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Get Paid For Blogging in 2018 [Software]

Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. In the last post we discussed a Powerful Marketing Tool you can start using to bring more visitors to your website. In one of my previous posts I talked about ways you can earn money by joining various add networks and affiliate networks. Today I want to tell you about more convenient ways to automating the process of getting paid for blogging when you use the software solutions I will be covering shortly. I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages to monetizing your content with these marketing solutions in comparison to other, more common strategies.

Let’s start with some background for reference… When I first started working towards the goal of building an online business and blogging, one of the obvious ways to grow my business and get paid commissions… was to affiliate with multiple companies offering products and services which were related to the Home Business Niche. Some such products are autoresponders, affordable software to build professional lead capture pages or more powerful tools to create sales funnels. All of these are tools I currently use which have been making it possible for me to start to see results much faster than most people. I have read so many books of people who began working on their online business and it took them two years just to make a commission. By now I have made a few hundred from my blogging efforts and I’m just getting started! You can find most of the information I’m using to get results in this Home Business Blog and in the free newsletter.

The more you grow your marketing reach as a blogger and partner with more product manufacturers and services… you will find it will become difficult to keep track of all of your affiliate links. I don’t have that problem as much… because I promote the products I use on a daily basis which are producing results for myself. However… I have been having a big problem in the sense through my content I link to other products and services which some people find useful and buy… after clicking through my regular links. Whenever this happens this is money I’m leaving on the table. In an attempt to maximize the revenue I get from linking to useful products and services for home businesses and bloggers, I started partnering with more corporations. Problem is, a big portion of the products and services I could potentially monetize would not accept me into their programs for reasons they would not disclose. For example, I applied to infolinks and this is the reply they sent me.

“Upon reviewing your application, our quality assurance team found that it does not meet our publisher criteria.

We at Infolinks have the responsibility to keep our advertising environment up to certain standards to ensure the success of Infolinks for our publishers, advertisers and those viewing our ads. We review each website individually and reserve the right to refuse any application.

Unfortunately, we are not always able to respond to emails requesting more information about these decisions.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Infolinks Team”

Still… wanting to maximize the money I could earn from the blogs I had already created I decided to look for other solutions. I was lucky to be accepted to join the Ezoic network but for some reason I’m yet to discover when I try to use their name servers… minutes (or hours later) I find my website can’t be reached. So I had to give up on that. Ezoic uses machine learning to test which layouts and advertisements are more effective for the specific audience that visits your websites. Their solution conveniently integrates with AdSense if you want to try it for yourself. Maybe it works great for you.

NOTE: To be accepted to Ezoic you will need at least 10,000 visitors on a monthly basis to your website or blog.

The next solution I came across and tried out was Skimlinks. To join Skimlinks the approval process can take a few days because a manager has to see and approve your website manually. Skimlinks works with over 18,000 businesses and corporations. Their software works by creating affiliate links on the fly whenever you link to a products page or service. For example, I’m not affiliated with Namecheap but if you happen to click this link and buy a domain name to launch your online business I will receive a small commission bonus at no extra cost to you. That link goes to https://www.namecheap.com/ which is not an affiliate link as it is. In order to get this functionality set up find the Skimlinks plug in and add it to your website by using your wordpress webmaster dashboard or equivalent feature. Skimlinks provides clear instructions as to how to set up the service.

NOTE: The advantage to using Skimlinks is that it saves you tons of time in the sense you don’t have to join so many marketing networks. You also save time by not having to consistently grab affiliate links from the networks… allowing you to stick to creating content and linking to your favorite products and services. A bigger advantage is that since this service creates affiliate links on the fly your links are validated and don’t become broken links when the merchant stops the affiliate program in question. Skimlinks has also negotiated higher payout with over 200 different merchants in order to allow you to earn the same commission level even after 25% of the commission is lost.

I think the biggest advantage to using a solution like Skimlinks is that it would allow you to save considerable amount of time which you can reinvest into producing more content resulting in more commissions. Right now I use a password manager to keep track of all my affiliate links and this is how I have managed to stay somewhat organized but often times I find myself wasting time looking for an affiliate link which seems to have been lost or misplaced. With Skimlinks all I have to do is link to the merchant (Amazon for example) and I know I will receive a commission at no extra cost to my reader if they purchase any product. Skimlinks makes it easy to get paid as a blogger.

NOTE: You can get a free website similar to this one when you join PIPS. I recommend you to join and read the 30 day training series. It will give you many tips and tricks to get paid with your blog.

However… what if Skimlinks won’t approve you? There is a similar service called VigLink which operates using similar technology. They will convert regular links to affiliate links on the fly. VigLink also uses a technology which searches for commonly used terms like iPhone or Nike Shoes and it will convert that text to an affiliate link that can earn you commissions. Some webmasters own forums where users talk about products they like to use. By using VigLink they are able to monetize comments left by their users because the text gets converted to an appropriate affiliate link and as a result they get paid a small percentage whenever someone reading the forum threats clicks on the links and purchases. Based on my experience all I needed to do to join VigLink was to give them an email address and instructions to set the service up was sent via email.

Before adding the VigLink javascript code to your website make sure to check the settings because one of their options will convert existing affiliate links to run with VigLink if it happens to be checked on. By default this setting should be ticked off but I don’t know if that will be the case for you. The disadvantage to using these technologies in my experience is that links take 2-3 seconds to respond when a visitor clicks on them. This could create the false impression that the link is broken or doesn’t work and they could close it before it completes loading. Users these days expect websites to load very fast!

NOTE: I should point out that with Skimlinks you can withdraw your earnings every time you reach $10. With VigLink you can withdraw your earnings whenever you reach $25 in earnings. This can prove advantageous considering the fact that some networks place hundred or even thousand dollar caps before you can cash out what you earned. This can also prove advantageous when it comes time to pay Taxes because earnings can properly be found in one location and you don’t have to file what you earned in all of the other networks individually. One last great advantage to using these services is that when you link to a product it will automatically pick the network that pays the most. For example… Rakuten Marketing often times pays more than Amazon Associates. I was not directly approved as an affiliate with Rakuten Marketing but now through Skimlinks I can still link to products which are hosted on their network and expect to earn commissions if someone clicks on the link and buys the product.

Since some of the links take a few seconds to load when created on the fly, I use my regular affiliate links for the products I have been approved to promote. Whenever I don’t have access to a certain product I link to it and let Skimlinks take care of creating the affiliate link on the fly for me. It is estimated that over 700 million clicks don’t earn commission each year because bloggers and publishers don’t use solutions like Skimlinks or VigLink. If you will take time to develop useful content to share with the world you deserve to generate income for providing useful information especially if your readers won’t pay any extra money. You deserve this for spending time and energy in publishing useful blogs.

To conclude… if you have been running a blog for a long time or you are just starting out and you want to maximize the revenue potential for your content then I recommend you to try Skimlinks or VigLink. Some bloggers out there have been writing content for years and then they use one of these services and start to see revenue coming in quickly because their posts have already ranked well on search engines and people are already clicking the links that previously wouldn’t earn any commissions when a purchase was made. I hope this information is useful to you in helping you get paid for blogging in 2018. Remember to treat your blog like a business if you want to earn income which could replace regular jobs.


Free Marketing Strategy | Growth Hacking Website Traffic

Welcome back to your Home Business Blog. Is a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Miami. In the last post we discussed some of the most brilliant growth hacks of all time! By using these clever marketing tricks corporations like Dropbox, PayPal, AirBnb and Gmail managed to grow very fast even when they had very little budget to advertise their products and services. As you probably know by now, the average cost of advertising per 1000 impressions gets more expensive with every passing year. Some services will sell you cheap advertising which is generated by bot traffic. No good… Today I want to tell you about an amazing free marketing strategy you can use to growth hack your website traffic. In order to use this marketing trick you will need at least one website.

Adzly is a powerful, relatively new, marketing tool released in 2018. Simply put when you create your free Adzly account you will be able to crate a widget. The widget will contain adds from related businesses. Some of the categories you could create widgets for include Internet Marketing, Traffic Delivery, Web Hosting/Development, Technology, Trading, Diet and Exercise… Personal Development and many others. Whenever someone who is active on your website scrolls through to the widget you will receive 2-6 credits depending on your membership level. As a free member you earn 2 credits per add impression, there is also pro and pro plus type membership which allows you to earn six credits every time the widget is watched by someone.

NOTE: You can use this marketing tool to score on TONS of FREE Advertising even as a free member.

Based on this criteria… you can probably see how some people would try to take advantage of these widgets and send bot traffic to acquire free add impressions. However the developers knew ahead of time this would likely be a possibility so in order to prevent this from happening they are using the Google API most search engines use (including Microsoft Bing), in order to determine if the traffic is coming from a Botnet or some spam website/service. The team has also put in place random checks to ensure the widget guidelines are followed. Your widget won’t be approved in the first place if you break any of these rules.

1. The widget must be in a visible location on the website.
2. The page that you place your widget on must NOT be rotated in any kind of autosurf, autohit or automated traffic generating program.
3. The webpage you place the widget on must serve a purpose OTHER THAN advertising. In other words, you cannot place the widget on a page that’s only purpose is to generate widget views. The page you place your widget on must attract visitors for some other purpose, such as to read content on a blog for instance.
4. Your widget needs to be easily visible when somebody is viewing the page in a normal way. In other words, placing the widget at the bottom of a list of other ads is not acceptable because in order to see the widget, the visitor would need to scroll through all the other ads which is not normal visitor behavior.

According to the developer: “a unique view is based on a 4-hour unique IP check, meaning that the same IP address will only generate ad credits for you once within a 4-hour time frame.”

Now for the good stuff. Why should you join? One of the biggest reasons is because every time someone joins your Adzly link and places a widget on any of their websites what will end up happening is that you will earn credits when their widget is seeing by another person visiting their website. You can earn credits for up to two levels down… meaning that if someone clicks on the widget and decides to join Adzly and place it on their website you will also earn credits when a visitor watches the widget. This allows a HUGE potential for duplication making it possible to score on tons of free advertising even as a free member.

That’s not the biggest advantage to using this tool. Even when you get 100,000 impressions per month form all that duplication you can expect to get 500-1000 clicks on your text adds. Maybe more if you upgrade and run an image based add instead. What I find truly powerful about Adzly is the widget also HELPS YOU BUILD TARGETED BACKLINKS! This allows you to boost Page Rank and Page Authority which in turn helps create ranking signals on Google that allow you to receive more organic traffic to your website. As you can see the Adzly widget should be to the right of this very text (if you are on a desktop computer).

NOTE: When it comes to backlinks I know the team has a screening process prior to approving widgets to ensure the website in question is in the same niche and there is no malware, spam related or adult content. As a result you can expect decent quality backlinks that won’t negatively impact your website.

In my opinion the most exciting part about using Adzly is that as more people join and it becomes mainstream there will be people receiving hundred of thousands monthly hits. Get a widget set up on your website today! Join Adzly!

I hope this free marketing strategy proves useful in helping you grow your business. Remember that generating traffic is the most difficult part of building a successful online business. Even as a total “newbie” Adzly allows you to earn credits from the traffic of those people that join through your link. So all you need is to have a guru join under your link and start using Adzly across their websites to see a huge surge in credits and a huge surge in traffic. A month from now I will probably create a new post where I talk about the number of clicks I received from adding the widget. Right now I’m off to an early sprinting session. See you on the next one!


Growth Hacking Your Home Business [Digital Marketing Tips]

Exploding Customer Sign Up – Score Cheap Leads | King Digital Lifestyles
Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In the last post we talked about ways to grow a big following on Twitter by using probably the best tool there is for this task in socialquant. I also talked about a couple other tools which are also effective. Today I want to give you examples of what growth hacking is and how it can help you expand your home business.

Firstly, you should know proper growth hacking requires technical skill and creativity. The best growth hackers are software developers who have deep understanding of how to market products. Sometimes growth hacking arises from teamwork in which some of the members are technical savvy and the rest are very good at applying marketing techniques to achieve various goals such as grow an audience or generate sales.

Is also very important to understand that growth hackers thrive when resources are scarce. They are able to better allocate resources in order to maximize results or they create (or tweak) already existing tools to achieve the required outcome. Growth hackers use to their advantage many of the techniques and tools we already discussed in the post about super affiliate marketers to reach their goals. If you want massive explosion in your business you will need to invest in various tools to get the job done.

It is also important to understand that growth hackers know well the lifetime value of a customer who enters their business. This is a concept I first learned as I completed basic marketing training with the 21 step system. In my experience that program offered immense value for the one time $49 payment. Many big corporations today spend more money on advertising than the money they initially make from selling products to new customers. These businesses and corporations recuperate the invested capital (and turn to a profit) as new customers continue to buy products from them.

Based on those points above Sean Ellis defined a growth hacker as “a tech savvy and data-driven marketer that understands product and is comfortable working in a resource-constrained environment.” What I want to do is give you some examples of the best growth hacks ever done so you can model them and use them on your own business. If you are a creative marketer perhaps you can even come up with something original that scales your business overnight.

One of the earliest and most famous growth hacks of all time was when Hotmail added a Tagline near the end of every email any of their users sent. It read “Get Your Free Email at Hotmail”. Whenever someone reading email clicked on the tagline they would be brought to a sign up page where they could create an account within seconds. When this plan was put into action the company had a little over 20,000 users and within a six month period the number of accounts had grown to over a million. Eighteen months later the company was bought for 395 million after it had reached a user base of over 12 million. The interesting part about this growth hack is that when Hotmail first launched in 1996 they had no money to advertise their email service over the radio or on big billboards like some of their big rivals were doing at the time. Hotmail was also giving away the services free to all users who signed up. This same strategy has been successfully used by many other companies that came later including Apple who added their own tagline which reads “Sent from my iPhone.”.

TIP: Crafting a good email subject line is the most important part in all of email marketing. You should also write emails thinking about the audience that will read them. The goal of marketers these days is to put out messages which resonates with different groups of people in order to attract as many leads and customers as possible.

You should take a look at your current business and see what service, product or website you can promote using the same strategy. Something I see successful marketers do these days is to have a section at the bottom of each email where they post a link to their website and they also use a call to action such as “Join my newsletter – It’s free!”. I know I will start using this strategy more often. Gmail in particular allows you to add a signature section you could be using to promote your business with every email communication you send.

TIP: Website speed can make a huge difference on whether a lead (or potential customer) decides to wait for the page to load or goes on about their day. Your website should load within two seconds or less.

Another growth hack is to give away “free money” (or resources) to capture a new lead or potential customers. When PayPal first started out they had a referral program that gave $10 to everyone that signed up to use their payment services. It is also known that PayPal created an algorithm also known as a bot which purchased auctions and other products on the eBay platform. The purpose of the software was to promote PayPal because this was the payment system used by the bot. It helped create the appearance that PayPal was more popular as a payment system than it really was and this is how sellers started adopting PayPal as the main payment solution on eBay. I guess that’s why there is a saying “Fake it til you make it”. I don’t know about you but I prefer to be authentic and show the real struggle behind building a six and seven figure business. If anyone tells you is easy and they are promising you riches overnight you know chances are they are promoting some variation of a scam.

Going back the the growth hack first used by PayPal… this same strategy is now used by many different companies and financial institutions. I have already listed some of the companies that would give you free money (or equivalent resource) on the main page of this website under “Cashback apps:” section. I will be adding PayPal later as they are still giving a $5 referral bonus for letting new customers know about their services. Groupon gives out $10 worth of credit that can be redeemed on the platform and Coinbase pays out $10 to both you (and the person you referred) whenever they deposit at least $100 to use at the cryptocurrency exchange (if you join don’t use credit cards… to avoid backbreaking fees from financial institutions) . Back when Mt. Gox got hacked and the exchange lost close to $500 million… in an attempt to revive the community around Bitcoin, Coinbase started paying out $75 per referral. There are many financial institutions that would pay you anywhere from $20 to $200 if you happen to qualify to open an account with them.

Companies these days prefer to pass down the money to affiliates who promote their products and leads that choose to join the programs because the cost of advertising has increased many times over the years. However… don’t be mistaken. Even when they offer amazing value to you as a customer for their products and services they are looking to make a profit from your lifetime value as a customer. Chances are you are not in the position to give away free money… but you could take advantage and participate in some of these referral programs to cash in on some money that you could then reinvest back into your business. Resourcefulness is key when you are trying to build a business from the ground up.

One other very famous growth hack was performed by Dropbox, a company which started with very little but which has become worth Billions of dollars. Dropbox saw the biggest success when they allowed customers to refer new users in exchange for 500MB increase on their Dropbox account. Under their referral program regular users can earn up to 16 GB of free storage and professional accounts can see a 32 GB increase just for sharing a link. I know back when I was studying engineering at Florida International University I would tell my friends to join with my link and this is how I maxed out free storage from my referral bonuses. It was well worth it because to this day I heavily still use Dropbox and I have had plenty of space with all the free storage I earned. The funny thing is… storage these days is cheap. This growth hack saved Dropbox millions of dollars worth of advertising and produced better results for a fraction of the cost. It should be clear why so many other companies in this space have adopted a similar system by which they provide free storage space to new potential customers.

NOTE: Some blockchain based companies are trying disrupt the file hosting industry by building decentralized solutions to storing information on the cloud. Under this model it would be possible for regular users like you and I to rent some of the storage available in our computers and receive payment (with cryptocurrency or crypto tokens) than can be exchanged for fiat currencies like USD or Euros. One such company working on cheaper and alternative storage solutions is Siacoin.

Another of the great growth hacks was performed by YouTube which is now owned by Google. Do you recall those times when MySpace was the number one social sharing platform? Well it was during those days that YouTube first released their embed code feature which for the first time allowed to share video on MySpace and it also made it possible to display YouTube videos directly on millions of blogs. By using this strategy YouTube grew its user base to what it is today. YouTube has become the second largest search engine (after Google) currently receiving over 1 billion monthly unique visitors. Whenever you embed YouTube videos onto your website or blog they take care of the resources required to host that particular video. This allows for smoother video processing, especially if you happen to be using a lower quality hosting service. I know images slow down websites considerably. Later I will try embedding a few YouTube videos and use various tools to check how website performance has changed. YouTube turns all this hosting costs to a profit by allowing users to buy video advertising on the platform.

In the early days of Facebook and Pinterest their growth hack was to open the platforms via invitation only. When websites or applications are launched as invitation only it allows the developers to receive feedback from the community so they can improve their services. There is also an aspect of human psychology that makes them prefer to join closed networks over those which are open to everyone. For example a CPA network I wanted to join pretty badly is Cash Network which is an invitation only network that currently is not accepting new applicants. As closed networks mature is normal to see weekend promotions that allow new users to join freely as a countdown timer expires. This results in a big spike in new sign ups. Often times the network is opened indefinitely so anyone can join. That was the case of Facebook and Pinterest. A way to make your business feel special and attract more customers and leads is to offer access to your private Facebook group where you may have marketing resources or a variety of useful people that can guide and help others succeed. Another common strategy is to create inner circles or private groups which would only disclose valuable information to members of the group. In my opinion private groups is one of the most powerful growth hacks today… so long as the values of the group in question is ethical… and not to exploit humanity at large for the benefit of the few through secrecy.

I would also tell you that in affiliate marketing it is the marketers who truly look to solve problems for their readers, visitors and customers that end up making the most money. Marketers who destroy their reputation by propagating lies just to make sales eventually will have karma catch up to them and nobody will believe them. Transparency and honesty is key for long term success in this business.

The last growth hack I want to talk about was made by Airbnb which is the largest rental property/hotel company that doesn’t own any real state. If you look into the story of Airbnb the founders launched the project multiple times before they succeeded. At one point they tried to raise capital and advertise the company by selling special edition cereals boxes. According to Wikipedia they sold about $30,000 worth of cereal boxes. The founder ate the unsold inventory for breakfast and dinner because they had no money at the time for anything other than their efforts to grow the company. The growth hack which made Airbnb explode in popularity was that the company figured out a way to list real state space in automated fashion by using Craigslist. This allowed AirBnb to finally grow fast into a company which is now disrupting the Hotel/Lodging industry worldwide. You can learn more about the whole story in this post.

About two thousand words later we are coming to close. Other growth hacks commonly used today is to give out to your subscribers (or customers) useful software for free in exchange for relevant contact information like their email address. Giving out software has become a better strategy to giving out free e-books because just about every business these days already gives out e-books in exchange for email addresses to lure in new customers and leads to their business. Location based mobile adds is also an strategy which is being brought back and so is listing your business in the yellow pages where you can find add space at bargain prices since businesses are moving all their marketing efforts online where they have tools that allow them to find their ideal customer more easily. Guest posting is also still one of the best growth hacks you can be using to grow your business today. I hope some of this information is useful to you in provoking ideas you can use to grow your business. If coming up with an original growth hack is too difficult simply research and reuse what other big companies already used to grow their businesses. Remember that super affiliates steal (and improve upon) whatever already works so there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Do you want to earn money as an Instagram influencer? To succeed as an Instagram influencer not only should you make an interesting profile, you also need automation tools that do all the heavy lifting for you and get you real followers fast. As you build your profile and gain more followers you will find brands that will approach you willing to exchange value if you are willing to promote their products or services. Here is the tool I recommend you to use to start growing your Instagram influence today.


Best Way to Build REAL Twitter Followers FAST [Paid Tools]

Welcome back to your Home Business blog. During the last post we talked about ways to generate income from SEO writing jobs and by flipping physical textbooks using the Amazon trade-in program and various other platforms like Bookscouter on which to find profitable titles to earn money from. Today I want to tell you about twitter automation software to gain real followers fast.

As you should know by now PERFORMANCE MARKETING is very competitive. Under this business model you only generate income when you bring a new lead into a business or when you make a sale. Content marketers in particular focus on ranking various articles (and videos) (for long tail keyword combinations) in order to capture (FREE) organic traffic comming from search engines like Google, because is rather difficult to compete with already established brands and businesses with strong Page Rank and Page Authority for more competitive short tail keywords.

NOTE: When it comes to content marketing if you plan to generate big profits from your blog you have to think of adopting a publishing schedule which allows you to submit great articles on your chosen niche at least once a month. Brian Dean in particular takes up to six weeks to generate a new post. However, whenever he releases a new post his aim is to publish a unique and informative piece of content that helps the readers over at backlinko boost their marketing efforts. I have been looking into other big bloggers and there is a commonality in the fact that it takes at least 3 years for them to see a big surge in traffic. I’m talking of 500,000 – 4 million page views a month on a regular basis mostly coming from Google. What you should take from this is that when it comes to blogging you should think in the long term if you want to see big results especially because you must build Page Rank and Page Authority in order to attract visitors coming from search engines.

Now the question needs to be asked. What could we possibly do to become more competitive if building authority takes so long? The answer we seek is AUTOMATION. Here are the two best twitter automation tools to quadruple your followers in just a few months.

NOTE: The single biggest criteria which determines whether a business survives or dies has to do with their ability to attract leads or to provide services which are valuable to other businesses. If you are able to attract a big following in twitter… this is a rich source of leads for your business and you can also offer value to other long established business and services by promoting their products to your audience.

First on the list is socialquant which has a standard plan that runs $50 per month (for each twitter account) or $300 a year if you take the yearly plan. What makes socialquant so great is that it uses Big Data engines in order to mine twitter conversations for specific hashtags and keywords we provide which are related to our niche. Simply put Big Data refers to using servers worldwide which are connected to huge amounts of information (often times in the cloud) and through various cleverly designed algorithms all the data is analyzed to find specific patterns. In this case we are looking for twitter accounts which are using hashtags related to our niche. Once socialquant is able to determine a twitter account which is interested in our niche it will follow them and continue to track their behavior in order to determine if this account followed our account back and if this user is engaging with the posts we tweet.

TIP: Socialquant focuses on helping you build a strong community of followers which engages with your posts and takes action. The software will unfollow unresponsive twitter accounts. Socialquant also takes into consideration the fact twitter monitors account behavior and adopts an schedule in building followers that minimizes the risk of having your twitter account banned.

This piece of software is literally the secret weapon of some of the most successful influencers in twitter because it allows some of them to harvest a highly engaging community of REAL twitter users who would buy products from them or do other tasks such as like their Facebook fanpage. Believe it or not there are services which focus on selling twitter followers and Instagram followers to businesses and entrepreneurs. The problem is those paid services can only deliver on fake accounts which won’t engage with your brand or buy your products. Businesses that look for influencers have ways to track the performance of a campaign so they won’t continue to do business with you once they know you are marketing to a dead audience.

TIP: One great way to make money online today is by being an influencer. There are people in twitter and Instagram in particular who get paid to post comments about financial services and health and fitness products. Socialquant can help you become an influencer and get paid for every post you submit on the twitter platform. I highly recommend you to try it for 14 days free and see how this tool can help you grow your business. Businesses and corporations work with influencers because this allows them to promote their products at bargain prices. For example, a tweet could cost an institution $250. This in turn, could end up driving a surge of thousands of new visitors back to their website to see their products and services. These visitors come from the big audience an influencer took time to build. If we take into consideration the people clicking to go see the website or offer, are actually REAL (and not software bots) this is invaluable advertising price. If you purchase the right tools… you can become an influencer within just a few months while the window of opportunity is still available.

NOTE: If you want to maximize your success with socialquant create an interesting twitter profile specific to the niche you are looking to promote. Whenever the software follows another account, they will receive a message to their phone (or computers) to let them know you are now following them. Often times, these other users click on the messages to check who is following them. If they find your profile interesting they will follow you back and this is how you start to build an audience to market to. The advantages to using socialquant is that there is no Page Rank or Page Authority involved. What really matters is for you to develop an interesting profile and to target a niche which has a big audience in twitter. This is how you will see the fastest growth.

The other tool I can recommend you is socialoomph which is not as technically advanced but is cheaper in comparison. The advantage to using socialoomph is that the tool is not limited to only twitter for the pro version. You can also use it on LinkedIn, Plurk, and Facebook. Socialoomph also has a free version that can prove useful but I would recommend you to use SNAP instead. Remember when you join PIPS there is free training on how to integrate SNAP with your free website. This way you can automate blog posting and sharing through over 25 different social media outlets. I haven’t yet set this myself but yesterday I looked at the instructions once again as given in the FREE PIPS 30-day training and there are pictures which walk through each step in order to automate all of the social media sharing. This is how internet millionaires like Stone Evans bring traffic to their websites. They blog on a daily basis and then have social media sharing automation tools post the content on social networks in order to bring many visitors back to their websites. Is a brilliant way to score on tons of Free traffic and kick start an online business. I’m considering setting some time to set everything up because I have been doing all the sharing manually. In the long run it will save me tons of time.

NOTE: A problem SNAP used to have is that the software would get stuck in a loop sending new post notifications on to your social media accounts every minute or so. This rare occurrence would happen in versions of the plug in which are previous to 4.0. Right now we are in version 4.1 so many of these bugs have already been fixed. Originally I did not set SNAP because I knew I could encounter this bug. However, a few days back I found more information on the topic and this issue is no longer happening. In short! Yes! Automate social sharing and score on tons of free visitors! One of the biggest advantages to using a plug in like this one is that you could also promote old post which you wrote months back but got little attention due to lack of promotion. In future posts I will talk more about SNAP alternatives and other tools you should be using. If you want to learn more just join PIPS and look at day 5 of the 30 day training. All you need to join is a domain name… (get a .info if you are too cheap to buy a .com).

Anyway, enough of SNAP. Since this post is specific to Twitter I recommend you to stick with socialquant. An advise I have seen from multiple expert marketers is they all say is not about being in a thousand platforms at the same time… instead is about MASTERING one social platform at a time. If you focus all of your energy to MASTERING and AUTOMATING twitter then you can move on to Facebook and then Instagram. This is something I have failed to do myself because I have been very busy doing research and learning about various platforms and tools but I can now see that in order to win I need to focus on building my business in a platform and a time.

So anyway! I hope this information is useful to you. I submitted my trial blog post with writingbunny but they denied my application. Oddly enough they are happy to see me try again and continue to send them good authentic articles for free. (-.-)… On a good note I scored level 4 with textbroker so this is one platform I can start writing for to start earning 100-$200 daily. My game plan is going to be to reinvest a big portion of the money I earn into automation tools to grow my business. I had the misconception I could do everything by myself but after 5 months of grinding everything on my own I can confidently tell you… if you are not investing in automation tools you will eventually burn out and quit. I have mentors teaching me some of the stuff I need to be doing but I’m executing 100% on my own. Is just an insane amount of work for one person to do. That’s the price to pay if you want financial freedom – INSANE AMOUNT OF WORK to get things going. The good in this is… that all this work and suffering of today will pay off for years to come. A year from now I will come back to this post and see how my life has changed. I will see you on the next one!

– Got capital to invest? You could buy a niche site that is already making money using flippa. Another strategy is to have a team of successful online entrepreneurs build everything for you promoting your personal brand. Or you can do as I did and claim your free website which is very similar to this one and then apply some of the information I have shared with you to start growing your business. What really matters is to get started and to work toward your goals so you can achieve them.

PS: The quickest way to build Page Rank and Page Authority is to have older domains that have already boosted theirs link back to your site. A single good backlink is better than thousand other lower quality links. With this service you can find quality links for as cheap as 15 cents each. If you are deploying a new niche website selling affiliate offers or Amazon products and you need to boost organic traffic consider opening a free account and purchasing some of the monthly packages. Many people running profitable Shopify stores and Amazon niche websites buy their links from this platform and this is how they are able to boost traffic to their websites in only a few months. The advantage to using this company (and the monthly packages) is that link building is made with white SEO practices to prevent penalties from Google.

PSPS: If you need to buy high quality (targeted) clicks to promote CPA offers and your websites but you don’t have the budget to pay for Google adwords I recommend you to look into AdPad ezanga. This network doesn’t have as much traffic as Google or Facebook but they provide REAL customers for a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere.


Very Hot Home Business Opportunity [SEO Writing Jobs]

Kindle Publishing – Sell Textbooks | King Digital Lifestyles
Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In the last post we talked about how to earn income from blogging by working with Ad Networks and promoting useful products as an affiliate. If you don’t like writing check this other post instead where we talk about other affiliate marketing tricks to generate income. Today I want to bring to your attention a fairly untapped job market the successful bloggers exploit to generate substantial income from the comfort of their homes. Some of them have even developed businesses which generate six figures in a monthly basis from doing SEO writing Jobs.

If you have been following this blog for sometime, then you probably know by now that content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two key components to making any brand or business stand out today. I was reading a report by brightedge and they have actually found that small businesses and big corporations alike are deeply focusing their marketing strategy by producing (and promoting) great content for their audiences. Specifically, these businesses are looking to exploit traffic coming from search engines like Google by targeting long tailed keywords which helps people browsing the web find them. These businesses are turning to various content writing services in hopes to find writers (with any level of experience) willing to create content about their products, services, and some specific set of keywords they would like to rank for. If you don’t like to write, then this is probably not the best opportunity for you but this is a great opportunity for anyone who can do some creative writing about the chosen topic. Many of these posts end up in blogs about travel and vacationing, finances, health and fitness and multiple other categories.

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Now… perhaps you want to give this opportunity a try but you think to yourself… “I’m horrible writer… I couldn’t produce good content”. YOU SHOULD THINK DIFFERENTLY and the reality is with a little effort on your part you can do this if you wish to. In the beginning it will take some getting used to but once you receive feedback from your clients or project managers you will quickly improve the quality of your work and it will become easier to bang out articles. The more efficient and knowledgeable you become about hot topics on demand the faster you can put together an article and send it off for review.

Some people actually keep a record of all the articles they write making it possible to use as a basis when they need to write another one for a similar topic. Recent studies have shown human attention span is worse than that of a goldfish. Studies have shown that we can concentrate on a task for about 6-8 seconds. I know I forget important information all the time… This has come about because we are being bombarded with thousands of ads on a daily basis. To make matters worse, people resort to multitasking in order to “do more”  because they are living very busy lives these days and this is one of the main reasons we see this big decline in our ability to concentrate. There is light at the end of the tunnel –> #Th1n3sWi||Chan3e. (Are you a truth seeker? Read this book.)

NOTE: If you don’t like to read… studies have shown that reading helps improve memory and brain power. This is one of the reasons I try to read every day. As you read and decode this letters into images your brain is being exercised and becoming more efficient at storing and recalling information. Kudos to you!

So what does the fact many people have difficulty concentrating imply for you as a SEO content freelancer? It means that in order to keep your readers engaged (which is your main goal by the way)… you have to write in the simplest possible language you can find to make it very easy for them to understand exactly what you mean. This creates opportunity for everyone that wants to get started and since the demand is so high you can expect to earn $20+ per hour at the entry level and up to $100 per hour if you become an expert in demand who writes about very specific topics which require technical knowledge or deep understanding about a specific subject. In general, the more content you create the more you will be able to earn because you will become more efficient at researching the information to create the articles and also because you will know about more topics to share with your audiences and that of clients that hire you.

NOTE: I’m currently trying SEO writing jobs myself and I will provide my results at a later time. One of the companies I applied for is textbroker which pays up to 5 cents per word depending on the perceived quality of the work. At that rate writing 4,000 words per day would mean $200 days. That’s 8 articles of 500 words each. Another of the companies I applied for is articlebunny which recruits premium caliber freelancers. Only 2% of the writers that apply actually make the cut… so if you are interested in joining then you should apply for this one once you have acquired experience and you feel confident in your writing ability. With articlebunny you can expect to charge 10-30 cents per word and you could even land copyright jobs which pay much more. In a later posts I will probably talk more about copyrighting which is another great way to manifest piles of cash for those who become great at it. Read this post for a more extensive list of companies you can contact to get yourself started. Pick SEO writing jobs as those will be easier to complete and you will be earning more per hour you put in.

Now… here are some tips to help you improve the work you submit. First make a search on Google for grammarly and add the free writing assistant plug in to your browser. Grammarly will spot many grammatical mistakes that your word processor missed. The plug in will also suggest you ways in which you can better word a sentence. To find stock photos without license rights you can use Pexels which is a compilation of high quality pictures free for personal and commercial use without any attribution to the author being required. In this way you can add images to the post you will submit to your client. You can also use Pexels to find stunning pictures for your websites and other projects. You could even find yourself printing some of these images to T-shirts and selling them for a profit. Check this article about Merch by Amazon if you want to learn more about selling printed on demand T-Shirts on autopilot by leveraging Amazon. The designer earns a royalty from each sale and you don’t need to make any investment to get started.

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Now… suppose you just finished your first 500 word article and you are ready to submit it. The biggest component in SEO writing is to put out content which is authentic/unique in nature. If you happen to turn in work which is very similar to another post online what will end up happening is that the clients you are working with will likely ask you to fix it or they will fix the problem for you and stop sending you new tasks to work on. There is a premium tool called copyscape which will check your post before being submitted for only 5 cents each. If you happen to have worded a sentence or paragraph very similar to something else online there are two main choices you can follow. You can either cite the source you found and give them credit for that piece of information or you can rewrite the sentences the tool reports have been plagiarized. Information which is common knowledge does not need to be cited or changed in any way.

There are Billions of articles in the web… so sometimes even when you produce authentic content someone else already wrote very similar material. Small businesses and corporations alike always check the posts they receive to ensure it has not been plagiarized before publishing it on to their websites. Use copyscape to prevent any problems related to plagiarism.

NOTE: In a previous post I talked about Cliff High and the work he does. He focuses on extracting information from Billions of web pages at a time and then analyzes the bulk of information with automated systems to produce reports that can accurately predict events that are yet to happen. See some of his content. Perhaps you find it interesting.

As you become more experienced at producing good quality SEO writing posts which make your clients happy focus on building a work portfolio. If possible try to get some positive feedback/reviews from the clients you worked for. The reason you want to do this is because if you want to earn more income then you will need to cut out the middle men (like textbroker) and find businesses you can work with directly. If you recall in the beginning of this article I said there are people who earn $100,000+ per month doing this. Well… what they do is find businesses that need content written for them and then they find other freelancers in upwork or fiverr to assign the work to.

Since these people have plenty experience  they focus their energy on proofreading the work turned out by the freelancer and they make a few small edits to the content whenever necessary before submitting the last copy to the main client. In this way, they are able to maximize the amount of work they can submit and often times they pay about 50% of the profits to their freelancers. The good side of this strategy is that as you hire more freelancers you will know the areas of information they are most comfortable with making it possible to submit work about a topic you don’t know much about which happens to be a very good article. In those cases you don’t know much about the topic I would recommend you to spend a little extra time checking the facts provided by your freelancer.

NOTE: Today is very common to see people who make a living by being the middle men between a client and someone who freelances a specific skill. For example, some people do cold calls to businesses (using the yellow pages or Google) and they ask them if they need a logo for their website or they need SEO service… some of them propose to update the website to use SSL encryption which has become one of the factors that help rank a website on Google. Some services focus on building positive reviews about a business on Yelp by setting automated text messages to people who visited the business recently or purchased/received services from them. If you are willing to become the middle men… you will make so much money. Personally I think this is a deceptive or scammy way to make a living especially if you negotiate a logo for $500 from a client and then you pay $5 to someone on Fiverr to take care of the job. Some people see it differently. Their time is worth money and so is the skill to convince a client they need a service (like a nicer logo) and then find a great digital artist that can deliver the job.

I hope you learned something useful in this post. The last information I want to point you to is some articles that can help you to write content which is optimized for SEO. This will keep your clients happy and returning to you to produce more posts for them.

1- 10 Tips for an Awesome and SEO-frieldy Blog Post

2- Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blogs that Rank on Page One

Right now I got to face my 2% chance to join articlebunny. I had their assignment on my mailbox for the last 30 minutes or so. I will let you know if I made the cut in my next post. Goodnight everybody. See you on the next one.

========== PART TWO ==========

If you are still reading to this point then chances are either you are comfortable with the idea of writing for a living so I want to tell you more about ways you can generate income writing. As you probably know by now there are many ways to earn money with Amazon. A popular way is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)… which is a service in which Amazon does all the customer support and shipping for you as long as you keep your Amazon virtual store filled with merchandise to sell. Not everyone has money to invest in supplying the FBA business model so we also briefly touched on how you could earn royalties using Merch by Amazon (remember you can use Pexels in order to find cool design ideas that sell).

All of those are great ways to generate passive income and financial freedom. However, for the avid writer the two best methods I know of to make money are copyrighting and kindle e-book publishing. Copyrighting is for people with advanced skills in persuading a customer to buy a product through written text. Since this is an advanced skill top-notch copywriters are born through years of experimenting at their craft and this is why they get paid so good. Dan Lok author of F.U. Money (which you can get on the bonus section) first tasted victory when he begun earning $10,000 per copywriting job. He then replaced this method of earning money by running paid advertising to affiliate offers. Dan has lost all of his money more than once. However due to his skill as a copywriter and the knowledge he possesses about affiliate marketing he can quickly recuperate lost assets. You can learn more about the arts of written sales copy from these books.

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Kindle publishing in the other hand most anyone could do it. Most kindle books are around 180 pages in length (although many are 100 pages or less) with an average of 225-250 words per page. So with 45,000 words you could have your very own kindle book published on to the Kindle Unlimited Library. Depending on the price you set for your book you could earn 30% or 70% of the revenue every time a book sells. I know various bloggers whose main income source is this one. Stefan James in particular created and updated a course on kindle publishing that has resulted in many of his students being able to generate financial freedom from publishing kindle books. Many of them now make $2000+ per month from this one income stream. I plan to launch my own e-book soon but first I need to digest the contents in the course in order to avoid common pitfalls. I also need to produce more content.

A great strategy used by many bloggers is to reuse the topics and articles they have already written about on their websites in order to self publish kindle e-books. Some of them are able to publish an e-book within a month (or less) because they have already written substantial content. According to James, who makes $8500 (more likely close to $10,000 now) per month from kindle publishing the real power comes from launching many different books in various different categories. Some books will average $100 per months, while others do $500+ monthly… so by having multiple books the monthly income rises. While is true that people live very busy lives (especially in the United States), in many other countries is being recorded an increase in the consumption of written digital content. This has to do with advances in mobile technology and because Amazon kindle is a very popular brand among readers.

TIP: Paid Services like KBook Promotions, archangelink and Kindle Spy can help you plan and complete your e-book. Keep in mind there are Facebook groups where self publishing authors announce when their books are on promotional week for no cost and this is how they trade reviews about each other books. You can also find ideas in this article to get reviews for your e-book. Some twitter users like @kindlebooks and @4FreeKindleBook also re-tweet your post about your kindle book (for free) if you happen to tag them (to tag you just use the @ in front of the user name). There are also paid services which promote e-books.

If you want to monetize your kindle book even further reach out to a company like CreateSpace so you can create a paperback version. You could also rent a recording studio or work with ACX in order to record the book in audible format so those people that listen to audio books on their way to work become a pool of potential customers. All three formats sell and the hardest part is writing the book in the first place.

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If you order the course James has put together about kindle publishing he will tell you more about hiring freelancers to write your books for you. He knows ways to find great writers willing to do the work for 3-$10 an hour depending on the country they reside. Many of these are creative people who love to write in the first place so you are buying amazing quality at bargain prices. Over the lifetime of the book you will make the money spent hundreds if not thousands of times over.

Better yet, as you probably know already the money is in the list. The crafty affiliate marketer who launches a book places links on it which direct readers to see their website and to join their list. By using your e-book (in text or audio format) you will leverage the power of Amazon as an advertising platform and it will bring you leads to join your email list some of which will likely buy your second book if they found the first one interesting. Every time someone joins your list this is an opportunity to create a relationship with the individual in question and as the connection develops these people will find you more trustworthy and buy the products you recommend. Make a habit of recommending amazing products and in due time you will do great in this business. Another common strategy employed by smart marketers is to give the book away for free on the Amazon platform for a full week and during this time they see a surplus in leads come into their businesses. By giving away the book for free they are able to collect positive customer reviews which helps them rank the book and create the required social proof to sell it for a higher price by using the best reviews collected and posting them on to their Amazon Central account. This is how some of the books reach best seller status… you must focus on the positive to drive more interest.

One other great way to leverage your kindle book is to sell it on your website (in PDF format) after 90 DAYS of the launch in Amazon have elapsed. You could use Clickfunnels, Shopify, SendOwl, e-junkie or Gumroad as payment gateways to sell your books. If you have a WordPress website already set up I recommend you to use Clickfunnels. There are plug ins available which would allow you to add all of the functionality of Clickfunnels to your WordPress website quite easily. If you don’t have a WordPress website set up but you would like to set up means to sell your own digital products and physical items like with the dropshipping business model then Shopify is probably your best bet. You could also use Clickfunnels as a standalone program to do any selling you would ever need. An advantage to listing your own products is you are not limited to selling it for a specific price and you earn most of the profits each sale. For example to earn 70% royalty using Amazon your kindle book has to cost more than $2.99. Any less and it would only qualify for 30% commission. Kindle books on Amazon rarely sell for any greater than $9.99 (I think this is the maximum listing price). If you list it on your website you can pick higher prices.

NOTE: You need to wait 90 days because this is part of the Amazon policy. Once the 90 days expires you can promote your book in pretty much any other platform you want to, including your website.

Last but not least since we are in the topic of books I want to encourage you to use Amazon trade-in program to sell your old physical books to Amazon. This is kind of crazy… but this is another way people are killing it online! Some people focus on flipping books for a profit by comparing listed BUY and SELL prices on platforms like bookscouter, half prices books, Powell’s Books and many others. If you need more ideas on where to find books to flip for a profit you can see this other article. If you use Amazon trade-in program they will pay you in Amazon gift cards which you can re-use to shop on Amazon or trade for cash. Some developers have even created software which allow you to put the name of a book into a program and it fetches information in real time about the prices of the books in various of these book trading platforms. In this way, people are flipping books and making tons of money.

NOTE: The Amazon trade-in program is an amazing opportunity because you can see ahead of time the price at which Amazon would buy a book from you. Once the price for a book is set you can ship it to Amazon for up to 30 days and expect to earn the money you first negotiated. In some instances Amazon will lower the price at which they would be willing to buy your book for. This is why, as a rule of thumb before purchasing the book (from Bookscouter) or elsewhere to then sell it to Amazon you should first check how much the trade-in program will pay you and LOCK THIS PRICE if you can profit. When you create a shipping label with the trade-in program you are allowed up to 30 days to ship the book and the money you earn remains locked. Given the case by the time you receive the books from your supplier if Amazon trade-in is now PAYING MORE then you can cancel your old request and submit a new one. This way you make more money… if it drops in price you are still protected by a full 30 day window so you can still make a profit. This works because Amazon makes 15-30% every time they sell a book (remember the middle man makes big money). With their trade-in program Amazon negotiates with other companies to find the required inventory of books for them. This could be schools, libraries, or other institutions. In short… it is to their benefit to have people flipping books the only problem is having to handle so many books and then trading the gift cards for cash could prove challenging. Textbooks is a $20 billion+ industry so there are tons of books we can flip to earn money. I know some people that milk thousands of dollars from a single Title they find which they can trade for a profit.

TIP: Since you get paid in gift cards you don’t have to pay Taxes on what you earn. That’s the big advantage to getting paid this way.

In the future, some of the money I earn from writing or affiliate sales I will reinvest into various software like the one that can compare prices for books within multiple platforms. If there is something I have learned, the people that make most money in this business often times invest in automation software which does everything for them (or they pay companies to set everything for them). They focus on expanding their businesses by scaling more automation and this is how they continue to earn more while doing less. I shared a few of the automation tools I see my friends and mentors using at the end of this post. Some of them would be considered black hat. So I don’t recommend you to use them on your website directly. However, what some of them do is to use nofollow links to prevent Google from penalizing them while still reaping the benefits of using bots that post comments, create backlinks and rank websites and videos to bring more traffic and more sales.

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Is kind of sad to admit but I have learned that this is an industry where the people who look to outsmart search engines and who exploit flaws in social sharing networks which are the individuals that end up reaping the biggest benefits. There is a war between search engines and those people who push banned ways for ranking their content. Its only been very few instances when I have come across some people who only focused on white SEO techniques. It works… but it takes a year or more to see real benefits with that strategy. If you want to go purely white hat I recommend you to work on multiple websites and build them around different niches so you can have a bigger pool of traffic interested in different content and more offers to promote on these other websites. At the same time you maintain yourself occupied producing more income streams as all of your websites rank on Google.

The last tip I want to give you in this post is to use pretty links or clickmagick prior to sharing your affiliate links. This is VERY IMPORTANT. I have been promoting just a affiliate offers as of recently from various CPA networks and something I have noticed is that some offers expire or the share code changes. There is also offers which are re-launched as in new landing pages and marketing material build and as a result the affiliate link changes and the OLD ONE becomes dead. If you use pretty link (which is free) or Clickmagick which is my paid hit tracker of choice… whenever this happens you can simply go back to the old URL you had been using and update it with the new affiliate code. After you take this step the URL which was leading your visitors to dead content now leads them to the updated offer. I have known of people who actually lost income streams of thousands of dollars monthly because they never took time to do this extra step. Don’t focus on spreading your links until you use URL redirection/cloaking software like Pretty Links.

Like always I hope you learned something useful in this post. Let me know if this information has been of any use to you. I already submitted my trial project to articlebunny so I’m waiting for a manager to give me a response whether I have been accepted or not. I had in mind taking another engineering job to speed up the process of making money to spend on testing, advertising and software I need to further grow in this business but I think doing SEO writing for articlebunny could be an smarter strategy. By focusing purely on writing I can learn about more topics and eventually continue to launch new websites about several other niches where I will have access to more useful products I can promote for those audiences. Some of the people making $10,000+ per month in this business run many websites across multiple categories so you should also think of building multiple websites to be able to generate the passive income you desire. This is just one strategy… as you know there are many but the benefit is that eventually you can walk away and still continue to earn pretty good income with little maintenance needed on your part. Hard work and sacrifice today pays for years to come.

Need more places to write for? Check this article:
-> $50 Per Article

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Once you publish a book you also earn some authority points! This brings you more business opportunity. Ultimately the biggest profits in this business come from becoming extremely successful entrepreneur and influencer who develops their own products and services. Teach people how to make money by using your exact formula step by step and you will likely have a pool of customers who will be interested in purchasing your courses (once you can show them you are the real deal). Over the last 5 months I have acquired so much experience in this business that I feel I’m one connection away from exponential growth. I will start applying growth hacks to scale at a much faster rate.

3/14/2018: Take PIPS 30-day training challenge and join OSP to start building the foundations of your online business! My experience is… the more your content ranks on Google the more sign ups you will get and the more money that stacks up with every passing month!


Earn Income Blogging With Ad Networks and Affiliate Offers

Google AdSense – Sponsored Posts | King Digital Lifestyles
Welcome back to your Home Business blog. In my last post I talked about some of the strategies Supper Affiliate marketers use to bank big money by selling products and bringing leads to big corporations and businesses through CPA networks. I did not plan to make another post until I achieved Super Affiliate status but this would have been a big mistake. You see… if you plan to generate income from blogging not only do you have to post very helpful content, you must also be consistent. That  brings me to the topic of today. I want to tell you some of the strategies my mentors use to monetize their blogs.

The most common way to monetize a blog from the very beginning is to use Ad Syndication Content Networks like Google Adsense. With Google Adsense you can expect to earn 1-$2 per thousand impressions on adds which are displayed on your website or an average of $1.30 if you choose to earn per click. Please note the average click rate for banner ads is about 0.004% so you will end up making about the same amount of money regardless of whether you pick to get paid per click or per thousand impressions. The advantage to picking Google Adsense is that Google works with thousands of publishers (businesses and corporations looking to promote their products and services)  and as a result they can find more ads which are a good fit to the content in your blog, thus making it possible to fill MOST OF the add space available in your blog which in turn results in more ad impressions and higher earnings.

NOTE: There are many other networks you can also use. Some of them will require you to have a consistent amount of visitors to your website on a monthly basis.  Chitika Ads is beginner friendly as it doesn’t require a minimum amount of traffic in order to join and the pay threshold is of only of $10.  PopAds pays about $2.50 per 1000 impressions and has one of the lowest pay thresholds at only $5. They allow all sorts of advertising including adult related content. Perhaps you are not aware but the adult niche is huge and is one of the verticals the super affiliates exploit the most. If your website receives over 50,000 monthly visitors you can also look into other networks that pay much more but are very picky about who they allow to join. Some of those networks include revcontent, RevenueHits, BlogHer (female focused network), AdThrive (ad optimizer network/programs require 75,000 to 100,000 recurring visitors per month in order to be considered to join)… and there is also Adsterra which requires super solid 300,000 visitors per month to join their add network.

With 300,000 recurring visitors per month you can make over $2,000 per month just from using advertising networks. It is also possible to reach six figure income (on a yearly basis) when you attach other streams to your blog including high converting affiliate offers or your very own digital products and books. Something I have read from various sources is that a very good strategy to use is to work with up to three advertising networks at the same time and create what they call a “waterfall backfill“.  Simply put successful websites can use a premium advertising network like Adsterra first and then have a secondary network like AdThrive and Google Adsense kick in whenever there are no other ads to serve directly from the main network which generates the biggest income. I have also placed some networks that will work with you when your website reaches 500,000+ monthly visitors at the end of this post.

TIP: You should also use Ezoic to find the best add units to show your visitors and the optimal add placements to maximize engagement and clicks. Ezoic is a certified partner of Google which integrates seamlessly with Google AdSense and other Ad Networks. The biggest advantage to using ezoic is that you could integrate the platform with ADX which is Google’s real time add exchange. This will allow you to receive the maximum profit per add shown from Google AdSense because Google will be forced to compete with some of the other networks to capture your advertising space. Creating a backfill strategy in addition to ADX real time bidding via ezoic will result in bigger earnings per thousand add impressions put on your website.

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Another strategy you can look into is Link Units, which get much bigger click-through rate than regular banner ads. Web visitors have trained their mind to ignore banner ads… I’m sure that the ones I have placed to the right of this post get ignored for the most part. The reason you would want to use up to three ad networks (a maximum of two as backup)… is because your backup network should be Google Adsense which has the biggest chance of filling the ad space compared to all of the other networks. I have read from some sources that Google Adsense has a fill rate of about 20-40%… so is likely that some of the other networks won’t have an add to serve to your visitor which matches their interest or happens to be related to your content. This happens because there are many spots to place adds in any given website or blog so you can maximize the number of add impressions on your website by sending the second (or third request for and add) to Adsense. Make sure to contact your main Advertising network and ask them how to reuse (or backfill) your adspace with Google Adsense if they don’t have anymore adds to serve, and they will tell you how to do it.

TIP: You can also use Vibrantmedia and Infolinks to generate text adds based on the content you wrote about. The advantage to using this strategy is adds don’t take as much space and your website won’t be slowed down. Recall regular banner adds have a 0.0004% click through rate so Link Units and Context Based Links are a worth implementing.

NOTE: In some of my previous posts I talked about retargeting which is where the magic happens and when most products get sold because customers have to see the same offer multiple times before they buy it. I want to note that networks like Adsense drop cookies in the browser of the visitor in question and evaluate their interests such as websites they have visited in the past and purchases they have made. Facebook and Amazon use the same strategy. Most adds are intrusive and annoying… especially in the middle of a blog post. I could recommend you to pick spots that don’t agitate your visitors so that the growth of your blog doesn’t suffer. One of the best tips I get from my mentors who have created successful blogs is to treat my blog as a business. We need to be able to please our visitors but at the same time find ways to monetize our blogs to grow the business. As I start to see organic traffic flow skyrocket I will start implementing some sort of ad content strategy and then reinvest my earnings back into the business.

TIP: You can use WP QUADS (There is a free version) to set up Google AdSense at the start. This plug in contains many great features (among them) it will protect your google AdSense account from spam clicks that can get you banned. The code is lightweight and maximized for performance. The plug in comes with many preset add spots which make it convenient to set adds where you want them. If you want to learn more about the paid version, this blog post explains other valuable features in the paid version. If ezoic doesn’t work for you because you don’t have at least 10,000 visitors per month I recommend you to use the free version of WP QUADS to start with so you can set your adds easily.

An interesting document I came across is a pdf file released by Rakuten marketing (ranked as #1 affiliate network by many…  but hard to join) which shows affiliate marketing spend (in billions) continues to grow by 10% every year. Affiliate marketing is as reported by many bloggers their best source of income. You should also understand that the 80/20 rule most heavily applies to affiliate marking where often times 90% or more of your income will come from the single product you most successfully promote. Most of the times, it will be the product that you use the most which helps you grow your business that other people will be willing to buy from you or in the case of other business verticals like health and fitness it will be supplements that give you benefits such as more energy/stamina and power/strength that will sell.

NOTE: One of the tools and communities I’m most excited about is Online Sales Pro. At $37 per month the app is affordable and very useful to generate leads for any business. This community of internet entrepreneurs is there to support each other and there is so much free valuable content shared in the Facebook group and the affiliate dashboard. I think anyone starting out in affiliate marketing should first join Online Sales Pro before trying anything else. Once you become a very successful internet entrepreneur you should look to promote masterminds and other premium grade education to continue to scale your income or you can also run paid advertising on CPA offers.

When it comes to blogging a good rule to follow is to optimize your blog post for keywords that imply the visitor is closer to the buying decision. I read some articles and e-books on this matter and this is the word selection they recommend you to use in order to bring an audience which is ready to buy your products. Use these keywords on the title and within the article along with the product in question you are trying to promote or looking to sell.

1- Review (Very popular and most commonly used for Amazon niche sites or to review other affiliate offers)

2- Pros & Cons

3- FAQ

4- Discount

5- Compare (Mostly used when comparing multiple products)

6- Buy

7- Get (Talk about an offer)

8- Bargain

9- Coupon (People buy when there are savings involved)

10- [First Product] VS [Second Product] (Another way to pick the best product for the job)

11- Offer (Smoking hot offers)

12- Best (Best product for a particular job)

13- Code (As in offer code)

14- Step by Step (As in tutorials showing how some product (software based) or service works)

Most sources I read from also recommend to target long tail keywords whenever you create your review post  because it will be considerably easier to rank the post, resulting in more organic traffic flow and product sales. Some veteran bloggers in this business say in their experience there are some regular keywords you just won’t be able to rank for. Based on this input I’m re-evaluating my blogging strategy and I will start focusing more on the long tail keywords. Perhaps in the future I could even change some of the titles and URLs I use in order to test these concepts. For now I will just wait and let Google do all of the testing and ranking before changing anything.

TIP: A way to bring more awareness to your blog and website is to submit it on various directories. Directory critic has thousands of directories and this article covers some of the most popular directories to submit your website. Directories can help potential customers find your business. You can also submit your blogs to article directories. (Make sure to use those marked NF [which stands for “no follow“] to prevent penalties from Google which will slice your organic traffic flow if they see too many “do-follow” links from article directories or blog directories).

NOTE: The video I linked to –>(no follow) was recorded by Matt Cutts who used to be the head of the spam team in Google. If you don’t know how to make your anchor links “no follow” simply read this other post and it will show you the syntax you need to use.

One way to earn money with your blog which is often overlooked is by producing sponsored posts. It is recommended to charge depending on the number of visitors you get to your blog per month like so:

  • $150-$200 for 10,000 recurring visitors per month
  • $200-$300 for 50,000 recurring visitors per month
  • $300-$500 for 100,000 recurring visitors per month

According to Joseph Hogue from whom I have learned a big chunk of this information you should tell your sponsors that links will be valid for a year. You can create a database (or simple excel spreadsheet) of possible sponsors you can contact or work with companies like FederatedMedia who will find sponsors for you that will pay you to write a post about their products or services. With FederatedMedia you can expect to earn 200-$500 per post but they are somewhat picky about how many visitors your blog receives on a monthly basis. TapInfluence is another of the big ones but they are also very picky about the people that can join the program. If you you want to start putting out sponsored content but don’t have enough website traffic to work with FederatedMedia or TapFluence then you can look at sovrn which will help you find sponsors and promoters regardless of the amount of visitors your website gets.

NOTE: Google has created their empire through advertising. As such… you can’t expect to be putting out sponsored post after sponsored post without having some sort of penalty on your website. It is recommended at most to focus on two sponsored posts per week. You also have to think about your audience and what they want. Building a loyal audience should be one of your top priorities… the money will come as you reach more followers and acquire more regular visitors who engage with your content. I’m waiting to see my organic traffic flow increase before I try to monetize this blog. I feel I need to give as much value as I possibly can before I start to make some money from the visitors that come see my content. Lately I see more organic traffic so that’s a good sign I’m moving in the right direction.

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To conclude today we talked about some of the main ways bloggers monetize their websites by finding sponsors  willing to pay hundreds of dollars to have an article published on to the blogger’s website promoting the sponsor’s products and services. We also talked about partnering with Ad networks like Google Adsense, which pay you per 1000 impressions or per click… depending on the method you choose. You now know there are various services which act as middle men in helping you find sponsors for your website… you can also find professional services that will write the sponsored content for you in exchange for a portion of the profits. Fiverr in particular is a great place to find these type of services just look for authors that freelance blog posts for websites. Remember your sponsored posts should have a lifetime of about a year. Try not to post more than two sponsored posts per week as Google could penalize your website for doing this. If you manage various websites you have a bigger window to write more sponsored content but don’t forget to provide value to your audience. Stick to promoting the best products you can find (or use) this way you provide valuable solutions to your audiences. Is getting late here so I will see you on the next one.

New bloggers quit within six months of launching and 1 in 5 make enough income from their blogs to pay monthly bills. That’s why you need multiple income streams to have bigger chances of success. The top 10% of all bloggers make $15,000 or more per month, with some of them even reaching six figure income on a monthly basis. Those bloggers have created authority websites about financial services and insurance… which are among the highest paying verticals CPA networks have to offer. Something I learned is that if you continue to work on your goals eventually as if by a struck of magic things start working your way. Perhaps a big influencer noticed your work and posted a link to your website… or you become friends with another big blogger that tells you useful information like where to find top sponsors. Sometimes is a post which you wrote months back, that now ranked for a keyword which starts bringing thousands of free visitors per month. A business takes time to develop… so if you treat your blog like a business you have to give it the time to mature and you must develop great content to share with the world in order to find success.

Did you made it to 500,000+ visitors per month? If so these are some of the networks you can look into:
1- adblade
2- taboola
3- exponential.com
4- dianomi (You will earn between $1.50 – $3.00 for 1,000 impressions which beats $1 on average if you just used Google AdSense.)

You can also be connected with publishers who will post adds on your website for a monthly rate when you use blogads. You can also work directly with publishers and sell add placement in order to prevent add networks from taking 30-50% of the profits. This is the best company to manage your add slots if you decide to find sponsors for yourself and publish their adds directly on your website without any add content networks being involved.

– As you should know by now video is the best medium to sell products today. Many affiliate marketers record their videos and then post them on YouTube where there is tons of organic traffic who would click through to see websites, landing pages, blog posts and offers. Specifically, when it comes to selling… video quality plays a huge role so I want to share with you a product that has been selling very well because it can help you put together Hollywood Style animations without having to be an experienced graphic designer. Check it out!

– I have already talked about secrets of the affiliates and the fact that videos sell. Well… what if you could rank your video on YouTube at the number one spot for your product keyword? What if you could do this within a few minutes… or a few hours? I want to share with you a tool the sneaky affiliates use to rank their videos fast and this is how they capture tons of organic traffic from Google and YouTube. Learn more how you could rank your videos very fast using content syndication tools like this one.

– I know some of the people reading this content do not like to write or would rather let a professional writer do this for them. As you should know by now, you can find cheap freelance writers at Fiverr who will write blog posts for your website. However, it will be much more challenging to find someone willing to write popular magazine newsletters for your business every month. If you are having trouble sending your list engaging content then this service is the solution! Some marketers say their unsubscribe rate has dropped immensely since they began sending these newsletters. Many of them also report more engagement from their subscribers as some of them send them emails thanking them for putting the effort to create such content. Check it out this awesome deal!


Secrets of the Super Affiliate Marketer

Marketing Secrets – Advertising Strategies | King Digital Lifestyles
Good Saturday afternoon to everyone reading this post. The information I’m going to share today will apply to the people that have budget to spend on advertising and tools. I will give you tips and tricks from the Super Affiliates that have been mentoring me.

NOTE: If you want free methods you can read this other post and advertise CPA offers by creating websites to promote them. You can also draw ideas to generate free traffic ( by working very hard on your part by the way ) using the ideas in this other post and this one. Either way read this post… this information will give you an overview of how marketers make millions and millions today by cloning marketing campaigns and running targeted paid advertising to the offers.

First off, the question needs to be asked. What is a Super Affiliate? In this world of online sales, advertising companies and their partners rank their affiliates by the volume of PROFITABLE traffic they can drive to their offers. For the purpose of this post I will call a Super Affiliate anyone who can generate at least $10,000 per month in revenue for a company they became a partner with. Some Super Affiliates can generate 50… 100 thousand and even 1 million per month in profits (for their selves). Based on what I have seen so far, these people are able to generate upwards of 700,000 visitors per month to see their offers and they manage traffic to various campaigns at a time. Often times… it takes years of trial and failure to get to this point. Even if you use this information you could still find offers break even or are not profitable so you need to be able to improve the conversions to see real results.

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Now let’s tackle the question. How do they do it? There is a great saying by Pablo Picasso – “Good artists copy, great artists STEAL”. The people making the most profits these days in affiliate marketing are those who have invested thousands of dollars in Spying Tools which allow them to find profitable campaigns of other Super Affiliates.

Let’s suppose you want to make a niche website about health and fitness or any other business vertical. You could do a search for the keywords you plan to target and then use similarweb on the top websites found by google, in order to get even more similar websites. During this process you will very likely come across a niche website which contains many affiliate offers. If you are able to determine this website receives more than 100,000 visitors per month it is very likely the owner is running paid advertising to help promote the products in questions… so is not far fetched idea that they are making money with it if they pay for so many visitors to see it. What a sneaky super affiliate would do at this point is figure out where the affiliate offers are coming from and then try to join the programs or affiliate networks in question in order to have all of the same offers available to them. So that’s the KEY STEP NUMBER 1… you need to be approved to various affiliate networks so that you have access to the same (or similar offers) to that profitable website you have already found.

NOTE: I have joined and currently participate in various affiliate networks. Of all… the one so far which contains the most offers is MaxBounty. On this basis I would recommend you to join them because you will have access to some of the most profitable offers in the market RIGHT NOW. You should also look to participate in other programs as well. Another of the networks I recommend you to join is AffiliaXe which contains high quality offers which sometimes are unique to the network. ShareaSale and ComissionJunction are two other networks you can join to have access to various other programs and services. JvZoo also has a surplus of valuable products to promote. You can find more affiliate networks to join at OfferVault. If you are a merchant, otherwise known as a publisher and you want affiliates to promote your products then you can list your products on ShareaSale and received the benefit of having affiliates and Super Affiliates drive traffic to your offers. Here is a link you can use to apply. As an advertiser, you can also list your products with SFI TripleClicks e-commerce store and leverage the affiliates on the SFI network to advertise and sell products for you. In particular, I would recommend these other options if Amazon banned your seller account and won’t let you list YOUR products in THEIR marketplace anymore.

This last point about OfferVault, brings me to another sneaky trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… sometimes as you use SimilarWeb (or other spying tools) you will find a website or native ad which shows all evidence that the offer is profitable but you don’t know which affiliate network runs that particular offer. To find out… you can type the name of the product or program at OfferVault and in this way you will find out the affiliate network you can join in order to promote it. Often times, OfferVault will also tell you information about the network payout. You should pick the network that pays out the most. Another tool you can use to find network Payout is odigger.

NOTE: Before joining a network you should find out what people are saying about them. Four months back or so I “made” my first dollar (or so I thought) using ClickBank. I managed to sell a digital e-book called “The 2 Week Diet”. In total I got two sales. ClickBank cheated me of my sales by removing all data about the clicks I got and ultimately erasing all sales data and information. This is why I stopped promoting any products listed on ClickBank… I want to join a network I can trust. To find out if a network is worth joining in the first place, you should use oDigger (see the “Network Reviews” tab). If you want to find more websites like oDigger – you guessed it… you can use SimilarWeb. You should find affpaying which is another great place to find accurate and authentic network reviews.

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Up to this point… we have learned that Super Affiliates steal (and modify) the campaigns of other Super Affiliates in order to generate massive profits for themselves. We also now know that often times you will find a great website or native add (or promotion) for an offer you will want to promote but you won’t know which affiliate network has the offer… so you can use tools like OfferVault, oDigger and affpaying in order to track down the offer to the most profitable network to join. Most networks have a strict interview policy where managers talk to the affiliate applying to the network and interview them for marketing experience and the plan of action they will be putting in place to promote the offers. Prior to applying for a CPA network study all the marketing lingo and have a clear plan of action… otherwise they won’t approve you. Know what a landing page is, and the various verticals (niche categories) you plan to promote, and know what type of advertising you plan to do (email, native ads, search… etc)… This will boost your chances of being approved to the network. We have also covered that you should find reviews about the network in question because some of them could potentially cheat you out of your sales.

NOTE: Lets be real here. Everyone wants to make money. Everyone wants easy money. It happens all the time. Your assigned network manager finds out you are a great affiliate who is driving lots of conversions. Your affiliate links get tracked with tools that will report exactly where your traffic is coming from. Not all traffic sources are the same for many reasons. For example, traffic coming from wealthier countries like United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Ireland… United Kingdom… will generally convert better because there is more money to spend than if say your traffic source came from places like Zimbabwe, Somalia, North Korea or Cuba just to mention some Tier 3 countries that won’t convert. Now even traffic which is coming from the right traffic sources DO NOT CONVERT EQUALLY. If we take the United States as an example, traffic coming from Washington, California and Virginia will convert better because these are 3 of the richest states in the Nation. You can even go more in depth… and find out what the richest neighborhoods are. In short… when you find a high converting traffic source if you don’t keep it secret someone else will exploit it. This is why some Super Affiliates use various techniques such as URL cloaking in order to hide their referral sources.

TIP: Speaking of easy money… submit your email for a chance to win $5,000! Offer only available for United States. How could $5,000 help you grow your business?

Regarding the note on top. Cloaking is considered a black hat SEO technique by which an individual can trick a web spider (or indexer) like Googlebot into thinking the URL is leading to a piece of content but in reality any other user landing on such URL will be served different material. Cloakers are scripts which take into account IP addresses and this is how they do all redirection. So in other words, if the script detects the URL of GoogleBot it will send it to another website or landing page than it otherwise would if it detected a different IP address.

This brings me to two other sneaky tricks of the Super Affiliates. You see… when you become a Super Affiliate you are one of the most resourceful individuals. Through networks like MaxBounty, you will find that third party businesses and corporations have ways to redirect users to Google (or a valid affiliate offer if available)… depending on the country they are in. If you are buying paid traffic for an offer which is only available in the United States… but the supplier you use is bringing you traffic from other countries like Australia, and Canada… then every time a visitor from another county which is not United States lands on your offer you are wasting your money… especially if they are being redirected to Google. In cases like this one… a Super Affiliate will have an script in a programming language like PHP (or other)… which will look at the IP address and determine the country of origin for that visitor and then redirect them to an offer which is available for that specific location. If no offer is found… there are ways to “recycle” clicks… by redirecting the visitor to another traffic network that would buy it for a few cents on the dollar. Is better to get a few cents returned to you than to get NONE… and this is reinvested to fuel the machine and buy more paid advertising. Super Affiliates delegate this work to software developers (which they find in fiverr, or upwork) that build all of this functionality. I have done some programming myself… but I don’t know how some of these scripts work just yet – I haven’t had a chance to look into them. However… I’m sure you could find sample codes these days you could modify to get similar functionality if you don’t have money to pay a developer to do it for you. In my time away I will learn to implement these strategies.

NOTE: The reason I recommend you to join MaxBounty over some of the other CPA networks is because the network is solid with literarilly thousands of offers on different verticals you can pick to promote. They also have an strict NO COMPETITION POLICY with their affiliates. This means your manager won’t copy your campaigns and steal your traffic sources and use them for their own benefit. MaxBounty is among the most reputable CPA networks to join and the managers will do everything in their power to help you succeed. Remember that when you make money… they make money. You can also negotiate with your manager better pay rates… and cheaper advertising cost when you buy clicks from the network. Performance marketing is fueled by competition after all and they will match or improve the offers you currently get from other CPA networks or advertising companies.

Now… Let me tell you another trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… your manager stealing your campaign is not that big of a deal. In reality… you should be more worried about OTHER SUPER AFFILIATES which will steal your campaigns and traffic sources and run it as theirs… potentially saturating the market and taking a big chunk of the profits without doing much work. You see… something that commonly happens is a Super Affiliate will find what they call a “winning campaign” and “swipe” it. Swiping competitors refers to copying or cloning a landing page (or full blown website) and replacing all of the affiliate links to match with the new affiliate that will be running paid traffic.

Tools like HTTRACK allow you to clone a website with all of it’s features and then you can use any web browser like Chrome, or Firefox… in order to find the landing page you want to modify. Once you load… and find the landing page to modify you can right click the button that would take you to the affiliate offer and inspect it in order to find and copy the affiliate URL that takes you to the offer. Once you know the URL… or sets of URLs… which are used then you can simply (CTRL + F in windows) or (CMD + F in MAC) in order to modify the URLs in question with your own affiliate URLs by REPLACING THEM – pretty much using the same winning campaign with your links to be credited for all the sales. After finding the file that loads the landing page in the web browser and replacing affiliate links… they rename this very file to “index.html”. This makes it the default file that will be loaded and shown to any visitor landing on the page once the campaign is live and launched onto a new domain. You will need an FTP solution like FileZilla in order to transfer all the files to your new domain. I recommend you to join Yoonla as they have free training on how to do these last steps. Their videos are concise and clear… and you can access them for free when you use my link. Alternatively you can find video tutorials on YouTube as well. (I learned this myself from Yoonla…)

NOTE: Regarding market saturation… something that commonly happens is that a campaign which has been run for a long time starts becoming less profitable the more is shown to an audience. One of the biggest tricks of the Super Affiliate is they test and modify already successful campaigns (which they swipe/clone) in order to improve conversion rates. By tweaking it… and changing the angle of promotion or fortifying the sales copy, often times they are able to generate more profits from a campaign which they cloned from someone else. They pretty much STEAL and IMPROVE the marketing material and then run traffic to the offer and test it for conversions. When I say they change the angle what I mean is they could swipe a landing page and change the celebrity endorsing the product… or in the case of adult niches (like male enhancement) they could talk about the products being able to fix erectile dysfunction instead of giving more sexual stamina. These are some of the tricks the super affiliates use to drive conversions up.

This brings me to another important trick. TRAFFIC SOURCES – like I said before not all traffic sources are equal. Lets suppose you are promoting an offer for the latest gaming console coming out to the market. Which traffic source do you think will perform better… the one coming from a review website about top 10 game consoles for 2018 or a website about Life Insurance and Investing… Clearly it will be the first website that does better in getting you the sales you need even thought visitors coming to the website about Investing likely have more money at hand to spend. This is why TARGETING THE RIGHT TRAFFIC SOURCE is so important.

What is the easiest way to find the right traffic source? One of the tools the Super Affiliates use is whatrunswhere to figure out exactly where traffic flow to a winning campaign is coming from. With this tool, you will be able to see which ad network is generating the most traffic and which “geos”… or geographic locations are the most targeted. Some of the spying tools… will also tell you exactly which websites are running the ads as well. So the sneaky Super Affiliate will go to those content networks and bid for traffic coming from the same countries and the same websites that are in the report after analyzing the URL of the winning offer they found earlier, cloned and then proceeded to replace all affiliate links and host online.

NOTE: This cloning is happening everyday. The law states people can receive inspiration and tweak and modify a landing page or website without suffering consequences with the law. But stealing the same campaigns and replacing the affiliate links could potentially put some of these Super Affiliates at risk for legal action. I avoid problems like this ones by joining CPA networks or other PERFORMANCE MARKETING businesses which provide me with a surplus of already winning campaigns. There is no shame in improving a campaign either as long as is different enough from the original one. That’s what I think anyway… I know some marketers will just copy and steal and try to profit by doing the bare minimum amount of work. Based on what I have researched… digital intelligence will start tracking down people who copy campaigns and try to pretty much take all their money. Work for the long run… and don’t risk it… the government wants the easy money too you know.

This brings me to yet another trick of the Super Affiliate. You see… the last thing you want is people stealing your campaigns. So these days what some Supper Affiliates do is use the same spying tools we have covered in order to find out the people who are swiping their campaigns. With these tools they then find out their IP address, and Internet Service Providers and by using various scripts (like cloakers)… they are able to recognize a competitor spy and redirect them to some crappy offer which is doing horribly. Legend has it that some of them even put out information about their best campaigns (near the end of the life cycle) when these are no longer profitable in order to trick competition into investing and lose money. You see… when a campaign which has ran for months (or years) reaches saturation point is easy to cut the traffic and redirect it to another offer which simply doesn’t work. As a result… the competitors swiping at the worse time are going to see HUGE LOSSES if they just run the same campaign without monitoring their numbers. This is why another trick of the experienced Super Affiliate is to spend $15 a day on a campaign for the first 3-5 days and see what kind of profits it generates. As we discussed earlier they also modify the campaigns and track to see if they can get better conversion rates. In this other post I talked about some of the best tracking tools you can use (to track conversions and such… not to spy on others).

NOTE: If you do decide to put some of this information to your benefit please do not get in bidding wars with other Super Affiliates. At the end of the day these people are in the business model of making money work for them… and some of them have banked millions and millions of dollars. Experienced super affiliates are able and willing to purposely lose money on advertising cost in order to prevent competitors from trying to profit by swiping their campaigns. Many of them have systems in place which even allows them to lose money on advertising on the “front end” as they call it, in order to make money on the back end using their favorite autoresponder to send new intricate deals and offers to the visitors they added to their mailing list. If you get in a bidding war for advertising clicks with a more experienced affiliate marketer your business will suffer. Don’t do it… is not worth it.

TIP: There are many networks you can go to to purchase adds. Often times, you can ask your affiliate manager to tell you what the best network is to run a particular add. Some CPA marketing networks also run polls in which people can talk about their experiences running adds from an specific traffic source (more commonly an advertising network). One of the tricks of the Super Affiliates is to purchase software which buys and monitors a number of clicks say (50-100) across many ad networks. Then the results are reviewed for performance and the best network(s) are picked for that specific offer to run the full campaign in which thousands of dollars are poured to advertising. The marketplace is always moving one way or another and a traffic source which used to work for an offer just a month back could become saturated. However, by doing these kind of tests you can find the right traffic source to promote your offer.

Problem is… it takes money to run these tests and find hard data on what is working right now. At a minimum… $2000 of advertising budget is recommended to spend on ads just to figure out what works… I have had talks with some managers in top affiliate networks and at a bare minimum they want a budget of at least $10,000 to run ads and figure out all the data required to run a profitable campaign. It is recommended to work with multiple networks and managers in order to find as much information as possible about what is working right now. Some of them will give you the information (about what is working best) while others won’t tell you much unless you show the potential to become a super affiliate. My advice here – have a great relationship with your affiliate manager and they will provide you with information and resources that are not available to everyone. Some of them could give you access to unique landing pages… and approve offers that most other users simply don’t get approved for.

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So what’s the next level? Is there anything above a Super Affiliate? If you read the TIP above you see I talked about CPA networks. You see… CPA networks recruit affiliates and Super Affiliates to run profitable campaigns for the publisher, the network and the marketer. This is a triple win type deal they are going for… they call it PERFORMANCE MARKETING. You see… a few years back most publishers (think of a publisher as a big company or corporation who sells a product or service) would do fine with spending their marketing budget on google adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads… Media buys… and various other marketing outlets. As the cost of advertising and competition went up it became harder to stay profitable. Often times… they would run adds and have no returns on their investments. This is what gave rise to CPA networks and performance marketing – companies would rather pay you for selling a product or bringing a lead to their services than run their own advertising campaigns and lose out with paid advertising. Under this business model they delegate the advertising to marketing networks and experienced affiliates that can find ways to run profitable campaigns.

NOTE: So what is a CPA network? A CPA network is nothing more than the middlemen between an affiliate marketer and a publisher. CPA networks negotiate with publishers so that they provide the marketing material required to run a profitable campaign and… they also put in place experienced marketers (the growth managers) who mentor and guide affiliates and super affiliates about what is currently returning the best profits. When you apply through a CPA network, they keep a small percentage of every sale you get as an affiliate than what you would make if you worked directly with the publisher. So it is in their best interest for you to make money, because when you make money they make money… and when they make money the publisher also makes money and continues to bring more budget to the CPA network to pay the network and their affiliates.

These days… what super affiliates are now striving to do is to launch their very own PERFORMANCE MARKETING NETWORK and they negotiate directly with the publishers in order to list and market the offers for them. By doing this… they can leverage the work of experienced and new affiliates which allows them to keep some of the profits generated by them. In return… these super affiliates who launch their performance network will mentor and help the new affiliates make money by providing COMPREHENSIVE (and often times seemingly EXPENSIVE) marketing programs which are designed to get affiliates making money as fast as possible. Even with these programs it would still take a motivated person (like myself) months… before mastering the tools and concepts which are taught in these programs. It takes many months of failure and small wins here and there to attain all the required marketing/technical experience that will turn US to a super affiliate.

NOTE: In this post we have covered a lot of great information. You now should have an idea how to find the blueprint to a profitable campaign. We also have talked about the tools the sneaky affiliates use. Remember… I’m not a guru. I have been at this a little over 5 months and I’m still learning from all of my Super Affiliate mentors, some of them who have made millions. There is more information I have learned which I can’t disclose… because I’m bound by a contract I signed. If you want to learn this information for yourself from some of the top marketers check out this system which is one of the main programs I’m currently following. You see… I am giving the SURFACE… or information which I have found outside of the main program. I have done this to avoid legal problems with this company I’m currently involved with and because I have to respect the intellectual property of the mentors who took me under their wing to teach me some of this stuff. Right now I’m not making huge profits like some of them. I’m still learning to use some of the tools and comprehending some of the concepts they taught me and I’m reading books handpicked for me which contain tips and tricks to succeed in this business. I expect to see success in months to come as I acquire practical experience by following their advice and guidance and testing for results. That company has some of the best marketers I have ever met and they are great at turning campaigns profitable and providing premium grade marketing education and sales material.

So anyway… if you decide to join the same program I’m following I will tell you upfront it won’t be cheap to work one on one with a Super Affiliate. Their time is worth a lot of money… some of them charge rates of $25,000 per hour or more. I mean.., you could do that once you are able to make hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of profit per month in sales. The knowledge as to how is done is what is worth so much and it is on one on one consultations that some of these amazing secrets are revealed… many of which I don’t know yet myself but that I will eventually discover for myself or learn directly from one of my mentors. Many of the mentors I’m currently learning from have been many years in this business… and at one point or another they told me the stories of how they went into debt and purchased various masterminds and marketing products which did not work for them. Eventually they were able to find out what really worked for them and success finally poured in. This is the story of almost every great super affiliate I have met… They have tried and failed with multiple campaigns and programs… but now through years of practical experience knowing what works from previous failure… they are able to see a campaign… improve it and then turn it profitable. They also know the right audiences to market certain campaigns to depending on the target niche or vertical in question.

So the last thing I want to say is that the biggest advantage I find to working with this one company is that they have worked with many Super Affiliates in the past. Some of them are currently launching their own PERFORMANCE NETWORKS… or their own business which sells marketing education or advertising packages. You have to understand that in this industry knowledge is very VALUABLE and methods and techniques which turn profitable are always changing. Very rarely is one person driven enough to do all the testing necessary to run profitable campaigns. The best results come from exchanging ideas with people who are working towards the same goal. Looking back I wasted many months following the wrong advice and spending my money on things which right now I know would not have worked no matter how hard I tried to make them work.

This post has turned out to be very long… and this is likely the last post I will be submitting in the near future because now I need to focus on mastering the tools I’m working with and performing many experiments to turn campaigns profitable. I’m also likely to get another engineering job in order to generate substantial income to spend on advertising campaigns until I make profits which can make me financially free. This is a business we are working on… and a business requires an initial investment to get things going. I want to give you a few last quick tips. Please research growth hacks… this will give you ideas as to how you could make your business go viral without spending tons on advertising. If your business doesn’t go viral… then is irrelevant. I also want you to research Google hacks… as in search commands you can use to find very specific information. Google hacks are very useful for affiliate marketing. There is also a plug in called User Agent Switcher which when used alongside a VPN would allow you to see the adds running for desktop or mobile devices in any specific location of the world (helping you to find winning campaigns worldwide). The last resource I want to point you to is a book a mentor of mine told me to read by Seth Godin “All Marketers Are Liars”. That’s all I got my friends. I hope all this information helps you build a profitable online business. Make it happen I’m rooting for you!

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Recall you have many other ways to make money online some of which I never got to cover. Continue doing research and actively test what you learn. That’s the only way you will ever know if it works or not – NOTHING BEATS PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. Recall we also talked about building Amazon niche sites… and many other methods to generate income online some of which require no upfront cost. Online Sales Pro is one of the communities I have been learning a lot of this information from and the software is very useful to advertise CPA offers while building an email list at the same time. One other big advantage is that using Online Sales Pro as prelander… you will be able to advertise CPA offers in Facebook and other big social media networks where just posting the affiliate link will get you banned (first check if the CPA offer allows social traffic). Remember this – Nobody has all the answers. This is only but a tiny drop of information on a sea of valuable methods and content, within a UNIVERSE of misleading and false information that will never work. Keep researching… keep testing… and work with many affiliate managers. Never stop learning either. Remember readers are leaders. It took most super affiliates YEARS to get there… so you better fall in love with the journey because you won’t see results right away… there is just too many technicalities and information to put together.

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Pick The Right Hosting Solution

WordPress Hosting – BlueHost | King Digital Lifestyles
Three years back an old friend and mentor taught me that having my own website could be very rewarding experience. The reality is the Internet is a goldmine that could make your life very prosperous if you use the right tools. One great way to capture some of the value is to launch your own website and start an online business. Today we have WordPress which makes it very easy for people with no coding experience or much technical knowledge to create their own websites, sometimes within minutes.

NOTE: You can get a free website very similar to this one with a blog section and various income streams attached to it when you join the Plug In Profit System. This is a good way to get started in the Home Business niche.

In order to create your WordPress website, you will need a Domain Name System (DNS) and a hosting service. Think of a domain name as an easy to remember telephone number that you can use to find any website of your choosing. For example, steemit.com/ and yours.org/ are the domain names of two awesome communities dedicated to creating and curating valuable content.

When it comes to hosting companies there are many you can use but not all of them offer the same value. When I created my first website, for example, I signed up with HostGator because I was following a tutorial on Youtube and part of the process was to purchase a hosting service. After finishing my website (a simple landing page), with a few plugins installed, I proceeded to test my website with multiple tools. I found my website was loading at a crawling slow 5 seconds.

You can also use these free tools to test your website:



The reality is nowadays online visitors expect a website to load under two seconds. In general, the faster the website speed the more engaging the website becomes. More engagement also results in more sales, happier customer/user experience, and more followers. As we have discussed before user experience is very important to get google sending organic traffic to your site. The latest Google updates now rank faster websites on top (not by a huge margin)… but the business of affiliate marketing and advertising has become so competitive that even the slightest advantages can make a big difference.

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I tried to optimize my website as much as I could to make it load faster. Some of the actions I took to improve load speed was to use image optimization tools for the web and WordPress plug-in for caching my website. Image optimization tools have the goal of decreasing the size of an image while maintaining its quality and integrity. This results in lighter websites which load faster. Caching can help improve website load speeds by storing relevant data in the computer of the user requesting it. The next time this data is requested less information will be fetched from the server, reducing the access time to load the website. Even using these techniques my load speed was still over 3 seconds.

I used this review by Waseem Abbas to determine Tiny PNG was the right tool to customize my chosen image for the web. I cached my WordPress website by using this great tutorial I found on YouTube.

My goal was to improve my website load speed to under 1.5 seconds. Earlier this week I revisited this goal of mine since I had been so busy working. I realized that the wordpress.org website recommends:

1- BlueHost

2- Dreamhost

3- SiteGround

For top WordPress web hosting choices. Then I found so much great information provided by Pat Flynn about BlueHost that I decided to make the switch. Patt Flynn is one of the best sources to learn about online marketing and building an online business. The same can be said of Neil Patel and Stefan James who are two other great internet entrepreneurs.

Here is a great tutorial on how to switch to BlueHost if you are using another hosting company.

If you don’t yet have a host (or a domain) you should read this other post about picking good expired domains.

NOTE: If you sign up with Bluehost they will give you a free domain. Bluehost has great customer support service and their hosting services are solid as shown in wordpress.org.

Use this set of tutorials to get your website up and running.

If you want to check out the other hosting companies for comparison you can use this links to navigate to the offers available. I know hosting companies every now and then offer promotions so is worth checking and comparing.



NOTE: Siteground (although more expensive than BlueHost) can offer SSD shared hosting which means even faster websites since solid state drives (SSD) perform faster write and read speeds than clunky mechanical hard drives. They also have very responsive customer support and as of right now are currently matching the price offered by BlueHost in a limited time offer. While this offer is available you should definitely join SiteGround. Below is information as to how you can install WordPress using SiteGround. I believe they also offer the convenient 1 click WordPress install which made BlueHost so popular.

How to Install WordPress (SiteGround)

Even with BlueHost or SiteGround which are great hosting solutions… is it likely you will need even better hosting solution as your business grows. Once you become a successful internet entrepreneur you will be expected to post high quality content with info graphics and high quality videos. If there is something I have learned… is that picture rich info graphics and videos will slow down websites to a crawl… so at this point you will need a hosting plan which sets you up with your own fully dedicated server. The best hosting solution I have come across for the successful internet entrepreneur is liquidweb. They have a live chat so you can ask them more about solutions and pricing if you are interested. Their services can help you provide better customer experience to your visitors which results in better ranking and organic traffic flow from Google.

NOW… I have asked myself… could I do my own hosting at home? The short answer is YES I CAN. But the long answer is I SHOULDN’T. The problem with setting up my own hosting servers is I would have to keep track of updating all software to prevent hackers from compromising the data of the website. This is not the only problem… I need to find a place to set the server… and having a computer run 24/7 will drive electricity and air conditioning bill up. Most home servers are also not as powerful than shared servers from professional hosting companies. In short… is best to leave a professional hosting company take care of this.

NOTE: In some cases is necessary to know how to properly set up servers. For example, I talked about how to make money on steemit social content platform. Some of the people that make the most money are witnesses which are voted by the community. Witnesses are tasked with the job of keeping servers secure and running mining and confirming all transactions that happen in the Steemit blockchain. This is another topic but is a good example of when you would want to know how to set these servers.

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Now… I want to leave you with another thought. As you should know by now 97% of all online businesses fail. Think back to the gold rush. People would buy pickaxes, spades, shovels and other mining equipment to go searching for the shiny metal. Few of the dreamers that went mining actually made their dream a reality of finding gold and becoming rich. It was the stores SELLING THE MINING EQUIPMENT that made all the money. If we relate this scenario with internet marketing then it is the hosting companies that can be considered the ones selling the mining equipment during the gold rush. In my quest to becoming a successful online entrepreneur I came across various other online entrepreneurs who found success by selling hosting services. So if you have skills and the resources to open your own hosting company give it a go.

On my next post I will talk about some of the tricks of the Super-affiliates. I’m also learning more about selling e-books on Amazon and I’m also thinking of creating another website in the health and fitness niche. I will see you next time.

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