to use at checkout. Vital is a social credit card backed by visa with a great cash back structure. Discover It is my favorite credit card. I have earned tons of cash back points and rewards by using this one card alone.

1- Ibotta: (Lifetime rewards $20 earned minimum to cash out.)
2- Dosh: ($15 minimum to cash out, cash rewards.)
3- DROP: (1,000 Drop Points = $1. Redeemable for hotel rooms, airplane tickets, Starbucks coffee and other offers.)
4- Honey: (Cashback rewards included.)
5- Vital Social Credit Card: (Insane cash back structure.)
6- Discover It: (Double cash back match/earn $50 sign up bonus.)
7- WikiBuy: (5-10% discount coupons at checkout)
8- Ebates: ($10 Welcome Bonus, $25 also added after spending $25)

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates was the program which popularized affiliate marketing and building residual income businesses online in the first place. With Amazon Associates you can earn 4-10% commissions every time an item is bought using any of your affiliate links. Whenever someone visiting your website or blog post clicks on the product link you will receive a commission on any of the products they buy from Amazon for up to 24 hours from the time they clicked your link. A common way to monetize Amazon associates is to write product reviews or create niche websites. You could create a free blogger account like this one and start posting product reviews. Focus on creating useful product reviews that help someone choose the right product for their needs and you will see income start to increase every month from this source. Tumblr, wix and WordPress.com also offer ways to get free hosting for your blogs.

You can also promote products from thousands of other corporations like Walmart and e-Bay. Just research the company you want to promote and check if they have an affiliate program. Most times the corporations will have an affiliate program in place as it brings them more revenue in comparison to when they just spend their budget on marketing and advertising. Some affiliate networks I recommend you to look into are JVzoo, Rakuten Marketing, ShareASale, Commission Junction, AffiliaXe, Maxbounty and flexoffers. You can find more networks at OfferVault. Please note some of these networks wont accept you unless you can show that you are an experienced marketer who is able to generate sales. If you read my blog you will learn sufficient information to be accepted into most networks.

Other Must Have Business Tools:

Best autorresponder to grow sales by 3000%+: Aweber
Best link tracker: Clickmagick (Guide here)
Best viral mailer/safelist automation tool: Referral Frenzy (more info)

Landing pages: Online Sales Pro (more info)
Sales Funnels: Clickfunnels (Order your e-book)
Online Stores: Shopify (Great option for dropshipping)

Tools to become an influencer:

One of the easiest ways to make money online today is to grow your following on various social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Use these tools to multiply your number of followers so that you can start making money as an influencer from posting comments on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: Socialoomph (info)
Instagram: Socialdrift

Generate Traffic: Top Traffic Exchanges & Safelists:

Generate Traffic: Top Traffic Exchanges & Safelists:The most important skill any affiliate marketer can possess is that of generating targeted traffic. Bringing visitors to your websites and offers can be very expensive. The reason why companies are willing to pay you for selling their products or referring to them new customers is because the cost of advertising has skyrocketed in recent years. The market is very competitive and companies are losing big profits from regular advertising methods. This has led to PERFORMANCE MARKETING… which is where we can make big money. Under this model they pay you only when you sell their products or when you refer a new customer… both of which generate profits for the company in question. In comparison, when they choose to advertise they may not get a single sale or bring in any leads.

Traffic exchanges, viral mailers and safelists are among the cheapest ways to bring traffic to your websites. As a general rule of thumb in this business… either you pay for the traffic or you have to invest your time posting adds on forums, creating viral videos or surfing traffic exchanges in order to get visitors coming to your website. Alternatively, you could spend your time creating content SEO optimized content for various products and services and let them rank on Google as time goes by. You can also use paid SEO services to help you rank your website much faster. The beauty in affiliate marketing is that when people buy products they need using your links they don’t pay extra… the opposite is true. Top affiliate marketers will get you discounts. If you learn the skills to help the right audience find the products they need you will do great!

Best Traffic Exchanges to join: (My Stats Since 2/12/2018)(Other Analytics 2/12/2018)
I use MANUAL Traffic Exchanges to create ranking signals. Ranking a website will take at minimum 4 months for SEO experts. Most often it takes a year or more to rank properly and see a big surge in traffic. MANUAL Traffic Exchanges help kick start the ranking process, resulting in free organic traffic from search engines like Google in a shorter period of time. If you don’t have much money to advertise (like myself) then Traffic Exchanges are a good option to start building an audience for pennies on the dollar.
1- EasyHits4U (surf)
2- realhitz4u (surf)
3- Traffic-Splash (surf)
4- Tezak Power (tezzers) (surf)
5- Hungry4Hits (surf)
6- Hit2Hit (surf)
7- TopSurfer (I got the $10 deal for 5000 clicks)
8- TrafficSpeedway (surf)
9- SwatTraffic (surf)
10- SurfAholicsTe (surf)
BONUS – TeListBuilder (Fast Growing/Good Program for New Bloggers)

Best Safelist: Europeansafelist, Herculist and Quantum Safelist (21000 banner add credits and 1000 surf credits just for joining)

Other Great Programs/Traffic Sources:

Lucrative Traffic: You can join this opportunity for $20. This system allows you to earn referrals in 20 different traffic exchanges/viral mailers. Leads that join with your link will receive automated messages to inform them about the various profitable traffic sources and it will motivate them to join. This is a cheap way to start generating leads and making money since this is one has been one of the best converting programs.

Best Easy Work: You can earn money with Best Easy Work even when you don’t spend any money yourself. Personally… I have used this system to learn about various traffic sources and some old school marketing techniques. I let you be the judge if you want to upgrade your membership and earning potential with them. Once again another program with tons of valuable tips, tricks, and useful information to help you grow your business.

Yoonla Evolve: This program falls into CPA marketing. You get paid 2-$4 for each lead you bring. The program is active worldwide and you can promote it to your Facebook friends. There is also useful training, tips and tricks you will learn and masterminds available which pay you 60% of the sales commissions. I recommend you to join (It’s FREE).

Adzly: If you own a website (like your PIPS), you can place the Adzly widget and earn credits you can use for advertising when people see it. This is a GROWTH hack that takes a few minutes to set up and will get you tons of free traffic. These are my stats for 10/7/2018: Today » views:4276 clicks:119 CTR:2.783%
I’m getting over 500 clicks per week on a FREE account. Join now with my link and get bonus views!

MoneyLine: MoneyLine is a new list building concept which allows you to build a list of subscribers at a worldwide scale. Once you join everyone who happens to join afterward will be placed on to your MoneyLine. The list currently grows at about 1 new subscriber every single minute. There are premium upgrades which allow you to send messages to more people in your list. If you want to learn more simply check this video.

UDIMI: One way to find profitable traffic for your online business is by purchasing Solo Ads. This is a marketing strategy in which you purchase clicks from another marketer. The way it works is they send to their list an email (provided by you) in which you get to promote your product or service.  Out there you will find plenty of scammers selling Solo Ads who have bots that click on email links and the emails are sent to fake accounts. UDIMI is the platform which allows you to buy Solo Ads from legitimate sources and is among the very few Solo Ad services I would recommend you to try.

Need even more traffic sources? I have put together a document where I talk about some of the other tools and traffic sources I’m currently using. From personal experience… what I find is that the more you use a traffic source… the less responsive it will become. When this happens you could promote a different offer to that source… or you can continue promoting the same offer using another traffic source. I see more engagement from using various traffic sources. If you have more advertising budget you should try using Google Adwords, Bing Ads or Facebook Ads.

Do you have more tips and tricks?

If you want more tips and tricks to implement on your Home Business read some of my blog posts. You can also grab the FREE bonuses on this website. I encourage you to join my FREE newsletter and I will be sending you more information about building fully automated Home Businesses. Remember that building a business takes time. Many people find success after 2-3 years of working on their online business venture. The great part about this opportunity is that the HARD WORK of today will continue to generate income for years to come. You will also become smarter and more experienced marketer as you grow through this online business journey… and then eventually… as if by a struck of magic… you will become very successful entrepreneur. To taste success you must be willing to fail… and learn from your mistakes. Anything that is worth pursuing won’t come easy. It takes time and effort. If you learn to enjoy this adventure and you focus on helping other people (and not on the money you make)… one day you will wake up very wealthy and successful.

One of the hottest opportunities right now comes from SEO writing jobs and kindle publishing.

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